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Previously, on Big Brother Canada, after Kevin fueled Betty's party to divide her duo, the ghosts took control of the game. But HoH Betty and her BFF realized they had been snaked into a corner. Meanwhile, Kevin groomed Jacey for the jury, but Jacey dropped the thunder and launched a searing counterattack. Not willing to lay down, the doc drummed out his own housecall that was utterly sick. And when Kevin smelled blood, the friendly physician lied through his teeth and went for the jugular. Then on eviction night, the ghosts fed Jacey the poison pill and she was discharged to the jury house. Tonight, in the battle for the final three, which duo will control the next HoH? Who of the two's will be singing the block blues. And it is the tenth anniversary of the BBCAN Awards. Get ready for the hangover on Big Brother Canada. We pick up at the live eviction on Day 62 with Jacey being evicted. The HGs jumped and scream that they made the final four. Betty says this is amazing! It feels so good. She has been on the block four times and she is still here and thinks that is an accomplishment in itself. Betty says before Jacey left she had to say she and Josh were "big players" in the game. Kevin says are you guys one of the best duos? Betty says she just said that for reverse psychology and says Jacey can have fun on the jury. Josh says it is bad that Haleena and Kevin kept him because he and Betty are good and they are coming for them. Kevin says The Ghosts had all the power and they felt they could trust Josh more. Plus Josh said he would throw the final four HoH competition. Kevin and Haleena are hugging in the storage room and Haleena says they can do this and Kevin says he is pretty sure Josh is throwing to them anyway. Haleena says she cannot wait to say the best duo was us. Betty and Josh are talking about how wild it is that Josh stayed. Betty says that is a most iconic play and whatever he said to get them to keep him worked. Betty is so proud of Josh and he says maybe we are one of the best duos. Betty says these next competitions will win the game. Betty says that angels are saving them in the game and Josh says his heart is racing. Kevin is talking about the red door and how it has been counting down and he thinks there is something big behind that door and he is prepared for it. It is Day 63 and the HGs are sleeping when an alarm sounds and everyone is racing to the red door. Haleena falls while trying to get there and Betty says waking up to the alarm sound was brutal. They realize there is still five minutes. Betty thinks it is a former HGs competing to get back into the house. Josh says maybe whoever is first to open the door gets instantly evicted. Josh says he woke up in a panic and he thought his life was in danger. They get confetti and the door opens and inside is Wendy's breakfast. They have lasted long enough to discover what is behind the mystery door and they get a peek at what is coming up in the HoH competition. Kevin says the biggest gap in his game is competition wins so he is going to practice as much as he can. They have a board that tilts and you put a ball in and drop it into a numbered slot. But the board has some obstacles they will have to maneuver around. Kevin says Haleena and Josh practiced a little bit but then gave up. He says they can secure their spot in the final three and he does not understand how they can just give up and go back to bed. He continues to practice while everyone is asleep. Kevin says he has been playing his game behind the scenes and that means the jury may not be aware of who has been pulling the strings. He needs another win so he can take this home. They will compete behind the red door for HoH! The competition is called Scrambled Days. One question at a time they will have to decide what day a specific event happened and then roll their egg to the correct date or whoever is closest gets a point. Whoever has the most points after seven questions will win HoH! Josh has been studying days alone and he thinks he is ready for this and there is no way he is throwing this competition. Question #1-On what day was the secret PoV not used? Haleena drops into 12, Kevin is in 32 and Josh is in 48. The correct answer is day 45 and he gets a point. Question #2-On what day were two safety competitions held? Haleena drops into 20, Josh drops into day 34, and Kevin is in 32. The correct answer is day 34 and Josh got a second point. Question #3-On what day did a former HGs host a competition? Josh hits day 30, Haleena is in day 35, and Kevin hits day 53. The correct answer is day 55 and Kevin is the closest and he gets a point. Question #4-On what day was Jess nominated for the second time? Haleena hits day 24, Josh is in day 21 and Kevin is in day 23. The correct answer is day 21 and Josh gets a point. Josh has three points and Kevin has 1 point. Haleena has 0 points. Question #5-On what day did a nominee not win the PoV for the first time? Haleena is in day 21, Josh is in day 36, and Kevin is in day 31. The correct answer is day 36 and Josh has won the HoH! Josh says this feels surreal and it came at a great point in the game and assures he is final three. Josh says he knows Kevin and Haleena are mad but he is the one who gets to make the decisions and this is his opportunity and he cannot wait. Kevin says he got overconfident and believed Josh and that is on him and now he has to deal with the results. Kevin says he feels super played and asks if he was at all serious and he says he was until he started the competition. Josh asks if they are mad at him and Haleena says no, not at all. Haleena goes to the storage room alone and says Kevin got played. Kevin and Josh go to talk alone and Josh says you can hate me if you want and Kevin says he believed him. Kevin does not think Josh was going to throw it and he is mad at himself for believing him. He always knew Josh could do this, but it is a tough pill to swallow when you are the victim. Kevin says he is actually more honest than Josh. He manipulated the manipulator. Kevin says he will forgive Josh if he puts up him and Betty. Josh says he is not playing Kevin. Kevin says if you were lying with that, then how am I supposed to trust you. Josh is OK with Kevin being upset. Kevin and Haleena are talking and Kevin says they are so dumb. Haleena says do you really think we got played and Kevin says absolutely. He says we got a taste of our own medicine. Haleena says anyone sitting next to Josh takes second place. Who wants to see Josh's HoH room?!? Josh has pictures of his sister and Daniel. He has gummi bears and he tries on his Winner's outfit. Josh's letter is from his babe. He sends love and he is proud of Josh and Josh says he misses Daniel too. Josh calls everyone to the livingroom because they have a surprise! They are invited to the tenth anniversary party of the BBCAN awards. They get to dress up in the HoH room for a trip down memory lane. They each get a turn on the red carpet. They all celebrate making the final four and Betty says look at how far we come. The first award is for best slop meltdown. We see Jacey and Josh's slop struggles and What did we do now? The winner of the award is What did we do now? Josh says that was not his proudest moment. Nominees for best celebration are Legends of the Doors and Have-Nots become Haves. The winner of this award is Have-Nots become Haves. The nominees for best blowout are Stephanie vs Moose and Betty vs Moose. The award goes to...Betty vs. Moose. They congratulate her and she cannot believe Canada saw that moment. The nominees for Winner's winning moment are Betty's PoV triumph and Jacey-Lynne beats the clock. The winner of this award is...Betty's PoV triumph. The last award is for the most jaw-dropping moment and the nominees are Kevin's Self Eviction Fake Out and Stephanie's Eviction Blindside. The award goes to...Kevin's Self Eviction Fake Out. The final four then see random clips from the season and they get emotional. They say it has been an incredible ride and how special the experience was and they cheer for the final four. Josh is taking Haleena to Wendy's so he can build some trust with her now that it is time for the end game. Josh has a message from Season two runner-up Sabrina and she reminds him that jury management is super important. Josh also gets a message from season 5 runner-up and she advises him to remind the last HGs as they head out the door to know about his game. Breydon from Season 9 runner-up tells him to take inventory of everything he has done this far. Josh tells Haleena about his messages and he says it was so cool. Josh says he is thinking about putting Kevin and Betty up and he says it does not really matter because the PoV holder has all the power. Josh says he thinks Haleena believes that having a clean record is a good thing but he is going to use that as a spin because she has never had to fight for her game. Betty asks Josh if he is putting her and Kevin up and he says maybe. Betty says it does not matter and no one should take it personally. Josh says Kevin only has one competition win and Betty says he is a manipulator and he lied and bounced around with whoever had power. Betty says Kevin is a villain and Josh says a lot of people played his game and they never realized it and now they are all gone except for him. Kevin is talking to Haleena and he says Josh has manipulated both of them and he is in a fog. Haleena and Kevin are talking about nominations and Kevin says he is not thinking straight. Betty comes into the room and Kevin leaves and he says he is thrown off and he is not on his game. He spent a lot of the game making people trust him and then turning on them. Kevin goes to talk to Josh and Josh says probably Kevin and Betty and Kevin says Josh gets to play in PoV and would he evict Haleena? Josh likes seeing Kevin spinning and it feels nice to have the power. Kevin says Josh may be planning to turn on the three. It is time for nominations! Josh's first nominee is...Kevin. Josh's second nominee is...Betty. Josh nominated Kevin because he thinks it is important to fight for their places in the game and he nominated Betty because she is more than able to win PoV. Betty says she is on the block for the fifth time this season and she trusts Josh's strategy. She says the PoV is everything and she or Josh just has to win it. Kevin says it has been a while but they should have kept Jacey but he is going to keep fighting.

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