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Previously on Big Brother Canada, when a blindside to evict Steph gathered steam, Marty joined in with the house against this ally. The shocking outcome sent hurricane Kyle's head spinning. Then at a high-stakes HoH competition Gino came out on top. With alarm bells sounding throughout the house, Gino kept his cool and gathered intel. Then he jacked up the heat on his prime targets and at the nomination ceremony, Gino extinguished hope for Jess and Marty. Tonight, with the Veto on the line, can Jess or Marty unwrap the gift of safety? Will Gino have a Backdoor encore? It's Deja Vu all over again on Big Brother Canada! We pick up after the nomination ceremony on Day 21 and Gino put Jess and Marty on the block and he feels backstabbed by Marty and that sends a message to the house. Marty is so angry but a lot of things happened that led to that. He says the words disrespect and backstabbed hurt him. He cannot believe they went from ride or die to this in one week. Jess says this is their second time on the block and it sucks. They say it just shows that Gino wants them gone and it will be an uphill climb but they will strap on the hiking boots and get to it. Marty is talking with Kevin when Gino enters and Marty says he needs a minute. Kevin asks if he wants to be alone and Marty says no he just did not want to talk to Gino and he is fired up. He says bring it. Marty says if Kyle had run his HoH the right way things would have been fine. He says he is fired up to go right now and he is winning that freaking PoV. Gino asks Summer what she thinks of the nominees and she says she was hoping for someone else. Summer says she and Gino have talked game since day one and they have kept the communication going and she is not afraid to let him know what is good. She says her loyalty is towards Marty and Gino says he was just really hurt. He hopes Marty wins PoV. Gino says he does not have a specific target because Marty and Jess are good competitors and he is expecting one of them to come down and he is ready to put the next move on the board. Betty says Kyle's HoH is still looming around the house and she thinks Gino is trying to distance himself from but he should have just put Kyle up. Jess is there with Josh and they say to Betty it is annoying that there is a highlighter over their name. Jess goes to talk to Marty and tells him there is a plate of dinner and he does not want it. Jess joins Marty and so does Josh. Marty says he is so upset because of the words Gino used in his nomination speech in front of Canada. Josh wants to calm Marty down and he says he can win veto tomorrow and come off the block. Marty says he appreciates it. Marty asks if he gets HGs choice if Josh would play and Josh says they have to keep it quiet so people do not think they are working together. It is Day 22 and the HGs are eating and chatting. Gino goes to talk to Marty and says he thinks Marty is mad because of what he said at the ceremony and he did not think it was that harsh. He says he just wants to keep people on their toes. Marty says he would have done the exact same thing as putting him on the block, but he wishes he had chosen other words in front of Canada. He says if it was for show then Gino should have given a heads up and he hurt him in the heart with his words. Marty says his words with personal and he tells Gino now that he is going after him, he is going after Kyle, and he is going after Jacey-Lynne. He says he does not even want to be in the game anymore and he is miserable. Gino apologizes to Marty and they hug. Gino says in this house you have to keep in mind what is happening but it is tough because they are human and personal feelings are involved. He did not want to see Marty that low. It is not sitting well with him. It is time to pick players for the PoV! Marty gets HGs choice and he selects Summer. Jess spins and gets HGs choice and they select Tynesha. Gino spins and gets Haleena. Marty tells the camera he could not hope for a better player selection than that. He says the only one he will really have to beat is Jess because they are fighting for their life as well. Jess and Marty are talking and Jess thinks Gino would not care if they were evicted just based on the speech. Marty is just concentrating on not walking out of the house and Jess says they understand. Tynesha, Summer, and Josh are celebrating that Tynesha gets to play in the PoV. She says Jess picking her is the perfect opportunity to keep herself safe because she knows Gino considered nominating her. Betty gives them advice on getting hydrated. Summer is talking to Moose and Tynesha and Summer wants to know the replacement nominee before she would use it. Moose says maybe make a deal that involves Kyle going on the block. Summer says that could work because she already proposed it. Jess is not sure if they are the target so they want to talk to Gino. Jess is trying to figure out where Gino's head is at and he says if one of them comes down he does have a backup plan. He says if one of them comes down, either Betty or Tynesha will go up. The HGs head to the backyard and the veto is Christmas-themed. Their reindeer will send a present down a conveyor and they will use them to stack horizontally against a large present. If they drop a present, they are eliminated. The last one standing wins PoV! Jess says this PoV is very important to them because Gino made it clear they were a threat to his game. Marty says if he does not win this competition he truly believes he is going home. He really feels like he is fighting for his life. Jess says there is a level of difficulty involved because you have to be strategic about how you stack things. The HGs are doing shoutouts. Their next present is extra special because they hold a letter from home. If they want the letter they have to add it to their stack or they can let it pass by and get no letter but stay in the game. Tynesha says it is so important to guarantee her safety. She wants to hear from home so bad but that extra box could cause her trouble. She pauses on the gift and gets emotional and lets it pass by. Haleena also lets hers pass by. Tynesha is very upset. The next gift arrives and Summer is struggling a bit. Haleena is also struggling. Next is a treat they can enjoy if they want. It is milk and cookies. Summer takes the snack. Tynesha eats the cookies. Haleena's treat goes past. They are an hour and 34 minutes in. Next, the HGs have to choose between a small present or a big present. Tynesha picks the small one and almost drops. Jess picks the big present hoping it will make the stack sturdier and give her more space to move. The next gift arrives and several HGs are struggling. Summer drops her stack but she gets her letter. Haleena is trying to get her present in and she drops as well. That leaves Marty, Jess, and Tynesha each with eight boxes. The next gift arrives and Jess is struggling to get the present in and so is Tynesha. Tynesha is fighting hard to win this but her legs are shaking and she says her whole body is going. The next present is on the conveyor. Tynesha and Jess are struggling and Marty seems to be pretty solid. Tynesha drops and she is out and emotional. Jess is still struggling and it has been one hour and 55 minutes. Marty says he is proud of Jess. Marty cannot believe it is down to the two nominees again. The 11th present arrives and the HGs are encouraging them. Both are struggling to get the gift in. Jess has it but their stack is wobbly. Marty has his in. Jess is struggling and drops. Marty has won PoV! Marty says this is one happy elf! He says he needed this so bad and he is so proud of himself. It feels so good. The HGs all head inside and Jess is alone and emotional and says they are so screwed. They say Gino is smiling and he is thrilled. Gino says he is relieved Marty won PoV but he does not just want the options he had before the competition. He says it is hard to be HoH but he has to do what is best for his game. Kevin is giving Marty a hug and Kyle gives him a hug too. Marty says that guy is done. Marty tells Kevin that is his target next week. Marty is talking in the storage room to Gino and says he wants to rebuild trust with him and he says he will not backstab him again. Gino says he respects Marty and he is a good person and he could work with Marty going forward. Marty asks Gino what he is thinking for a replacement nominee and Gino says maybe Betty. They are going to play up they are still mad at each other. Summer says there is still time before renominations to get through to Gino and she wants to make sure Tynesha is not the replacement nominee. Summer says she assumes Jess is the target and Gino says he is not sure about who will be the replacement nominee. Summer says Gino needs to know that as long as he is aligned with Kyle his game is ruined. Summer says everyone has said Kyle is a target and Summer says if Gino went the disassociation route it would be better for his game and he would have the numbers. Gino says he has some talking to people and a decision to make. He thanks Summer for her input and she leaves. Kyle is going to talk to Gino and he says he is going to kick his feet back because he needs to regroup this week. Kyle says he can still get in Gino's head and guide him. Gino says he is going to stick with the plan. Kyle suggests Moose as a replacement nominee and most people would be OK with that. Gino says he cannot believe Kyle is suggesting Moose right now. Gino says he does not want a messy week and he does not want to make things worse. Kyle says if he gets nominated, then Gino will be on the block next to him. Kyle thinks Gino making a big move would be great on his resume. Gino is talking to Marty about him being a target because of his association with Kyle and if they are on the block together and Kyle comes off, that leaves Gino vulnerable. He pitches disassociating himself and maybe putting Kyle on the block. Marty tells Gino he thinks that could be a good move and Gino says this could let people know he is alone. He says this could open a lot of doors for him but it is a tough decision. Gino calls Kyle aside and he says he needs to be straight up and he says he has a huge target painted on his back because of him. He says everyone in the house is after Kyle and he says he thinks he has to put him on the block. Kyle says he did not think it was that bad and Gino says he cannot have relationships with anyone in the house because he is aligned with Kyle. He says this is strictly game. Kyle says if he goes up, then he goes home. Kyle says it is a house consensus? And Gino tells him yeah, everyone wants Kyle out. Gino needs to go and plan a speech and what he wants to stay. It is time for the Veto Ceremony! Marty has decided to use the PoV on himself. Marty says in Gino's speech he used two words that hurt him and he will use a saying his daughter uses at sucks to suck. Gino must now name a replacement nominee and he selects Kyle. He says last week was really messy and it has impeded his game and he has no choice but to nominate Kyle. Tynesha says thank God it was not her. Summer says Gino used his big beautiful brain and did what he needed to do. Moose says well, well, well, looks who's on the block now Kyle. Gino is giving him goosebumps!

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