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Previously on Big Brother Canada, with two vetos in play, both Haleena and Jacey-Lynne chose not to use them, and any chance of a backdoor hit the skids, leaving Summer and Moose at risk of being hit in the road. Speculation ran wild about who was the secret veto holder, but eventually, Jacey-Lynne shared her scoop with Gino.

Meanwhile, the queen spilled the tea on Gino to Marty. With the eviction vote imminent, Summer ran a commitment-free campaign and the pitch scored few points. But despite Moose's relentless push, he was sent to the jury house by a unani-moose vote. Tonight, who will conquer the furry of Mount HoH and peek at the right time? Will someone finally take a shot at the showmance? And who will Canada save from the block? Hang on for an all-nighter on Big Brother Canada! After the eviction ceremony, Summer is not shocked, Summer is here for the people and the people are here for Summer. Gino says he's in a tough situation now. Marty is upset and Gino thinks Moose told him something. Jacey-Lynne says Marty hates us and I'm panicked he's going to win HoH and is coming after them. Marty says before eviction, Moose told him that Gino is leading everyone against him. The only one who will protect him is him. Big Brother announces the HoH competition will begin in three minutes. Jacey-Lynne tells Gino that Marty looks stressed. Gino says they may have to tell him about her secret Veto and they could have backdoored him and didn't. Jacey-Lynne agrees. Big Brother tells the HGs to get dressed for the competition. Gino hasn't had a chance to talk to Marty. The live HoH competition begins in 1 minute. Gino gets a second to talk to Marty in French. He knows Marty has heard they were trying to backdoor him. If they wanted to, they could have and didn't. Arisa explains how the HoH competition will start : they have to hang onto the mountain. The last one holding on wins HoH. The lanes have been tailored for each HGs size. The HGs climb into their lanes where they have to hang onto a near-verticle board with two pegs and sides to brace their foot against. Marty says it's just started and it's already hard. Cold water starts pouring down onto the HG, and they struggle to brace their feet and legs against the smooth, wet sides of their lanes. Kevin says he's 220lbs dry, and with water, this wall is as bad as he thought it would be. Kevin loses his feet. Then he loses his left hand. Then he slides down and is out. Kevin says he is good with everyone, so he didn't need to win, but being first off is embarrassing. Betty says Marty will put him up again. Marty says I have to beat Betty and Josh. Big Brother starts throwing rocks and snowballs at them. Haleena loses her footing and is hanging only by her arms. She says she's strong, she can do this. She can't and is out. 2-hours, 3-hourss, four hours, the remaining HGs lock their legs and hang on. Gino falls asleep and starts snoring. Kevin says this is his own endurance competition listening to Gino snore. Summer loses her footing and the water comes down. She is struggling and in pain and her mind is no longer in the game. She drops at 4 hours 43 minutes. Big Brother comes on and says this is the Final Phase and a new rule comes into play: the HGs can only hold on with their arms and the pegs, and cannot brace themselves with the sides of the lane. Josh says they'll have to pry him off the wall. Jacey-Lynne has no upper body strength. Betty tries to brace her feet against the flat lane. Jacey-Lynne drops. Josh is out at 4hrs 53m. It's down to Betty and Marty.

Betty is struggling, hearing her parents' encouragement. Her life is on the line. Marty is beasting it out. As a fan, Kevin loves it. Marty says there is no way he's letting go. Marty looks like he's about to give in and... Betty and Marty are fighting to stay alive on the Big Brother Mountain. Betty cannot hold on and at 5hrs 8m, Marty wins HoH. Josh consoles her. Marty is silent. Betty cries that "he's" going to put them (her and Josh up) and she's so sorry. Gino wakes up to congratulate Marty and officially name him HoH. Kevin tells him maybe this week he can make the decisions that keep him around next week. Marty says he feels like an outcast in the house and has won a hattrick in HoHs. Nobody will influence his decisions. He will pick the nominees and the replacement nom if necessary. It's like a funeral out there (in the house). At least his family will be proud of him. Gino says now he needs to make sure he and Jacey-Lynne are still good with Marty. In the kitchen, he tells Marty that he heard Moose was spreading a rumor about him, but Jacey-Lynne had a secret power that they could have used to evict him if they wanted. Marty says Gino can win HoH next week and they'll be safe. Betty says she lost to the worst person possible, he'll nominate her and give the worst possible speech. She was so close and doesn't have any more fight in her. She wants to throw in the towel. What will she do? Josh comes in and says he made her a grilled cheese. She isn't hungry. Josh tells us he feels for Betty because he knows she was fighting for both of them. We will get through it, he assures her. She says she's not doing his HoH room. Absolutely no way. Josh says that could be the reason we go home. He tells viewers she needs to pull it together.

In the livingroom, Summer says she'll pretend his pictures are so cute. Marty gets "his" room and Betty joins the other HG. He does the requisite Winners sponsorship fashion show and mentions Wendy's, crossing off the sponsorship checklist, before reading his letter from his wife, who can't wait to be in his arms again. He looks up, his eyes are teared, and the reactions are muted. Marty says in DR that he earned this win fair and square and doesn't care if the other HGs aren't happy about it. Betty walks past Haleena and Kevin and makes a snarky comment about there being a couple. She goes into the Tiki room to be with Josh and Haleena says let them have their moment. Kevin says they are safe with Marty and would love to get Gino out, but that's not possible. They are in an alliance with Josh but are scared of his brains, brawn, and social game. Maybe this is the week to take him out. Haleena agrees. Day 49 in the Big Brother Canada house. Betty says her eyes are swollen from crying all night. She offers to make breakfast for Josh. They'll have to win Veto. Only three HGs have been HoH, Betty tells him. She won't campaign to stay off the block. Josh says he'll at least talk to him. There's no real point, though, they joke. Josh tells us he needs her to put on a fake happy face and campaign! Gino meets with Marty in HoH. Marty's target is Betty. He thought Hermon was a better game move for everyone, but this move is for him. Betty lasted longer than everyone else, so she's more mentally strong than Josh. Best case, Marty tells Gino, we are Final Two. There has never been a duo like them, alternating HoH. As long as they keep it that way. Gino just agrees with everything Marty says. Marty tells Gino he can tell Jacey-Lynne to put their feet up, there's no way they're going home. Gino tells us this is Marty so you never know. Gino tells Jacey-Lynne, who says when Marty says kick your feet up, you're doomed. He tells Jacey-Lynne that Marty wants Betty out and doesn't care if Josh pulls himself off. Josh takes his turn with Marty. He owes Marty an apology and says Betty's behaviors are not reflective of who he wants to be and his game. They're not really together, he says, so he wants to apologize if it seems like that. Marty says his decision is not personal, but he'll put both of them on the block and his target is Betty. They'll both have a chance to fight for Veto. Josh tells us Marty forgets he'd be on the jury if evicted. He reminds Marty that relationships and jury is something important to consider. Betty is scraping sand in the Tiki Room, looking for a secret power. She'd rather do that than talk to Marty. Josh comes in and starts helping her look. He updates her on what Marty told him. You're both each others' worst enemies, Josh laughs. That's savage, she says, that he's telling everyone he wants her to go home. Haleena is next in HoH, and she has to pretend she's his number one. Really, he's her number two safety net. Marty can not move forward without Josh and Betty being nominated. Summer or Josh and Betty, says Haleena, keeping Kevin out of the picture. Marty says he's not cool with Summer either, but Betty just knows how to push his buttons. Gino has Josh, and I just feel alone in the game, he says to the person he thinks has his back. Haleena says even though she hasn't been physically next to him, she's been with him. Marty says he doesn't blame Betty for being unhappy, so he offers her to share his Wendy's meal. He offers Haleena his place, so the two ladies get to go to Wendy's together, as neither has had Wendy's yet this season. He tells us he hopes this gesture will help them repair their relationship (Nominating her will pretty much negate that effort). Marty picks up their Wendy's food from Dane, who tells him he's a competition beast but to not lose focus. Marty delivers the food and leaves the two ladies to their first Wendy's meal. It was nice for him to do, Betty says, and better that he wasn't there. Big Brother calls the HGs to the livingroom. The lights go down and the HGs are nervous. What does this mean? Kevin, please go to the DR. While the other HGs wait in the livingroom, Kevin brings back a letter. Attention, HGs, Canada has been voting for one of them to receive the bellairdirect eviction insurance. The HGs chosen cannot be nominated and is safe for the week. The person Canada has voted to save is... Summer! Summer celebrates, dancing and whooping it up. Thank you, Canada! I love you so much! In the DR, she says her prayers have been answered! The other HGs pretend to be happy she won and they didn't. Summer knows she won't be the replacement nominee now. Sorry, Marty, you will have to look elsewhere. In the Tiki Room, Betty tells Summer she's good this week. Then if Josh wins the Veto, there could actually be hope (one of them could be nominated and evicted, saving both her and Josh). Time for nominations. Marty tells us Kevin and Haleena influenced him last time to put Hermon on the block and he got lots of blood on his hands. This is his second chance to do what is right for Marty (actually, his third chance). He nominates Betty and Josh. They laugh as they take their place in the nomination chairs. Marty says he nominated them because they are playing together as a duo and they would go after him if they win power. Good luck in the Veto. Betty says this is the 3rd time, such a shocker, what a power move. I'll take myself off and you'll regret this decision, she promises Marty. We knew it was coming, Josh says, and we're 0-23 competitions combined, so us as a duo? What a joke. Will Betty or Josh take themselves off the block? Find out Wednesday night, 7PM on Big Brother Canada!

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