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Previously, on Big Brother Canada, HoH Kyle targeted his alliance member Josh and with the dreamy doctor facing eviction, it was the last straw for the rest of the house. Meanwhile, King Kyle's side was sitting pretty. Then word spread and the underdogs rallied around Josh as momentum grew, Marty made a shocking admission, but still, Josh welcomed the elder statesmen into his camp. All the while, Kyle suspected nothing and when the vote went down, in one of the most shocking blindsides in BBCAN history, young Kyle watched his HoH go up in flames. Then in a critical HoH competition, the underdogs tried to seize power but Gino stole the moment.

Tonight, will the aftermath of the big blindside destroy the house? Trust no one on Big Brother Canada! We pick up after the live eviction on Day 20 and Josh cannot believe he survived the wrath of Kyle and that he is here for another week. This will go down as one of the worst HoHs' in the history of Canada. Kevin says the air in the house has changed and chaos is rising and he absolutely loves it. Gino is shocked, he thought they had the numbers. He feels betrayed and like he cannot trust anyone. He has to recalibrate his whole game. Kyle is seriously stunned. He says there was some work done behind his back. He got played and he is going to look like an absolute idiot. He says Josh is still here and Moose is still here and the house is against him and he feels like he is on an island. Kyle is thinking about the vote numbers and he is trying to figure out who was loyal and who flipped. Hermon says Kyle thought he had this in the bag and he is stunned. Marty made the decision to work with the other side and he does not regret it. Jacey says what in the actual F is going on right now. She is confused and angry and betrayed and she feels lied to and like she has no one. She says this is a mess and she wants answers. Kyle says he was blindsided and Jacey says he sucks as a liar. Jacey is yelling at Kyle wanting to know what is going on and he says he is out of the loop and has no idea what is going on. Jacey says she feels like Kyle has orchestrated all of this to make her look like an idiot. Jacey can't believe the guys did not vote with him. Jacey says she cannot trust the guys at all and Kyle says he wanted Steph to stay. Jacey thinks there was a huge elaborate plan that she was not a part of it. Kyle says Marty would never keep Josh and Jacey does not even know if she can trust Gino. Hermon is going to talk to Gino and Kyle wants to go and Hermon says just Gino. Hermon tells Gino that Kyle slapped him in the face this week and screwed his game and it was the worst HoH of all time and he just could not send Josh home. Hermon tells Gino that he does not work for Kyle and he hopes it does not affect their relationship at all and Gino says he is scared because everyone knew that he and Kyle were close. Jacey is talking to Summer and she says you really cannot trust anyone. Summer says they started the week with something but it got shattered. Jacey says she has to be more careful who she can trust and she lost a lot of trust in some people. Kyle says his game is in pieces and he does not know where he stands with anyone in the house, especially with Hermon. Kyle talks to Hermon and Gino and Hermon tells Kyle how he feels about Kyle making decisions on his own and the house did not agree with them. Hermon says Kyle got power-drunk and he made some brash decisions. Gino steps out so they can talk alone. Hermon says it should have been an easy week and it did not feel like it and Kyle agrees and leaves. Kyle tells us that you take some shots in the house and it is hard. He has to keep reminding himself that he came here for him and it takes a little bit of your soul and it is merciless being in this house. We see a recap of the HoH Competition and Gino says he had studied the pantry forever and he knew this game was in his hands. We see Gino win HoH and he says he has zero emotions because he is confused and does not know what happened. Gino does not know where he stands with Jacey and he thinks maybe she went to the other side and he does not trust anyone right now. Gino asks to talk to her after and she says right now. Marty is annoyed because he flipped and now Gino won HoH and he will be a nominee. Josh says literally the only person I did not want to win won. He says the house got even messier. Jess says they are going to think they are the ones who stirred up the pot so they can see themselves and Josh going on the block. Hermon goes to talk to Gino and Gino says he told him he was going to win. Gino says he followed Kyle's HoH and Hermon says that means Marty kept Josh. Hermon thinks Jacey kept Steph and Hermon says he thinks Marty is doing his own thing. Hermon says Jacey is crying because she did not switch and if Gino was the second vote, then Marty had to flip. Hermon leaves Gino alone with his thoughts and Gino says who is lying? Marty is talking to Kyle and he says he misread the situation and he thought there was a master plan and he was at the bottom and he tells Kyle he voted to keep Josh. Marty thinks Gino and Jacey were the votes to evict Josh. Marty says people got in his ear. Kyle says he is going to remember all of this and he has an ax to grind now. He came to play a game and now he is looking like an idiot in front of Canada. And now that he knows Marty flipped after telling him to put up Josh puts him on edge. Kyle, Gino, and Jacey are talking and information is coming out. They are discussing Hermon and Marty telling them about the flip. Gino says he got betrayed hard and Jacey says that was pure betrayal. Gino is relieved that Jacey did not turn on him so he trusts her and he still has his girl. Jacey and Gino hug it out and Jacey says they got played, boys. She says they need to be smarter now. Kyle says he needs to be way smarter and Jacey says she trusts them. Who wants to see Gino's HoH room? There is a picture of Gino's dog, his siblings, and his parents. He is a big family guy and that is what he misses the most. He has a nightlight in his basket because he is afraid of the dark. Tynesha has no words. Gino checks out his fashion and models it for everyone. Jacey says someone call the fire department. Josh and Gino are hanging out in the kitchen and the pantry is now open and they have pizzas and beer and some red wine. They have a pizza party and Moose says things are going to go crazy because they have been shut off from the world. Tynesha says you can see some of the bonds that are being formed and it is interesting. Gino says this is a huge week for him after Kyle's chaotic HoH and he needs to rebuild relationships and see if he can get some intel. Gino invites Summer in and she asks if she is going on the block and Gino says yes she and Summer and Summer. Gino wants to tell Summer where his head is at and he says he is on a solo train and reanalyzing everything. Summer says maybe putting Kyle on the block would be a good move. She says he puts his own alliance on the block and everyone wants him out. Summer says she is afraid to keep Gino in the loop because of how close he was to Kyle. Summer says they could still work together and she would hop on the Gino bandwagon if he can show he can disassociate from Kyle. Kevin does not have a great game relationship with Gino and he cannot show up to the HoH room in sweatpants. He wants to show up in a suit and tie and make Gino laugh and see if that will help keep him off the block. Kevin is pretending to be someone representing him and Kevin says the only people Gino can trust are Jacey and Kyle and everyone else is a pathological liar. Gino asks who he does not want to see go home and he says Summer and Tynesha. Gino says winter or summer destination and Kyle says Aruba and Gino says oof. Kevin says Gino is laughing and having a good time so maybe he will be safe this week. Jess is next in to see Gino and Gino says Jess is a very good player and someone who can get in people's heads. Jess says they would nominate Gino the next week and he says his trust is really low right now because he felt like he got played. Jess says if Gino wants to play with gamers and he feels like they are a threat then get them out of here, but they are not a threat to Gino. Gino asks Jess what they would do without toilet paper and clothes to clean themselves. Tynesha feels like Gino is quiet and observant and she does not know where she stands with him. Tynesha does not feel like she is a huge threat right now and there are bigger fish to fry. He asks why she deserves to be here and she says she has been through a lot. Tynesha talks about her daughter and her being a single mom. She wants to take this opportunity to provide for her daughter and she has just had it hard. She says she just poured her heart out to Gino and hopefully that will keep her safe this week. Gino takes Josh to Wendy's and he has a message from Sarah the Season three winner. Gino did not watch season three and he has no idea who Sarah is. She tells him to trust his gut and do not overthink things and do not count anyone out. Gino wants to know where Josh's head is at in the game. Gino wants to know what happened this week because it was obviously super messy and if he had been HoH he would not have done that. Josh says he has no hard feelings towards him and Jacey. Gino says Josh is not on his radar anytime soon and Josh says maybe day 40 and Gino says it would be nice to make it that far. Betty and Kevin are talking and she says Kevin is growing on her. She finds him a nice person and he has a big heart. Betty says someone told her that Kevin would be a great father and she says it was Marty. Kevin says that is a high compliment. Betty says he can have rugrats run around and make them eggs and Kevin is emotional. Betty is close to her dad. Marty says after turning his back on Gino he cannot look him in the eyes. He does not regret his decision but it sucks turning your back on friends. Marty tells Kevin he is not going to talk to Gino because he knows he is going on the block. Kevin says last week he convinced Marty to flip and vote out Steph but now he needs Marty to relax. Marty does not want to throw anyone under the bus and Kevin says his heart is too big for this game and he needs to understand he can lie for the game. Marty says he still respects Gino and maybe there is a chance they can fix things so they will talk. Marty says he wants to play with his head but his heart is taking over. Gino says he thought they were super tight and it hurt when he found out Marty flipped. Gino says he just wonders if Marty would flip now, what would he do later. He tells him he will be on the block and he wanted to tell him face to face and Marty says no worries. He appreciates the chat and he will just have to fight to get off or campaign for votes. Summer is talking to Tynesha and Hermon and they are talking about who might be nominated. Summer says Marty will be and Hermon is surprised and says he must be cheesed. Hermon leaves and Tynesha thinks she might be on the block next to Marty. Gino is talking to Kyle and he says he is guilty by association and he tells him not to stress about it. Kyle asks if he would put Hermon up and Gino says they had a good talk and he does not feel threatened by him. Kyle says he and Hermon butted heads and Jacey joins them. Gino says obviously Marty is going up and the second nominee is Tynesha because she has mentioned his name before. But he is still not sure who to put up next to Marty. Gino says Jess could be a nominee as well because they can get in people's ears and change their minds. Gino says he has no specific target. Jacey thinks Marty is a super-smart move and not to make the same mistake Kyle did. It is time for the nomination ceremony! Gino's first nominee is...Marty. His second nominee is... Jess. He nominated Marty because on the game side he feels backstabbed and disrespected. He nominated Jess because they are a smart and strong player. Marty says he is fully OK with being nominated because he would have done the same thing, but his speech went over the line. Jess says it makes no sense why Gino is gunning for them and they are going to win that veto.

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