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Episode 4 Recap: The First Backdoor Of The Season?

Current Head of Household Santina could have had an easy first Big Brother Canada 11 week. She could have just nominated two players who she has no connection within the game. She starts the week this way by nominating Dan and Anika. However, wannabe-mastermind Zach whispers in her ear. He wants her to take a shot and his biggest threat John Michael. The only problem is that this puts Santina in a worse game position.

Not only does she anger two people by nominating them, but she could potentially anger someone who may have wanted to work with her. John Michael and Santina also made a deal to not nominate each other this week. Therefore, she could upset a potential ally and make herself come off as untrustworthy. Going into tonight’s episode Santina needs to make a big decision. Does she do what Zach wants or does she try to leave this week with as little blood as possible?

We find out the answer on tonight’s Big Brother Canada 11 episode.

BBCAN11 Week 1 Nominations Fall-Out

Despite playing a passive game, Dan was surprised to learn that he was going on the Block for not communicating with Santina. Anika tried her hardest to not go on the Block, and Santina reassured her that she wouldn’t. Santina isn’t making things easy for herself in this first week.

Before the nominations, Santina told Anika that she was a pawn to get out John Michael. Renee worries that she may be someone easy to get out, so she starts planning her next move.

Zach discusses his alliance with Santina, Ty, Jonathan, and Rob. He considers Ty his ride-or-die. Renee works on getting Zach on her side because she can see his social game and influence. Zach says that Renee is doing the worst campaigning that he’s seen, especially by mentioning an all male alliance. He says that she could be the alternative target if they don’t get rid of JM. Zach also worries that he may become the next big target with JM gone.

Zach presents his get out Renee plan to Ty, and then to Renee. However, Rob wants to keep Renee. Rob mentions that at some point, him and Zach may have to “make those tough choices” but for now they’re both loyal to the alliance.

Zach tells Santina that Renee may be a good person to get out if things go that way. Santina questions if the take out Renee move is really good for her game or just good for Zach’s game.

BBCAN11 Week 1 Power of Veto Competition

Everyone wants to win this Power of Veto Competition because it guarantees their safety. It also gives them some power this week. However, John Michael may need in the most as a very real backdoor option.

Daniel and Ty are selected to play in the Veto competition along with nominees Renee, Anika, and Dan. It’s a competition involving loading slop in a barrel. The first one to fill it up wins Veto. They must get liquid, move through a lane to fill up a container above the line.

It comes down to Ty versus Dan. Dan wins the first part and quickly starts the second part, but Ty is right behind him.

They then need to mix the slop with their mixture from first round. Then toss slop into the barrel to try to make it outweigh some weights. Ty gets a rhythm quicker than Dan and takes the lead.

Ty wins the Power of Veto!

Zach tells Rob that he thinks that Renee should go next. However, Rob doesn’t agree. Zach and Rob both work on getting Santina to agree with them on who to get out.

Zach rants to Ty that he can’t work with Rob because he’s trying to change the Renee target. After talking to Renee, Santina starts to reconsider taking her out this week. She believes that they could work together.

BBCAN11 Week 1 Power of Veto Ceremony

Will nominations stay the same? Will Santina backdoor JM? What will happen during this first week Power of Veto Ceremony.

Other Stuff

Shanaya believes Rob and her are getting close, but then she sees him flirting with Santina. This causes her to have a but if an emotional break.

Ty and Claudia continue their flirty relationship. However, Ty starts to become moody and she worries that they may not be able to work together in the future. Ty shows that he’s jealous of Claudia wearing Rob’s sweater.

Make sure to join us tomorrow for another Big Brother Canada 11 recap.

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