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Previously, on Big Brother Canada, business B signed sealed and delivered her first HoH victory.

Looking to avoid the block once again, The Ghosts threw Josh and Jacey right under the bus. Jacey went full force to build something new with the Queen B, but when it came time for nominations, Betty sentenced Josh and Jacey to the block, and though Betty spared The Ghosts, their haunting presences crept higher on her radar.

Then, at the veto competition of a lifetime, Haleena experienced her second PoV win and despite Jacey throwing her best pitch, at the veto ceremony, Haleena sealed the fate of the two nominees.

Tonight, who will be the next HGs to get the boot, josh or Jacey? Can The Ghosts continue their spooky routine as a duo and how will the final five cope when the outside world comes calling? It always ends in tears on Big Brother Canada. Arisa welcomes us and we head inside after the veto ceremony on Day 57 and Jacey says if Josh makes it through this week he will win because he is the most loved HGs this season and she needs Kevin and Haleena to see that. Josh says he cannot trust anyone in this game and everyone is playing for themselves. Josh says he needs to make sure Kevin and Haleena know why he is best for their end game. Kevin says this is fantastic because he and Haleena have all the power. Betty says either Josh or Jacey going home is great for him because they are both good competitors, but if she had realized how close Kevin and Haleena were her original nominations would have been very different. Josh is talking to Betty about his mom watching Kiefer from the last season and it inspired him to come on the show. Betty says his mom is proud because she saw Kiefer and now she is watching her son. Josh says this means the world to him. Kevin and Haleena are talking and they say this is a tough one. Haleena says she and Kevin always talk about what is best for them. Haleena thinks keeping Jacey is better for her game because she might take her to the Final Two where she is not sure Josh would. Kevin says Haleena is on the fence, but his mind is made up. He says keeping Josh is best for his game. He says he is going to give Haleena time to think but eventually, he will pull her in and they will do what is best for his game. Haleena says what do The Ghosts do Canada? Haleena says they are going to make it together, they just have to continue making the best moves for their own game. Josh is talking to Betty and he says hopefully they vote to keep him and he hopes they do. He says he needs to convince everyone that Jacey's resume is exceptional and his is not as comparable. Josh says Jacey has won three PoVs and he won 1 HoH. Betty says no one has a better shot of beating Josh. Betty says she cannot talk to Kevin because Kevin has to believe it is better for his game. Josh asks Betty if she would have made the same decision and she says no. She asks if he has the same trust with them. Everyone is downstairs and Jacey says this is the biggest day of the whole season. She says it is day 60 and she wishes they had a countdown though. They want to know what is behind the red door. It changes to 60 and they all celebrate and say Happy 60. Betty is talking to Josh and Kevin is doing laps and Betty says Kevin got this far and he only one won PoV. Betty thinks Kevin is an extremely shady player and he will say whatever he needs to to get further in the game. Betty says he is very manipulative. Josh says is he actually married? Betty wants to know if her name is actually Jillian? Haleena is talking about Kevin and she says she never thought she would meet a best friend and someone she could trust. Kevin says they are the best players in the game. Haleena says Kevin is her brother from another mother and he brings out the best in her. Jacey is ready to talk to Kevin and she says he is a tough nut to crack and Kevin says Jacey is one of the best strategists in the house. Kevin says he is leaning towards keeping Josh because he believes her game is that good. Jacey says that sucks to hear and she wants to see that red door open and it is frustrating. She says she is looking at things differently though. Jacey says Josh has been on the block four or five times and almost every time he has stayed unanimously and there is a reason for that. She says a lot of those people that saved him are in the jury and Josh knows how to pull at people's emotions. Jacey says Josh could also win HoH and he will never put Betty on the block again. Jacey says if they keep her they can get Betty out and make Final Three. Kevin says she made some pretty good points and now he is not so sure he will send her home. Betty says this journey has been an incredible and rewarding experience and she would not trade it for a single thing. The HGs are informed the hot-tub area is open and they find food and drinks to celebrate being in the top five. Kevin says one of them will be the winner and it feels a little less personal. Haleena says she has doubted herself and it was a tough journey. They all cheer to making the top 5. Arisa says the HGs have been away from their loved ones for two months and the stress of the game can make it seem like making it to the end can be impossible. The HGs are in the HoH room and Jacey is called to the DR. Jacey heads downstairs and she is directed to the phone booth and her mom Shantelle is there behind a glass door. They pick up the phone and Jacey is emotional and her mom says she is her hero and they are all cheering her on. Shantelle says she has bags under her eyes and the family says she is a beast. They all love that she met a boy in there and her mom wants her to have this breath of fresh air and to keep fighting and they are sending positive vibes. Jacey says she is feeling so many emotions right now and she missed her mom so much and knowing everyone is cheering her on gives her the final push to keep going. Kevin has his girlfriend Jillian and she misses him so much and she is wearing a fake ring. He is laughing and she tells him everyone is happy and healthy and she has loved hearing all his songs. Jillian says he is never going anywhere again when he gets home and she better enjoy it. Kevin says he is going to win this and she says maybe they can spend every second together forever and he says they can do this for real. Kevin says he is lucky he met someone like Jillian and he is lucky he got to be here and do this thing. He says they got him Big Brother. Haleena has her mom and her mom says she looks so beautiful. Her mom says they only have five minutes and she says they watch her every day and everyone comes over to watch her. Her mom did not believe she could get this far but she is doing everything great. Haleena's mom says she is going to win this and they say goodbye. Haleena cannot believe this. Her mom is her everything to her and she cannot believe what just happened. She says this lit a fire in her and that was the best thing ever. Betty's boyfriend Iain is there and he says he made a quick trip to see the most beautiful girl he knows. He says he is proud of her and everyone has been watching her on feeds and her family is so proud of her and they are all great. He says she can do this. Betty says she loves him so much and their time is over. Betty says Iain is a very supportive partner and he always has her back and it is so powerful to have that and she is feeling so grateful. Josh's mom Tina is there and he starts crying and his mom motions for him to pick up the phone. She says she loves him so much and he is so amazing and he is doing so well. She misses him so much and she says they had t-shirts made that say "Team Josh." Tina is proud of Josh and he says he is trying his best. She tells him to focus and be strong and she loves him. Josh says this is the best gift he could have been given because his mom is phenomenal and so strong and his biggest supporter. We check in with the reunion after the show from the triple eviction and we see Marty and Summer join Gino and he asks what happened. Summer fills him in that Josh put them on the block and that Jacey won PoV. Summer says Josh told everyone not to save them. We see them head off to the jury house with Moose and Hermon. Hermon's birthday is happening and he is excited about the company. Gino runs in and they hug and Hermon says he knew it. He says what happened?!? Gino fills them in about Marty winning HoH. Gino tells them about Betty pulling herself off with PoV and then he tells them about the gummi bears and him going on the block. Hermon says he never would have put his gummi bear in that jar. What was Gino thinking? Marty and Summer come in and Gino says he will get a tattoo on his finger of a gummi bear. Summer tells them Josh blindsided her and tells them about the alliance with Haleena and Kevin. Moose cannot believe they have been in a secret alliance. Marty is still trying to process everything because he cannot believe Kevin and Haleena turned on him. They watch the video from the triple eviction. Summer says she is very petty and if Josh joins them she will be laughing in his face. Gino says Jacey will get his vote for sure and she is doing great and has made the final five. Moose says Josh was dirty putting Betty on the block. Moose says the top five is getting interesting. Jacey is talking to Kevin and Haleena one more time. She says they are snakes but she needs to do what she needs to do because her game is in their hands. She tells them it just makes sense to play with them even after what happened. Kevin says Josh is not an easy guy to get out either. He might be the hardest guy to get out. He says Jacey sees how big of a threat Betty and Josh are and Jacey says they could be handing Betty the game if they let her keep her number one. Jacey says it would be like them letting Betty keep her Gino. She says they did not let her keep him. Kevin says that was a good argument and she is messing with his head. She says she is just stating facts. Haleena wants to talk to Kevin and Jacey leaves. Haleena and Kevin laugh and Kevin says no one has been able to flip them the entire game. Haleena says her head tells her to keep Jacey but her heart is saying, Josh. Kevin says he agrees and they could be getting manipulated. Josh says seeing his mom was so inspiring and he wants to keep pushing and he will say what he needs to in order to stay in the house. Josh tells Kevin's only chance to win is against him. Kevin asks if Josh would throw him the final HoH if he knew he would take him. Haleena comes in and Kevin says to Haleena should we evict Josh? What is your vibe and Haleena says my vibe? Josh says it makes him angry that they think it is a joke to talk about evicting him when he is fighting for his life. Josh agrees he would throw the final HoH and Kevin says no one has ever done that. Kevin if he is down with that then they will consider keeping him. Josh says he is lying through his teeth and if he stays he will be going right after them if he wins HoH. Arisa says it is time for the eviction vote! Josh says today is day 62 and they have been through a lot together. He is not going to say anything negative about Jacey and he thinks he is best for their game. Jacey thinks it is special that they are connected in a way no one can understand. But she does not understand why no one will evict Betty or Josh and they could go down as the strongest duos to ever play Big Brother. It is time to vote! Haleena happily casts her vote to evict Jacey. Kevin votes to evict Jacey. By a unanimous vote of 2-0, Jacey has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house. Jacey wants everyone to do a group hug and she says she loves and hates them all so much. She says please for the love of God, just let me know what is behind the red door. May the best person win and she heads out to join Arisa. Arisa calls Jacey the PoV queen and she asks about her speech? Will she be pulling for Josh or Betty in jury and she says as painful as it is, it is impressive what they have done. Arisa asks if Jacey would have gone to Haleena and Kevin if she had stayed and she says she actually meant that which makes this sting a little more. She thinks Josh and Haleena will be the final two. Josh says Jacey is a phenomenal player and she could win and she is one of the funniest people in the house. Kevin says he will miss her but she needs to know that Haleena and he have had a final two since the beginning game and tells her about the alliance with Josh. Haleena says Jacey is strong and independent and Jacey followed for love instead of playing the game and she hopes that Jacey respects her decision. Jacey says whatever and Arisa wishes her luck.

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