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Previously, on Big Brother Canada, after Marty turned his back on Gino multiple times, the writing was on the wall. Then at a not so trivial HoH competition, the stars aligned and Gino earned the power to put Marty in his place. With a backdoor plan in motion, Gino kept his unsuspecting target in the dark. Then the firefighter enlisted Josh in his conspiracy, but Josh sped right to his closest ally, Kevin, with the intel. After the disclosure, the Ghosts lawyered up and Kevin tried to steer Gino clear of Marty. But Gino's fire would not be extinguished, and at the nomination ceremony he put up Moose and Summer as his pawns as part of his master plan to backdoor Marty. Tonight, with a pivotal PoV up for grabs can Marty save himself before it is too late? And who will uncover the secret PoV? We pick up after the nomination ceremony and Moose is hoping he or someone in on the plan wins the veto and they can get rid of Marty at the end of the week. Summer is feeling very, very petty because anything can happen and she could be going home. Betty is encouraging Summer to win and Gino asks if she is mad and she says she will give him a hug later. Gino says he kept it nice and Summer says it was not nice. Gino says it was not that bad and he says he wants to get her fired up so she will compete hard. Moose goes to talk to Gino and Gino apologizes for putting him on the block. Moose says it would have made more sense to put up Josh, but the worst-case scenario could happen and Gino loses someone who is in his corner. Gino tells Moose his goal is to pull him off and he wanted to make sure Marty does not get picked to play veto. Moose says he is not too worried. They shake hands and hug it out and Moose leaves. It is time to pick players for the PoV competition! Moose spins first and it lands on HGs Choice and he selects Josh. Summer spins and it lands on HGs choice and she selects Jacey. Gino spins and it lands on Haleena. Moose says they have four people who could use the veto and then Haleena who is working with Marty but does not have a competition win yet. They are looking good! Moose and Josh are celebrating and they are saying they have to win this. Moose tells Josh that he does not doubt Gino because his plans always work, but let us make sure it works. Moose says they have to go out and make sure they win this veto to make sure they can get rid of Marty. It is time for the PoV competition! They will fill a power flosser and walk along balance beams to blasting zones and then take aim at the gunk tarnishing the mouth. Once they get rid of all of the gunk, they have to race back to the sink and solve the puzzle. The first HGs to complete the floating puzzle will win the PoV! Summer says it is her first time on the block but she does not plan on staying there. Yes, she has thrown some competitions, but she plans on winning this one. Moose says he knows he is a pawn but he does not want to risk anything so he needs to win this veto to get off the block. Jacey says as a figure skater she is a pretty good athlete, but she has not trained for anything like this. Jacey says if she can win PoV, then she and Gino would have all the power and they would get to choose who they want to send home. Haleena is so focused right now and she is trying to get all the gunk off the teeth. Haleena wants to win this veto. Josh has one piece of gunk left and Summer has one piece as well. Josh is moving on to his floating puzzle. Summer is right behind. Haleena is right behind them also and she falls into the sink. Summer says this puzzle is hard. Moose and Jacey each have one piece left and Moose misses. Jacey gets hers and moves on. Moose is the last to begin his puzzle. Everyone is now working on the floating puzzle. Gino needs anyone to win this except Haleena. He says Marty picked her in the Chain of Safety and he says they are really close. They are one hour and 18 minutes in and everyone seems to be struggling. Haleena says she knows it is a tooth so she just has to figure out how to get it together. She wants to win and show everyone she can compete and get some power. She has a large portion of the puzzle done but it falls over. Josh is making good progress on his puzzle. Moose and Haleena are in it. Haleena has one piece left and she places it and wins the PoV! Haleena says she won the PoV!! Best competition ever! She says she did this and she holds something so special. Summer is disappointed and she knows she could potentially be evicted. Moose and Jacey are talking and Moose says the one person who we didn't want to win, that's the way this season is going to go. Moose says not to talk about the backdoor plan. Jacey says they need to hype her up because everyone else has used it. IT is Day 44 and Kevin and Haleena are talking and Kevin says he thinks it was a backdoor plan to get Marty out. Kevin says she might have saved their games and they think Moose needs to go. Kevin congratulates her on her win and says he is zero percent surprised. Haleena tells us she is in an alliance with Gino and Jacey and Marty and she does not understand why they are trying to backdoor Marty in the first place. Gino and Jacey are trying to re-strategize. Gino says if they do not backdoor Marty, then they need to get rid of Moose because he could ruin their games. They decide it is not time to take Marty out because he can be a shield for them. Gino says Marty is not coming for him and he has a big target on his back and Moose going home is still a good HoH for him. Gino says someone else can take Marty out and that is less blood on his hands. The HGs are relaxing and talking and it is 12:02PM and they head inside and there are flowers upstairs. Jacey says they are cute after checking them out and everyone just walks by them. Josh says they look so nice. Marty says he hates fake flowers. Jacey goes through the flowers again and finds something and slides it into her waistband. JL tries to get into the phone room but the other HGs are looking. She places yoga mats near the door, then sneaks in when no one is looking. She calls the phone number and gets a message that she's completed the first step to unlocking a door with a secret power. Her next task is to find three items behind three newly unlocked doors. Then Jacey has to come back to the Phone Room for further instructions to find the room with the secret power. If she's caught by any of the other HG, she loses the power. JL starts walking around the house to find the unlocked doors. Jacey locates the first one and quickly grabs a key before anyone sees it. She finds Door #10 opened and grabs the key inside. Walking down the steps, she checks each door and #19 opens with the third key inside. While no one is looking, JL slips back into the Phone Room and picks up the phone. She's told to find the secret room, she must solve a riddle: How many HGs sled for a score minus the number frozen in their door, then recall the night they were all brave and add in the number the chain could not save. There are three boxes in the room and Arisa comes on a screen and says she has 5 minutes to get unlock puzzle pieces and solve a puzzle to retrieve a secret PoV. The puzzle is a PoV symbol, and each piece is very small and in odd shapes. Arisa has a task to do in five minutes and if she fails she will not get the secret PoV. She seems to be having luck and starts putting a puzzle together after getting her pieces. She has two minutes left and she tells herself to remain calm and not freak out. She has 1 minute and 20 seconds and she is shaking but still moving quickly. She has 30 seconds and just a couple of pieces. She finishes the puzzle with 5 seconds left and she has won a secret PoV. She says this did not just happen. She says OMG! Arisa congratulates her and she can veto either of the two nominees after the regular veto has been played and it can only be used this week. Arisa tells her secret is the keyword. If she tells anyone about the power before the PoV ceremony, she will be evicted instantly. She says this week? OK. She says this is absolutely wild. She has a big decision to make but she could flip everything with this. Jacey does not know if it makes sense to make it, but the superfan in her, the viewer in her wants to use it and see the shock value from it. She wants to use it, she really does. Jacey wants to make a big game move and change the game but she has to keep the power secret and she cannot even tell Gino. Jacey is making sure Gino is good with keeping Marty and if it is still the plan. Jacey says Marty just sketches her out. Jacey is asking Gino if Marty would absolutely safe and Gino says he is not sure but if Marty is gone there is no shield for them. Jacey says this is the biggest decision of her game and she does not know what she is going to do. It is time for the veto ceremony! Moose says Haleena had passion and that was amazing and he would love for her to save him. Summer says Haleena should use the PoV on her because she is kind and sassy and always classy. Haleena has decided... not to use the PoV. She is willing to break the pattern and take the risk of any bad luck and she wishes the nominees luck. Haleena is called to the DR. Haleena has an envelope and she says what is this. She returns to the ceremony and opens the envelope and says the ceremony is not yet complete. There is a secret veto in play. Moose says if they use it on him he will dedicate his game to them. Summer says if you want to use it, then use it. If not, kiss her black behind. The secret veto holder has chosen not to reveal themselves and the veto ceremony is now complete. Moose says that was crazy! But the secret veto holder and he is not going down without a fight. Jacey says Moose almost had him and Marty going home does not make sense for her game. Summer says she thinks everyone will send Moose home.

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