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Arisa welcomes us and we pick up after the veto ceremony on Day 45 and the HGs are talking about the excitement from the ceremony. Jacey says everyone is absolutely paranoid and people are wondering who had the power and why it was not used. Gino tells Jacey that he thinks Marty had the power because he saw his face. He tells her that Marty probably found it on the red ribbon on the couch. Jacey asks what Gino would have done if it had been used and he says it depends on who had it. Jacey says paranoia is already at an all-time high in the house. She does not like lying to Gino, but she had no choice. Jacey is talking to herself in a bedroom and says it is hilarious that people think no one could have it but Marty. Summer says she thinks Marty had the power and she is done with him for not saving her. Josh says he would just say he had the power at this point if he had it. Moose says Marty is a gamer. Moose says Marty is looking for stuff every day and knows his days. Jacey, Kevin, and Marty are talking about how wild it was and Marty says it was not him and he is not sure if it was one of them but he thanks them. Marty says he has looked for one and he is curious where it was. Marty thinks Betty had the secret power. Marty is talking to Haleena and she tells him that Gino is the smartest person in the house and he is so well situated. She tells him that he would have been backdoored if she had told Gino she would use PoV. Marty says she has to be the one to take care of Gino. Marty says Haleena won a PoV and now she can win HoH. Haleena says hopefully Moose will campaign so hard and people will see how dangerous he is. Moose says he is a competitor and smart and Summer does not scare him. Summer is talking to Haleena and Summer says the block is eye-opening. She says anything can happen and being on the block is always a danger. She is upset with Haleena for not using the veto on her and hopefully, she made the right decision for her game. Moose says this ceremony was super stressful and he thinks it will be tough to campaign against Summer and he is the bigger competitor so he is going to have to campaign his behind off. Moose is talking to Josh and says he, Betty, and Jacey are the important votes. He tells Josh he has Jacey's vote and he thinks Betty will vote where Josh goes. Moose says he would pick Josh for HGs choice every time and he would love to go far with him. Betty says last week Summer played with her emotions and said she was confused and did not know where her vote was at, so she thinks it will be fun to do that to her this week. She says Petty Betty loves a good show. Betty tells Summer there has been a lot on her mind and does not know where her vote will be and Summer says are you being me? She says Betty is a mess. They are laughing and Summer says she is not making promises to everyone. Summer says she is protecting Josh and Betty and Kevin and she is after Marty, Gino, Jacey, and Haleena. Betty says Summer's pitch is very simple and it is kind of funny. Betty tells Summer she had to re-enact last week. Jacey and Gino are having an ice cream date in the HoH room. Jacey has been wanting to tell Gino about her secret PoV power. She asks him something she does not know and he says he is a loverboy. He says he likes caring for someone. Gino asks Jacey what is one thing he does not know about her and she says coming out of the HoH room she found a secret clue. She then tells him about finding the secret power. Gino says he really thought Marty had it. He is in total shock and is proud of her. Summer says Gino put her on the block and she is a little salty but she is still going to play the game with him. Gino says Summer is flirtatious and he knows some of it is game and some of it is her crushing. Jacey says it's no secret there is a love triangle going on. Jacey says it just irks her that the guys are egging him on and calling out how Jacey is getting jealous. Gino is laughing and says to Summer that Jacey is a bit cheesed and Jacey is complaining in the storage room to Kevin. Gino goes to the storage room where Jacey is complaining to Kevin and asks what they are laughing about and Kevin leaves. Gino tries to kiss Jacey but she is not interested and she tells him it is annoying when everyone is laughing at her over the joke. Moose is campaigning to Kevin and he tells him that a lot of people want to shoot at Marty, but he thinks working with them would be good. He says if Kevin and them save him he would want to work with them and he thinks Summer wants to shoot at Marty. Kevin says Moose is the best campaigner in the house and every time he campaigns people come away feeling good and Summer is terrible at campaigning because she makes no promises and that is not good against Moose. Josh heads to the backyard and there is a buffet set out and he goes to get everyone and they are all screaming and jumping. Josh reads that Spring has sprung and today is a chance to celebrate the warm weather and they can relax outside. Haleena is excited she is not on slop anymore and she gets to eat real people food. Betty says a toast that she is grateful to experience this with them all and Haleena seconds that. Josh says this is the best experience he has had in his entire life. Moose is talking to Gino and they are talking about one door has a number that changes each day and he thinks the number is representing the time they have been in there. He says that one door is driving everyone crazy and they want to know when it will open. Moose says Gino is not the smartest in the group at math. Gino says there are 25 hours in a day and that is 100 hours in four days. Moose asks how many hours are in a week and Gino says 178. Summer is talking to Jacey and she says she is not sure if she is beneficial to her game but she has shown she can go along with a backdoor plan and not be petty. She tells Jacey that she is not making any promises and Jacey says Summer's campaign is hilarious. Jacey says Summer will not promise to work with you and she will not promise to go after you, but she will promise you she might work with you. Jacey says she has never heard anything like it. Moose says he feels confident about his campaign but he is nervous to talk to Betty and he has to turn on his charm. He talks to Betty and says he is committed to Betty because she is with Josh and he would not cross her. Moose says they could make things happen. Moose says to Betty that he thinks people are seeing there could be value in keeping him. Betty says Summer had something going with Hermon and she thinks Moose is bringing up a really great case. Betty tells us Moose is really eloquent with his words. Betty and Josh are talking about Moose's pitch and Betty says he makes a lot of sense because Summer is good with everyone and has lots of protection. Betty says if Moose won HoH he would definitely not put them up. She says there are pros and cons to keeping them both. Josh says Moose is by himself and Betty says do you really think he would come for us over Kevin, Haleena, Gino, and Jacey. Betty says she has a better personal relationship with Summer, but she is thinking about what makes sense gamewise. It is time for the live vote and eviction! Summer says the house would be boring without her and the woman with Afro has the last say and she says Arisa please save her. Moose says he has been loyal, honest, and true, and to lose someone like that will be tough for them. For those that did him dirty, a curse is upon them and they will have a swift eviction after he leaves. It is time to vote! Haleena votes to evict Moose. Marty sadly votes to evict Moose. Jacey votes to evict Moose. Betty votes to evict Moose. Josh votes to evict Moose. Kevin votes to evict Moose. By a unanimous vote of 6-0, Moose has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house. Moose gives hugs and he tells them to keep killing it and he loves Canada! Moose joins Arisa and she congratulates him on making the jury and Moose says Hermon will be disappointed but happy to see him. Arisa asks why his campaign did not work and he says they just did not want a competitor to stay. Arisa says they think Moose is a superfan but they know he is new and Moose says he learned it is an individual game and he should have been more concerned with Moose. It is time for the HoH! They will each hold on to icicles and they have to hang on to stay on the mountain. If they slide off the mountain, then they are eliminated. Arisa warns them that conditions could quickly change that would affect if they can hold on. Last one to stay on the mountain wins HoH! The HGs are trying to get in a comfortable position. The competition starts and Marty says, good luck everyone. Kevin is struggling early. It starts to rain on them. Arisa says Canada can keep one HGs off the block and they will be safe from the next eviction.

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