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Previously, on Big Brother Canada, Kyle glided into power and snatched the HoH crown. Flanked by multiple allies, the new king expected a royal cakewalk. With noms looming, the usual suspects made their offerings but after holding court with Moose, King Kyle schemed to betray his ally Steph. Shocked by the move Steph went full daggers, but when Moose diffused the drama, Kyle saw a new threat to his kingdom. Then he decreed to the seven it was time to eat one of their own. But at the nomination ceremony, the King of Chaos completed his double betrayal and sentenced Steph and Moose to the chopping block. Tonight, in a crucial PoV competition will Steph or Moose upset the balance of power. Has King Kyle courted disaster? Heavy is the head that wears the crown on Big Brother Canada! We pick up on Day 14 after the nomination ceremony and Kyle just put Steph and Moose on the block, two people he is in an alliance with. Moose showed he was a great liar and made himself a target and Steph got caught in the crossfire. Moose says this does not even make sense! Ever add two and two to make five? Welcome to the Kyle show. Steph is feeling a fiery rage and she was never going to go after him and she does not even know what to say. Betty is in the storage room saying this game is crazy. She says before the nom ceremony Kyle told her she was going on the block and this is wild that she is not on the block! Moose says this hurts. He says he knows who Kyle has been talking to and who he is aligned with and the conversations he has been having. Clearly, Kyle is threatened by him. Kyle calls Steph in and she says this is a day full of emotions and Kyle says he is going to play with hers some more. He tells her that Moose is the target and he is starting to realize that Moose is playing him and using him to take out people. Kyle apologizes to Steph for not trusting her. She says she wants to cry and Kyle says she has done nothing wrong. Kyle tells her that Moose has been talking about everyone and she asks if she can trust what he is saying and he says he is nothing but honest. Kyle says he is not being entirely honest but if Steph stays he wants her squarely on his side. He wants that number. Moose is talking to Summer, Tynesha, and Josh and he says he knows a lot of things about Kyle's game that he can expose. Tynesha asks Moose how Kyle thinks he is playing both sides. Moose says he knows Kyle's multiple alliances and Kyle thinks he's playing the middle but he does not want to say more yet. Tynesha has no idea who to trust and what story is real. Tynesha says both of these guys are sketchy but Kyle's HoH is a crap show and she does not think he knows what he is doing. Hermon is talking to Moose about the rumor that Moose wanted to put up Hermon and Tynesha. Hermon says he is fixated on the seven because it means power. Hermon tells him about the conversation the rumor and Hermon confirms Kyle is the one who told him. Moose did say his and Tynesha's name but everyone should be considered a nomination. Moose does not think Hermon needs to know the whole truth right now. Moose says Kyle is the one who pitched Hermon and Tynesha and Moose told him that was not a good idea right now. Moose says Hermon has the potential to go farthest in the game. Hermon says Moose is coming clean and revealing what he said and he can work with that. But they need to keep the seven together because seven is power. Moose says he should not have said that to Kyle and he realizes this is why you should not trust anyone. Moose says Kyle is destroying one of the strongest relationships Kyle had in this game. Moose goes to talk to Kyle and Moose says he wants to know the depth of his thought process because it does not make sense. Kyle says Moose had a lot of influence over his decisions and he wants to make sure the decisions he makes going forward are his own. He tells Moose that the performance he gave in front of Steph was Oscar-worthy. Moose says Kyle took a bold shot and he thought they were going to work together because they knew each other. But everything is going to be reciprocated. Moose says when he wins PoV and stays this decision was not best for his game long term. Moose says Kyle ruined his own game. He says he tried to protect him in front of Steph but he killed that and now everyone in the house is going to see what a true faker he is. Gino and Kyle are playing chess and they say if PoV gets won they should use it to save Steph and put up the ultimate pawn, Betty to ensure Moose goes home. Steph joins them and asks about HGs choice and Gino says he would like to play. Moose says it is veto day and he is scrambling to figure out who he would choose for HGs choice but he would like to ask Josh. Josh says he would play for him. Moose says it is time to get his finesse on. Moose is filling Gino in on the Hermon and Tynesha conversation. Moose says Kyle weaponized that conversation to make it look like Moose was the one trying to break up the group but it was not what he was really trying to do. Josh agrees to play for Moose. Josh's main goal is to keep himself and those he trusts safe. It is time to pick players for the PoV competition! Steph wants to spin Marty, Hermon, or Gino. She spins HGs choice and she selects Gino. Moose spins and wants Josh or HGs choice and he spins Josh. Kyle spins Betty. Summer is talking to Hermon and he tells her about Kyle wanting to use the veto to save Steph. Hermon says Kyle is blowing up this house and not just messing with his game but Hermon's game as well. Hermon says Kyle is wanting to play the hero. Summer says she would rather align herself with a tree over Kyle and she does not think it is going to be peaches and mangoes for him. She says he is ruining his game and he no longer has seven people to have his back. It is time for the PoV competition! They are playing Bees Knees 2.0! They will collect puzzle pieces and complete a honeycomb. Then they will dig and use their stingers to find pollen balls. Then they have to roll pollen balls into the correct spot to win PoV! Steph says her relationship with Kyle is on the mend but she does not want to be on the block on eviction night. She needs to win! The HGs are off collecting their puzzle pieces. Moose says he HAS to win this PoV. There is no other option to secure his safety. Josh says he is the hardest working bee right now and he wants to keep himself and his allies safe. Betty says this looks easy but the pieces are mashing together. She wants to win because she has been told she would be the replacement nominee. Moose is the first to complete his puzzle and he is off to the second stage and gets his seven pollen balls. Josh is done with his puzzle. Steph has her puzzle complete. Gino says he is terrible at puzzles but he wants to win this competition. Gino completes his puzzle and Betty is the last one doing her puzzle and everything in her head is so jumbled and it is humiliating. Moose tells Josh to take his time. Josh now has all of his pollen balls. Josh is used to being patient so this is his competition. Josh has landed his first ball but then it falls off. Moose has all seven of his balls and he is on to the last stage. Gino has his pollen balls and Stephanie is still digging and she is not giving up. Josh lands his first ball. Moose is close and he finally lands one. Betty has finished her puzzle and she moves on. Betty is moving quickly to catch up. Betty quickly has her pollen balls and she is at the final stage. Everyone is in this and it is anyone's game. Stephanie says the last part of the competition is about balance and focus. Josh has landed his second ball. Moose sees Josh is doing well and Gino is killing it so he needs to get moving fast. Kyle says Moose cannot win this because if he does he is sunk. Betty is sweating. Moose is trying to land his first ball again. Gino has three balls landed. Josh is working on his fifth ball. Moose is catching up and is landing his fourth ball. Josh and Moose are close to each other. Josh's middle ball keeps circling. Moose lands his yellow center ball and takes the lead. Josh lands his middle ball. Josh shakes and has several balls rolling around. Moose lands his sixth ball and he needs one more. Moose lands his seventh ball and has won PoV! Moose screams PoV baby!!! He says Kyle tried to pit everyone against him and that was foolish. He says Moose bee is in the house!!! Marty says that looked like a fun competition. Kyle says this was a worst-case scenario for him so now he has to readjust who his target is. Kyle thinks this was a messy week so he will put Betty up and take away a number from the other side. He says it is not a big victory, but it is a victory. Moose is hyping himself up and saying this is his game. He says let's go! Haleena tells Steph that looked so hard and Jacey says if you want to get someone out you have to go backdoor. Steph says no way is she leaving this week and Jacey says she did not get up. Steph says it was just embarrassing not getting a ball past the first corner. Hermon does not know what is up with Kyle. Kyle tried to blow up their alliance and failed and now he is dancing in his room? Hermon says he is not losing this game because of Kyle. Kyle says he does want to keep this seven-person alliance intact. Kyle says may be the best replacement in the alliance is someone who he is working really close with... Marty. Kyle is talking to Marty, Gino, and Hermon and they want to bring Marty in as another number. Marty says he would feel like the outsider and this is a red flag. Marty says he was supposed to be super close with Kyle and Gino and he has not been consulted. But nominations have not happened yet so he mentions that Josh is a threat in the game. Hermon says he wants to shoot outside the group. Betty is talking to Kyle and she says she thinks she is knowing she is going up and he confirms. She asks if he is considering who he wants out and he says he does not know he wants to see the campaigns. Betty says she is better for his game. Marty is talking to Kevin and he tells him Betty is going to be the replacement nominee. Kyle joins and he says Betty will go home this week. Marty says if you want it to be Betty then make sure you have the numbers. Marty says Kyle is a fool. Marty tells Kyle they are leaving a guy, Josh, who has been close in every competition. Marty says that is leaving a strong player in the game. Kyle says Marty has a point. If he sends Betty home this week it is a waste of an HoH. Kyle wants to be someone who is remembered. Kyle is talking to Hermon and he is saying he wants to tell Canada that he is the biggest baddest player in the game. He mentions to Hermon about putting up Josh. Hermon says is this guy for real?!? Hermon says Kyle put up two members of his alliance and one saved himself and now he wants to put up another? He says this is the messiest and worst HoH ever! He says if he wins HoH next week, then he will backdoor Kyle. Kyle says he needs six votes. He has Gino, Marty, Jacey, Hermon, Tynesha. He says maybe he can swing Moose? No. He says the swings could be Haleena and Jess. He goes to talk to Haleena. Haleena wants to know who might be going up as a replacement and Kyle says Tynesha, Summer, or Josh. Haleena says that's a bold choice. She says she will let him know once he figures out who he will put up. He leaves and she rolls her eyes. Haleena says this guy thinks she is stupid. She says she is dumb, not stupid. Kyle says this is the biggest move of the game. Is it worth taking the shot and risk striking out? If he strikes out, then he strikes out hard. It is time for the PoV ceremony! Moose has decided to use the PoV... on himself! Kyle says if you have a chance to take a powerful piece then you have to take that shot. Kyle nominates Josh. Tynesha is emotional and crying. Steph says she is so excited to be beside Josh because the HGs would be foolish not to take him out. Betty cannot believe she is not on the block this week. Josh says if he stays then Kyle is going home this week and after this HoH there is no possible way Kyle wins this game.

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