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Previously, on Big Brother Canada, when Jacey-Lynne saved herself from the block, crafty Kyle deposited Betty as a replacement nominee and Marty cashed the check. With her game on the line, B-money's stock took a hit but when a joint investment triggered a rally, petty Betty closed her account with Marty. Meanwhile, target Jay tried to recoup their losses. But in the end, Jay's market crashed and in a 10-2 vote, they left the house head over heels. Then at a live HoH showdown, it was sleigh or be sleighed and in a blizzard of action, the biggest loser iced the competition. Tonight, when a new boss in town who's getting busted to the block. Will the seven alliance implode under Kyle? It's about to get rowdy on Big Brother Canada! We pick up after the live eviction show and seeing Jay be evicted. Jess was not surprised to see Jay go but they were surprised by the vote count. Kyle admits he was one of the votes to keep Jay. Jess says they would have loved to give Jay their vote but did not. Jess says last week they gave a vote to Melina and now the house might assume rogue votes are from them. Kyle says they did that to paint a target on Jess and someone else had the same idea. Jess says they are very suspicious and wants to know who is stirring the pot. Hermon says he is not called stir the pot pappi for no reason. He says the target was creeping off Jess's back and a rogue vote will put the target back on it and it might just work. He says he needs to plant a few sides and let the water grow them. Jess wants to talk to Betty and they say they feel set up and everyone is assuming they were the vote. Betty says she wants to think about it. She says a lot is going on and she does not care and she needs to win this HoH. We see Kyle win HoH. Kyle says he just won HoH! He could not be more hyped up. He is so excited. Moose says he is chilling because he is in two alliances with Kyle so he is going to kick his feet up. Betty congratulates Kyle and he says he is doing just fine. Kyle says he is super well connected in the house. He has his alliance with the seven and he also has an alliance called The Retreat and Gino is his ride-or-die. Kyle says this week his priority is setting himself up for the long run. He says everyone should be nervous. Jess says they love this game but hate shady people. They say it is so boring because the big group just gets to do whatever they want again this week. Jacey comes in and Jess tells her she gave her vote to evict Jay and Jacey says that is frustrating. Jess and Jacey are talking about the vote. Jess does not feel safe right now so they are going to have to take things into their own hands and convince people they deserve to be here. Josh comes in while Betty is talking to Jess and they talk about the HoH competition. Betty says Kyle is very particular about who he talks game with. It is kind of a boys club. So it is possible she could be on the block with another woman. Betty says they have to put on the fake smile and tell Kyle everything he wants to hear. Josh says Kyle winning HoH makes him want to take his head off and roll it down the sidewalk so he does not have to listen to him. But now he has to act like they are best friends. Kyle comes out of the DR and stands on the table and says who wants to see my HoH room?!? He sees pictures of his dog, his best friend, and his sister and dad. He says this is going to be a great week as HoH. He shows off the outfit that he got. Kyle says he gets his own bed and privacy and he is the one calling the shots. Life is good. Betty does a slow clap showing she is bored and says she is so happy for him. Jess says the rogue vote makes their battle more difficult and they need to make Kyle see them as helpful and not problematic. Jess congratulates Kyle and they say they are an island that could be an asset to him. Jess asks how do I convince you to work with me? Kyle says he is in a tough spot because they are so strong. He says he has a vision of his game-ending out of their hands. Jess says so they should work together. Jess says they can feel the energy from the universe that they should team-up. Kyle says Jess may have actually won him over because it is very smart and it could be the start of something. Jess and Kyle hug it out. Betty says it does not matter who the other vote is for me and Betty tells Jacey is definitely safe because of Gino. Betty says Jacey's showmance with Gino may take her far but she wants her to see all aspects of it. Jacey just does not want to be made out to be an idiot. Betty suggests there is a guys alliance. They think it is Marty, Kyle, Gino, and maybe Moose. Maybe all the guys. Jacey says she is working with Hermon, Gino, and Kyle in The Retreat but now she is wondering if she is being used as a number to advance a guy's alliance. Betty says it is obvious the boys are running the house, but the patriarchy was not broken in a day.

Betty goes to talk to Kyle and does not want to bombard him. She wants to get in his ear and she tells him she wants to be a number for him if there is someone who might be a bigger target. Betty says he is looking at her blankly which means she could be on the block. Kyle says Betty made some really good points and he is running out of names as HoH because he is aligned with a lot of people in this house. Moose comes in to talk. Moose says he and Kyle are acquaintances from university and he tosses out Steph's name. Kyle says he is not surprised to hear Stephanie's name because he has heard it from a few people including Summer and Jess. Kyle says she has been kept around numbers-wise and Steph is definitely on his radar and that is smart, but how do they approach it. Kyle assures Moose he is safe and he is good and they hug. Moose tells him to enjoy his sleep and his HoH. It is Day 14 and Jacey is going to talk to Kyle and he tells her what he is going to say she is not going to like. Kyle tells Jacey that Stephanie will be nominated. Kyle says he could nominate Jess but if he does not put them up they could be a number for them. Kyle thinks Steph has people looking their way and if they cut Steph they could have the numbers. Jacey says she does not want to be made out to look stupid and if there is a guy's alliance then the girls are just going to get picked off. Jacey says The Retreat is over this week but she has to hop on the Kyle train or get run over by it. Kyle calls Steph in and tells her he has bad news. He has to put her up and she wants to know why. He says he has heard things about his safety in the game and she says in regards to herself and he says yes. Steph says she would never target him. Steph says the only thing she has said was that he would be hard to beat because of his memory. Kyle says he is being fed a load of nonsense by the entire house. Steph asks if Moose was one of them and Kyle confirms it was him. Steph demands Moose join her and Kyle in the HoH. Steph says everyone in the house has told her that Moose has been tossing her name around. Jacey can hear from the bathroom area. Moose wants to know who has been telling Steph he is throwing her name around she does not want to give names. Kyle says Steph is one who maybe he could not trust. Moose says Kyle was looking for help to decide who to put up and that is what he did. Moose says he would not have put Steph up this week if he had won HoH. Steph says she is livid. Moose says he wants Steph to stay. Why would he go to Kyle and Steph would take a shot at him? Steph says she is hurt by that and Moose says that does not help my game. Steph says she is tired of people running around talking about people behind their backs. Moose says they just need to talk it out. Kyle says Moose is giving an award-winning performance and he is realizing how good of a liar Moose is. Kyle says Moose knew how to talk himself out of a confrontation. He says maybe Moose is playing the middle. Steph says she hopes Kyle trusts her a little now. Kyle says Moose took someone irrational to being calm and hugging him. That is a threat to his game. Kyle is bringing Kevin to Wendy's because he is a good listener and has a wealth of game knowledge and he keeps to himself. He would like to build that relationship. Kyle gets a message from Jon Pardy and he tells him not to let the power go his head. Jon tells him to focus on the big picture and create alliances and form bonds. Kyle says that is great advice. Kyle tells Kevin is in a tough spot and then tells Kevin about The Retreat. Kevin says he is getting information from Kyle that might freeze his game later. Kyle is talking to Hermon about why he is putting Steph on the block and then he tells him about Moose rattling off. He needs to throw Moose under the bus so the seven will be voting him out. Hermon is frustrated but wonders if they can trust him as a number. Hermon does not like what Kyle tells him about Moose and it sounds like Kyle is trying to completely dismantle the alliance. Kyle calls in Tynesha and Josh and Summer to throw Moose under the bus so they do not trust him. Kyle is talking to the three and he says he has been having doubts and he did not know why but now he knows it is Kyle. He says he witnessed Moose lying to Steph and Summer asks if he was deflecting to keep Kyle safe and he says no. Summer says Kyle is a hot mess. Kyle admits to them knowing Moose in school and Tynesha says so why does that matter? Moose knocks on the door and Kyle asks him to wait. Summer says she is not with this plan or with this plan. She wants to skip nominations. Hermon is talking to Gino and Hermon says Kyle is on a warpath and thinks he is King Power and he cannot understand why he is doing that. He says who does Kyle think he is? Hermon says he is absolutely off his rocker. Summer joins Gino and Hermon and they are trying to figure out how not to split or they are gone. Hermon has no idea who Kyle is putting up. He says Kyle is going to tear this house apart, Canada. Send help! Somebody! The HGs are called to the livingroom. Haleena says this is unusual. Summer is instructed to go to the Diary room where there is an envelope. She joins the HGs and reads that Canada has been voting for one HGs to earn safety. Kyle says this could completely throw off his week and he could be screwed. The person Canada has voted to save is...Marty. He says it is touching for him that Canada wants to see him stick around. Kyle says his nominee pool is still there and this is perfect! It is time for the nomination ceremony! Kyle says this is his moment and he is here to cement his name in the walls of Big Brother Canada history. He is going to make this his house. Kyle's first nominee is...Steph. His second nominee is...Moose. He nominated Steph because he saw her as a threat. He nominated Moose because the whispers about Steph came from him and he has seen him pit people against each other. Betty cannot believe she is not on the block. Steph says she will forgive for now and never forget. She will win the veto and look cute as can be. Moose says he has never seen a mistake so blatant in his life. This nomination will kick Kyle in the booty!

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