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All season long they've been clocking the threats that stood in their way, but at this point in the game, it is threat level critical. Only four remain. Who will take themselves out of danger and who will be the final target? It's duo vs duo in tonight's special eviction. Arisa welcomes us and we head inside to tell the HGs about the special eviction. Arisa calls the HGs to the livingroom and they all rush down. Haleena is freaking out and Kevin says it's happening. We pick up after the nomination ceremony on Day 63 and Josh says he wants Haleena to have a clean record and he can sell the narrative she is a floater and has not had to fight for her game. He put up Kevin because he does not trust him. Betty says she wants to be known for how many times she has been on the block and how many times she survived. She says nominations don't matter anyway because it is all about the veto. If Josh wins, he gets to decide who will vote. Josh checks in with Betty and she says she is OK. Josh asks if Betty wants to know why he did not put Haleena up and she says because of her record and Kevin going up is going to ruffle fewer feathers. Betty says she is fueled to try and win the PoV. Kevin says being on the block is not that big of a deal but he overworked his brain for 60 days and he has made a poor decisions for a few of those days. Haleena asks how he feels and Kevin says he feels bad. Haleena says we cannot give up yet. Haleena says if Betty wins PoV, then she will keep Kevin and Kevin says he does not want to be there without her. Haleena tells Kevin to think about his game and Josh will for sure take Kevin to Final Two. Kevin says he would prefer Haleena to be the one to take him. It is time for the final veto of the season! Haleena wants to win so she does not have to rely on anyone else but herself and she says this veto will be hers. The veto will be played one at a time and Haleena is up first. Haleena reads the directions for the competition. The HGs has to maneuver through a maze and use a key to unlock a platform and read a question and then answer it. The HGs to answer all four questions correctly and make their way through the maze the fastest wins PoV! Haleena starts working through the sewer maze and she says it is absolutely disgusting and vile. She finds a sewer grate but it will not open because it is not the first one. She finally finds the first one and reads the first question. The HGs who were evicted the week they were the replacement nominee. She lists Tynesha, Hermon, Gino, and Kyle. She gets it and moves to the second question. Who won the PoV more than once and she says Haleena and Jacey and she is correct. She is trying to make up some time and she finds the next sewer grate and she answers the question and moves on to find the final sewer grate. Competed in both veto competitions on day 29 and 43 and she has some answers wrong and she is rotating the answers. Haleena says she knows the days but her brain is mush. She keeps trying to think and finally realizes what she did wrong and she quickly makes her way to complete the maze. Haleena is out and she hits her buzzer and she hopes it is good enough. Betty is up next and she is excited and nervous and she is pumped. If she wins PoV then she can secure her spot in the top three and control who goes home this week. She says it has been an uphill battle and she wants to pull a with and make it all worth it. She is making her way through the maze and she also does not find the correct grate first. She moves on and she is struggling to find the first grate. She finds it and unlocks it and she answers the first question. Betty is now on to her second grate and she seems to be struggling to move through the maze and she feels like her time is ticking away. She finds her remaining grates and she is on her way out and she locks in her time. Kevin is ready for his turn and he says he can win this and he believes in himself. If he wins the PoV, he is safe and he evicts Betty. He begins his run and enters the sewer maze. He seems to be moving very quickly. He says they are all good at competitions and he is probably the worst, but every dog has his day and he has a big bark. He runs into a dead end and is struggling and he is frustrated because he knows the answers but cannot find the sewer grates. Kevin is starting to get really disoriented because he is finding the same grates over and over. He says there are so many pathways and it is difficult. He is still moving and he says he is lost. Kevin says he is wasting so much time looking for these grates. He finally realizes the grates are on the outside and the answers are in the middle and he becomes more logical about how he moves and he moves much more quickly. He says that was brutal. Josh is the last to go and he says he can control the final three and it would put him in a good position with the jury. His journey has been so up and down but he feels like he is in a good position to take this game. Josh is moving quickly through the sewer system and he is answering his first question and he has it correct. He moves on to another grate but it is not the correct one so he has to look for it. He says you can easily get lost in the sewers. He finds the next grate and quickly answers it and moves on to the next one and it is who won a PoV on an even day and he says the pressure is intense. He answers Betty, Haleena, Kevin, and Jacey and he is incorrect. He says it was Marty and changes out Haleena. Josh is correct and he moves on to the final grate. He is struggling to come up with the correct answer but he gets it and he is quickly trying to make his way out and he unlocks the final grate and locks in his time. It is time for the results! In fourth place with a time of 42:13 is Betty. In third place with a time of 36:39 is Kevin. It comes down to Josh and Haleena. With a time of 5:08, the winner is Josh! Josh says finally! This is his first PoV and it is the last one and it feels good. Haleena took 25 minutes to complete the competition and Josh says this is wild! We head to the jury house to see Jacey reunite with the jury. Summer says if it is not Josh then she is leaving. Moose says if Jacey comes in he will throw all his clothes out the window. Jacey says it sucks she is out of the game but she will be a logical juror. Jacey comes in and everyone is disappointed. Hermon says why?!? Marty says he did not want to see Jacey and Moose is mad. Jacey says Betty was the HoH and she tells them what happened and Gino is mad. We see Gino and Jacey talking about attempting a relationship outside of the house. Moose says Haleena was stringing on to what Kevin was doing and Hermon says Haleena and Josh will never get his vote. Marty says his vote is undecided. Moose says right now he is a salty judge so they will see what happens on a finale night. Summer says they are in the jury house and they have some very big decisions to make. We head back in to see how the HGs are dealing with the news of the special eviction. Kevin wants to talk to Josh but he wants to think alone. Betty wants to talk and Josh asks who she would evict and she says who is better for your game. Josh says Betty is better for his game and she says thank you and says she would vote out Kevin unless he said otherwise. Kevin tells Haleena that he will leave without saying anything and Haleena says Josh will do the right thing. Kevin says he is going to prepare for leaving and Haleena says do not give up. He could stay and fight. Josh comes in and Kevin asks for confirmation and Josh does not confirm and he leaves and Haleena says it is one of us. Kevin says he is not ready for The Ghosts to be over. He says he has been in an alliance with Haleena for 62 of his 63 days in the house. He says he is not ready for it to be over and he is going to fight for his life. Kevin goes to talk to Josh and Josh says this is the hardest decision of his game. Kevin says how can I help. Josh says what would you do? Kevin says evict Betty. Kevin says Josh will definitely win one of the final three HoH competitions and Betty has been close in competitions. Josh says he can see Betty winning and he asks who Kevin would vote for in the jury, and he says he loves the underdog story and Betty has that story. She has been on the block five times who starts winning at the end? He asks if Josh is thinking about their relationship. Kevin says Betty will love Josh no matter what. Josh has to start thinking about his family and his game. Josh says he thinks Haleena and Kevin would take each other and Kevin says that is not true because he does not win against either of them. Kevin says Josh has never been on the outside the entire game and they can be one of the greatest alliances of all time if he makes the right decision. Haleena joins Kevin and Josh and she asks if she is going home and Josh says he does not know. Haleena says she understands Josh's relationship with Betty and she knows he is close with Kevin. Kevin says he is taking Josh and Haleena says that is fine, but give me a shot. Kevin says take him down and he will evict Betty and they can make Final Three. Kevin says Josh will win if he cuts Betty. Betty joins and they are all chatting in the Expedia room and Josh says one of the three will be leaving and he feels awful because he is close with all three of them and he wants to win where he can walk away with integrity. Kevin says none of them are going to be mad. He says they are not going to leave and say they never want to see him. Kevin says Josh has to be selfish and think about the people he loves and do what is best for him. Josh goes to talk to Betty and he says she has been beside him every step of the way and Betty says Josh is her friend first and she will advocate for him as much as she can. She would be honored if he kept her and could sit next to him in the Final Two. Josh says he has done some messed-up things and he is going to use the PoV on her. Josh says she has fought so hard in this game and Betty says he has fought hard too and it matters to her to be with him. She says this means more than money. Betty says but what is next? Betty says she feels like she does not have a lot of time and Josh says he cannot decide between them. Betty says she does not think Kevin deserves this game and Josh says Haleena is a strong competitor. Betty says what has Kevin done to win the game? She says Josh sitting next to Kevin in the final two is a win for Josh. Betty says do we keep the better competitor in Haleena or keep someone evil who cannot win in Kevin. Haleena wants to talk to Kevin and she says if it is her going she wants him to find and pitch that he has been the mastermind all along. She says she will advocate for him in jury and Kevin says if it is the other way she needs to do the same. Haleena is trying not to get emotional and she says pitch everything and they hug. Kevin is crying and Haleena says it is good, they made every decision together. Haleena says she never thought they would get as close as they did. It was a wild ride. Kevin says Haleena is the only person he ever trusted and to find that in this paranoid, screwed-up house is out of control. He does not know what to say and he is emotional. It is time for the PoV ceremony! Josh has decided to use the PoV on...Betty! Kevin and Haleena give their speeches and they are crying and emotional. Betty will have the sole vote to evict when we return after the commercial. Arisa welcomes us back and Betty has the lone vote and the power to evict Haleena or Kevin. Betty says this decision has nothing to do with them as a person and it is strictly game, and she believes they played the better game and she evicts Haleena. Betty says she is sorry and Haleena says that is OK. She wishes them luck and hugs them all and she says if anyone took her out she is glad it was Josh. Haleena says they are all amazing people and she is glad she got to play this game with them. She says goodbye and walks out the door to join Arisa on stage. Haleena knew when she decided to keep Josh she could go home next. Arisa asks why they thought Haleena was a bigger threat and she says she had higher odds of winning rather than Kevin. Haleena says she has no regrets and Arisa says she has a big decision to make tomorrow night and the finale will be two hours. Canada will be part of the jury and they get a say in who will win it all and they can vote.

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