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Arisa welcomes us and she explains that there were technical difficulties during the HoH competition, and they had to cancel BuzzKilled and create a new competition.

Previously, on Big Brother Canada, after an epic backstab, HoH Marty promised Gino to put up his nominees. But the emotional Acadian backed out of the deal once again and made payback his priority. Then at a high-stakes veto competition, the fireman went on a run, but when Gino have vowel trouble, Kevin snuck up from behind for his first W-I-N. Riding high, the ghosts cooked up a coup, and when the backdoor went down, Hermon hit the block beside Betty. Eviction vote looming a campaign pitching duel broke out. Every chance he got, Hermon was sending heat and the fireman was picking up what he was putting down. Meanwhile, Betty threw curveballs and on eviction night, she came out on a top in a seven nothing shutout and Hermon took the loss and hit the showers. "Tonight, in an epic Buzzkilled competition the HGs face-off for... sorry what?" Tonight, in a totally amazing and functional HoH competition who will take control of the house. Who has whose back and who will get backstabbed? Full frontal rudity is how we roll on, Big Brother Canada. We pick up on Day 41 after the live eviction and Betty says Hermon is gone and she feels amazing she survived the block and can see another week in this house. Moose is so happy he made it this far and can choose who wins or be the winner. Summer tells Betty the decision came from her heart and loyalty is what matters and she wanted Betty on her side. Betty says Summer wavering was definitely an eye-opener. Marty thinks he had a successful HoH and the vote fell the way it was supposed to. Marty says before Hermon left he called him a snake and it did not bother him one bit because he did not respect his game, but it worried him the other HGs might see him the same way. Kevin says Marty is a wild dog, but he and Haleena have reeled him in and tamed him and it is important to keep him off the block. Gino says he needs to see what happens with the next HoH to assess what he is going to do moving forward. Marty goes to the storage room and there is a chain on the fridge. Kevin goes in and sees it and so oh no! Jacey sees it and she says they are on slop again. Gino goes into the storage room with Josh and Josh is not happy. Josh says he does not know what they did though. Jacey says she hates being on slop and she is confused and Josh is in despair. Jacey says she would like some answers. This is not cool. The HGs head out to the HoH and Kevin says everyone wants this HoH and they want it bad! It is time for the HoH! The HGs will answer Before or After to nine questions and whoever has the most points will win HoH! Did HGs dress like elves before or after HGs dressed like bees? The correct answer is after and they all get a point. In surf's up, was Tynesha eliminated before or after Kyle? The correct answer is before and Summer and Haleena are incorrect. Hidden throughout the house are 5 have cards. On the go, the HGs can race for a have card and be a have for the week. If they return with a have card, then they forfeit their HoH. Jacey says she cannot be on slop again so it's a risk but she is definitely going. Summer says she already missed a question so she is going for the card. Moose wants to eat but he is a competitor and cannot do that. Marty, Summer, In the Chain of Safety, was Betty picked before or after Summer? The answer is before and Jacey and Summer get the answer wrong. Did a HGs play in their second PoV competition before or after a HGs was nominated for the second time? The correct answer is before and Haleena and Betty get it wrong. Did a ball land in the scoring zone one before or after a ball landed in the gutter? The correct answer is after and Josh is in the lead with 5 points. Did a HGs win their second competition before or after a replacement nominee was evicted? The correct answer is before and Josh and Betty get it wrong. In shopper's showcase, were they asked about the price of the sad clown before or after the rolling pin with red handles? The correct answer is after and Jacey, Summer, Betty, and Gino each get a point. Gino and Jacey are in the lead with 6. Josh, Moose, Summer, and Betty have 5 points and Haleena has three points. Was the entire house put on slop for the first time before or after the Tiki room was revealed? The correct answer is before and everyone except Moose gets a point. In Santa's workshop, did Jess add their ninth box before or after Tynesha was eliminated? The correct answer is before and Gino is the new HoH! Kevin says he loves that Gino won. He says he has been pretending to be dumb, but he's probably the smartest person in the house. Gino wants to make a big move this week. He wants to go after Marty because he has backstabbed him twice and that would be a big resume move. Josh and Betty are upset because they are on slop and they did not win HoH. Summer joins Betty and Josh and she wonders what Gino is going to do. Betty does not think she is going up and Josh says no one can feel safe. Betty says getting Marty out is the best thing you can do to build your resume. Who wants to see Gino's HoH room? Gino says one of the three players who have not been to Wendy's are Have-Nots and that is who he will take. Gino models his new spring look. He reads his letter from his parents and they wish him luck. Kevin is talking to Marty and Marty thinks Gino could put him up and he would deserve it. Marty says if they get Moose or Josh out, then the numbers are in their favor. Kevin says Marty needs to tell Gino that he is loyal to the five they created. Gino says last week was super messy and we see him sweeping the HoH room. He wants to make sure Marty goes home so he needs to make sure everyone is on the same page and make sure Marty goes home. Jacey joins Gino and says she is so excited for him. He is talking to Jacey about backdooring Marty and says maybe he will put Moose up with Summer. Jacey says again she is proud and excited for him. Gino has decided to take Moose to Wendy's because he wants to use him as a pawn and hopefully Wendy's will soften the blow. Gino's message is from Paras, the season 6 winner. Gino says he did not watch her season but he respects her. Paras tells him to send people out on a good night because the power shifts to the jury and he should focus on his social game. Gino tells Moose about his plan to backdoor Marty and Moose throws out Haleena and Summer so he does not go up as a pawn. Moose would like to see where Summer's cards are and he does not want Haleena or Summer to be able to say they were not nominated all season. Gino says he likes Josh and he and Jacey are trying to work with Josh and Betty and he lets him in on the backdoor plan. Gino tells Josh he wants there to be shock-factor. Josh says maybe Haleena because she is close to Marty. Gino says she might pick Marty to play veto and he is trying to lower those odds. Gino says Haleena and Kevin cannot know about his plan. Gino says once Marty is gone, he can win Kevin and Haleena back over. Gino asks Josh not to say anything to anyone. Josh leaves and he just promised not to say anything, but he has to tell Kevin because that is where his loyalty lies. Josh is filling Kevin in on the plan to backdoor Marty. Kevin says this means one of two things: Gino actually wants to backdoor Marty or he tells Josh that to make him feel safe but he plans to backdoor Josh. Josh tells Kevin he should disconnect from Marty. Summer and Kevin are talking and Summer says she feels fine. She says their relationship should be good enough to be OK. She says she does not think she will be touching the block and she tells Kevin that she is safe. Gino needs to make sure Marty does not suspect anything so he is going to chat with him. Gino tells Marty he is thinking about Moose and Summer for the block and Marty says Summer has pitched the showmance as nominees in the past. Marty says at this point he still feels like he can trust Gino and if he keeps him in the game it would be a good move for Gino. Jacey is back in to see Gino and he says he has talked with everyone and she says it has been a chill vibe today. Gino says he has chatted with everyone and now he wants to chill and hang out with the person he likes the most in the house. Jacey is looking at his letter from his parents and Gino tells us he feels a sense of comfort around her and he is catching feelings. Gino goes to the HoH room and Summer is in there. She says she is not anxious with him and he says he should be. He says not really because he thinks everyone knows what the house wants. He hopes Marty does not get to play in the veto. Summer says she does not want to be a pawn because she would not use him as a pawn. She tells us she is a petty person and she will be a petty pawn. She thinks she has very strong bonds with HG. She tells him it is not a good idea to put her at risk. Gino calls in Kevin and he is in his suit. Gino says what he might be doing is possibly putting Summer up because she is too uncomfortable and seeing if she will fight. He says his second will probably be Moose because he is playing the middle. Kevin says he is on board with that and asks who Gino might want out and Gino says the stronger player. If one comes down maybe Josh or Betty as a replacement. Kevin wants to get Gino's attention off Marty. Kevin says Gino is a good liar. It is time for the nomination ceremony! Gino's first nominee is... Moose. His second nominee is...Summer. He nominated Moose because he has a good social game and he nominated Summer because she has not hit the block and he wants to see her fight. Moose says he knows there is a bigger plan in place but he wishes it was not him in this position. But at least he is the block-star! Summer says she is upset, mad, and hurt. How disrespectful. She does not care for the hugs or smiles. He is dead to her!

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