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Tonight, will Kevin or Marty get stage fright at the veto ceremony? Will it be curtains for Josh or Betty? We sell out every show on Big Brother Canada. Arisa greets us and we head inside for the PoV ceremony! It is Day 38 and Josh says Kevin deserved the veto win and he respects his decision. Betty says he values Kevin as a player and appreciates him as a friend, but he earned that PoV, and she respects his decision.

Kevin has use the PoV on...Josh. Kevin says he is superstitious and he does not want to be the one to break the pattern of the veto being used since it has every week so far. Marty must now name a replacement nominee. Marty must now name a replacement nominee and he says Hermon showed last week he showed everyone in Canada that he likes to dance his way to the block and he would like him to do that now. Hermon can now take a seat. Betty says she is so sorry to Hermon and he says it is all good. Josh does not know what to say right now but his boy Kevin came through. Kevin says this HoH was really his and Haleena's. He says sorry Hermon, the jokes need to end and he will not like the punchline. Hermon says Marty, the triple backstab. Marty says it is a game move. Hermon says this is totally on-brand for Marty. He says he is slippery and he is going to get to work to save his behind. Hermon asks Haleena if she knew and she says no. Haleena says of course she knew, she was one to help come up with the plan. She says the whole house knew. Hermon says Marty promised him safety for all of week six and this is a textbook backstab. Kevin tells Hermon he knew he was going up. Hermon asks Kevin why and Kevin says Hermon always tells him he does not show his cards and he is going to keep them. Kevin says Hermon is completely mind blown and everyone else is faking it. Hermon thinks everyone knew. Summer is talking to Betty and they are talking about Hermon telling Betty minutes before the veto ceremony. Moose joins them and he does not know what to say. He is broken up about Hermon being on the block. He does not know how to feel. Betty is consoling Moose about Hermon being on the block. He says he does not know what to do and he does not like them being on the block. Moose says Hermon is going to flame Marty. Hermon wants to chat with Marty and they head to the HoH room. Marty tells Hermon it was just a game move and Hermon wants to know if he is the target and Marty says yes. Hermon says interesting and Marty says he is a big competitor. Marty says the only person he is scared of winning HoH next week is Hermon because he does not trust him 100% and thinks Hermon would come after him. Marty says he is not the only one who wanted this. Hermon asks Marty to look at the camera and say he is a backstabber. Hermon says he needs four votes to stay and he is starting his campaign to Jacey because if he can get the showmance on board that is a huge help. He tells her he did not know this was happening and he has tried to be honest with Jacey.

Hermon says Betty is someone who does not like the showmance and Marty has no problem naming his targets and three of the people left he will denounce as his allies and Marty is the head of the snake with Kevin and Haleena. Jacey says no one wants to take shots at Marty because Marty can win competitions. Hermon says someone has to do it. Jacey says she is feeling fired up to work with Hermon and she is concerned Hermon is getting in her head so she needs to talk to Gino. Jacey tells Gino that Hermon's pitch was really good and she goes over their conversation. Jacey says she hates the thought of being played by Kevin, Haleena, and Marty. Gino says he has zero trust with Marty and Jacey thinks keeping Hermon is a good idea. Jacey tells Gino she does not know if Hermon got in her head or if it makes sense and Gino says he is a good salesman. Betty is talking to Haleena and she tells her what she heard Hermon's pitch was. Betty says Hermon thinks Haleena is a floater. Betty tells Haleena it has come out of his mouth that he is coming for Haleena. Betty says she would much rather see herself and Haleena go far rather than others pitting them against each other. Betty says other than Josh and Summer she is alone. Arisa informs us that whoever is evicted will be heading straight for the jury house. Josh and Kevin are talking outside about barracudas. Kevin is asking questions about barracudas and Josh says he wishes he had picked an easier profession to lie about. Hermon is talking to Summer and he plans to use their personal relationship to his advantage and confirm her vote. It should not be that hard. He tells her he is super loyal and she says she is not too sure. Hermon says he tries hard to show he is loyal. Hermon says he would never look in Summer's direction and Summer says she sees more benefits to keeping Betty and she says Betty is a guaranteed jury vote and Hermon says he would be better at helping her get to Final Two and he can win competitions and Betty cannot. Summer says Hermon is campaigning and the wheels are turning in her head and this could be a very sticky situation for her. Hermon says she should keep him because he is a bigger target and he can fight some fights for her. Betty is pitching to Jacey and says she does not see how her being evicted benefits Jacey's game. She needs the showmance on her side for two votes. Betty says having a competitor like Hermon in the house will is not an easier path for Jacey and Gino. Hermon is talking to Gino because he and Jacey are crucial for Hermon. He thinks he is better for Gino and Jacey's game and he will proudly proclaim his target and it is not just Marty. He says that will put a target on his back. Hermon says Betty wants to decapitate the showmance and she comes out and Hermon tells her she can join them. It gets awkwardly quiet and Hermon decides to finish his talk with Gino elsewhere so he does not lose his train of thought and completes his pitch. Summer is talking to Jacey about how they might want to vote and she says they both gave really good pictures. Jacey says this is a pivotal week and maybe they can get on the same page. They talk about how Betty would be rooting for a woman to win. Summer and Jacey talk about how good of a pitch Hermon made and that he is a salesman. They talk about how if Betty goes then Josh could gravitate towards them and Hermon would go after Marty. They say this is a big decision for them. Summer is talking to Betty about Hermon's pitch and Betty wants to make sure he did not get in her head. Summer says she is in a tough position and she has to consider all options. Summer asks if Betty wants a hug and she will chill. Betty feels like Hermon got into Summer's ear. Betty says she saved Summer in the Chain of Safety event last week. Like what is going on. Now she does not know if she is staying or not and she has to do what she needs to in order to stay. Betty is talking to Josh and telling him that Summer might not vote for her and she is getting emotional. Josh says Summer is just spinning out but it will be fine and he says it is messed up since they have been so close. He says she needs to come to her senses. Josh says he is really close to Betty, but he has a Final Two with Hermon and he is also working with Haleena and Kevin and he does not know what he wants to do. He tells her Summer will come around and just to give her time. Arisa tells the HGs the winner of Season 10 will win $100,000, $10,000 towards a new wardrobe from Winners, and an unforgettable trip from Expedia. Arisa also informs Moose he won a $1,000 gift card from Winners because Canada voted him winning the Chain of Safety event as a winning moment.

It is time for the live eviction! Betty says it has been a wild ride and she is humbled and grateful to have this experience with all of them. Hermon says Marty will never tell him when or where to dance to. He does that on his own and he names Marty as his target. It is time to vote! Haleena happily votes to evict Hermon. Kevin votes to evict Hermon. Josh votes to evict Hermon. Summer sadly votes to evict Hermon. Jacey sadly votes to evict Hermon. Voting continues: Gino votes to evict Hermon. Moose votes to evict Hermon. By a unanimous vote, Hermon has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house. He says time to go and remember him as the prank champ. Arisa congratulates Hermon on making the jury and she says it was unanimous. What went wrong? He says they started to see him as a huge threat and if he had been able to play PoV he would still be in the house. Hermon says it was a bit of a shock to be backdoored and Arisa asks what Moose will do with Hermon. Hermon says he wishes Moose luck because he thinks he might be on his own. Kevin says he got his way this week and after he won the veto Marty took his advice. He says he got the with this time. Josh says he could not trust Hermon as much as he trusted Betty. Summer wished things could have been different. Moose says he is going to miss Hermon so much and he loves him. Marty hopes Hermon understands this is a game move and he hopes they can be friends after because he is so funny. Hermon is the first member of the jury! It is time for the HoH competition! They bring back Buzzkilled and it can be viewed on the live feeds. Arisa thanks us for being here and reminds us that someone is always watching.

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