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Previously, on Big Brother Canada, when HoH Gino nominated Jess and his backstabbing buddy for eviction, Marty lost his cool, but Gino's heart was still warm for his pal. Then at the frosty veto competition, Marty finally stopped crying over spilt milk and the two nominees went box to box with Marty hanging on for the best present of all. With Gino on the hunt for a replacement nominee, it seemed like Betty would be his likely prey. But then, Summer planted the seed of all seeds and Gino did a total one-eighty and zeroed on his ride or die as the target. Tonight, who will be the next HGs evicted, Jess or Kyle? And who will pick up the BBCAN hotline? It's a game of phones on Big Brother Canada! Arisa welcomes us and we pick up after the PoV ceremony. Hermon says Gino put up Kyle and he cannot believe what he is seeing and the only thing he is upset about is he did not get to do it first. Gino says he had to do what is best for his game and Kyle had put a huge target on his back. Jess feels more confident about their chances to stay this week with this nomination. Kyle says he is not shocked because Gino told him before the veto ceremony, but it is game time. It is time to compete and he only has one person to beat and that is Jess. Betty, Summer, and Moose are celebrating that Gino listened to Summer and that Kyle is on the block. They are a winner baby! Josh says it is good to know that Kyle is going to get a taste of his own medicine with the backdoor move. Moose says putting him on the block was the worst decision Kyle could have made. Look at what is happening now. Betty tells Gino that it was what was best for his game to listen to everyone in the house. Betty does not think Gino realizes how epic this move is. Gino says he put two of his best friends on the block this week and Betty asks if he thinks Marty will still come after him. Gino is not sure. Betty says he is an undercover smart guy and Gino says he is just an idiot with a plan. Betty says Gino is underestimated. They are worried about Kyle campaigning and he could try and blow Jess's game up. Jess says they have been working with Kevin since day one but they are not sure it has been reciprocated. Kevin and Jess are talking about trusting each other and Kevin says he can be sketchy sometimes. Jess says they need to start talking a little because people might be thinking them disliking each other is a ruse. Kyle is talking to Gino and Kyle says it hurts being backdoored by his ride or die in week four. He says Gino made a game decision and he respects him for that. Kyle says he wants to stay in the house and he needs to distance himself from Gino and Jacey. Kyle is asking Gino if it benefits his game that Kyle distances himself from them because the HGs could see that there is a rift between them. They talk about Marty pushing for the way last week happened and Kyle says he is starting to feel more like himself. Jacey says they have been hanging out all season in the Expedia room wondering what was behind the doors. They are finally in and it is a beach room and everyone is checking it out. They all get flip-flops and Haleena says she cannot believe she discovered the room. Kyle is talking to Haleena in the HoH room and Kyle wants to give her the entire play-by-play of last week. Haleena says she felt like he was talking down to her and he mistook her kindness for weakness. Kyle says she is correct to feel that way. Kyle says he was sharing information with her and she just seemed to be taking it in. Haleena says he was not giving her info and sharing, she felt like a side thing that does not matter and she was being told what to do and not included. Kyle promises Haleena he will show her with actions things are better and his target is Marty going forward and he would love to actually work with her. They hug it out and Haleena leaves. Jess is talking to Jacey about Kyle's terrible HoH and Jacey says Kyle is a very strategic player and he acts as he cares about people more than he actually does. She says Kyle acts like they are all chess pieces. Jess says they feel like a punching bag. Jacey or Gino were targets for them. Jess says Kyle's HoH was just so messy and Jacey says terribly messy and he is going to fight to stay. Summer is talking to Marty and Haleena and they are talking about the Civil Rights movement and how Summer has experienced life. Summer said she had to learn her skin color first before she could learn to love herself. Marty says that was hard to hear. Marty says he is from a small village that is not very diverse and Marty says he heard all the derogatory words and it was just acceptable, but now he has to handle derogatory words and he wants to put an end to it. Summer says it is important to unlearn some habits. Summer says it has been pretty easy this weekend but because they broke some rules they have had to deal with slop and cold showers. Jacey and Josh are being fed by Hermon and Moose says this is what the house does to you. Hermon says he followed the recipe. Some of the HGs are talking and a phone rings and everyone runs for it and Josh answers the phone. It is someone who cannot believe they discovered the number to the house and they are going to post it on Social Media. The phone rings and the HGs run for it and it is for Marty and he is put on hold with elevator music and everyone sits around waiting. They are on hold for a minute and eventually, it is just Marty alone after 24 minutes and he finally hangs up. The phone rings and Kevin answers this time and he is asked if he likes spaghetti and he has to sit in a pool of spaghetti and it is all over him; Jess says that is pure performance art and the funniest thing they have ever seen with their own two eyes. They are dying. Moose reads a message and everyone answered every call so Big Brother has stocked the pantry and they are all officially off slop for the week. They celebrate and Jacey says tears are in her eyes because this is the best day of her life. Kyle is walking around the HoH and he says in this game when your back is against the wall there is an element to fight. During his HoH he thought he knew what was going on and this week everything is backward but anything could happen. Kyle says he is in the BB Canada house fulfilling a dream and playing a game he adores and respects and he is so grateful. He says this is not the end. It is never the end. He says he can not believe the growth he experiences from being in the game. Jess is rubbing Haleena's shoulders and Betty comes in, Betty asks Jess if they are still campaigning and Jess says they never really were. Betty says you are that confident? Jess says no, he just wants Kyle to sink himself and some HGs have promised their vote. Jess says Kyle is running around and Jess is just trying to fight any fires Kyle sets. Jess asks Betty how they should feel and she says, "worried." Jess says they cannot control if people break their promises and they are not going to worry about. Jacey and Gino are talking and Jacey is making sure Gino is still good with Kyle going home. Gino says yes he is 98% for sure going home. Jacey says you never know what is going on and last week proved that. She hopes Kyle does go home this week. Kyle wants to talk to Hermon. Kyle says Hermon is not his biggest fan but talking to him is crucial to stay in this house. He tells him he is an unrestricted free agent. Kyle says Jess has continuously gained agency with a bunch of HGs and he is on the outs. Kyle says Hermon will have to take shots at the jury eventually and he has to be careful. Kyle says Marty is his number one target and Hermon says yeah because of him flipping on the vote. Kyle says as long as he is around he will always be a target because of last week. Kyle says his talk with Hermon went well and maybe he has a fighting chance. He says Canada should not give up on him. He says he has an uphill battle ahead of him but he is going to fight. Hermon tells Kyle he gave him some things to think about. It is time for the live vote and eviction! Kyle thanks the HGs for being part of the most transformative days of his life and he wants people who are struggling with mental health to know they are loved and not alone. Jess says this strange little alien landed on this planet with these amazing humans and they adapted with their help and they would love to continue through the wild environment with them but if not they will jump on their ship and ride off like a bright star. It is time to vote! Kevin votes to evict Kyle. Jacey votes to evict Kyle. Haleena votes to evict Kyle. Josh votes to evict Kyle. The vote is 4-0 with Kyle being evicted but there are still 6 HGs left to vote. Voting continues. Betty votes to evict Kyle. Summer votes to evict Kyle. Moose votes to evict Kyle. Tynesha sadly votes to evict Kyle. Marty sadly votes to evict his brother from New Brunswick, Kyle. Hermon votes to evict Kyle. By a unanimous vote of 10-0, Kyle has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house. Kyle tells Gino he is glad if it was anyone that it was him. As Kyle left the house, he played a game of truth, naming two things that were true and one lie. His third item was he came into the house with a secret task if he made it to Jury but now that he's gone, it's back in play and the clue to the task is "12. Good luck!" Kyle tells Arisa he got bit by the paranoia bug and he wants to see if anyone else will get bit by it. Arisa asks how he is feeling and he says he got to play the game he loves and he was thankful to be a part of it. Arisa says he experienced the highest of highs and lowest of lows and Kyle says he overestimated how he was viewing things and he stopped communicating and that is where he went wrong. Arisa asks who he thinks will win and Kyle says he will give four names and he says Jacey, Gino, Jess, and Josh. Hermon says he hates to see Kyle go but he loves to watch him leave. He tried to play him like a pawn and now here is a taste of his own medicine. Josh says it sucks to see him go but he warned him putting him up was bad for his game. Betty says Kyle insulted her intelligence and underestimated her game. Summer says it was a pleasure to meet him and there is a better tomorrow. Marty says he is sad the way things went but he is glad to have met him. It is time for the new HoH! On go, the house will run through the house and race to figure out which doors are unlocked and study what is behind each door. They will have four minutes to study and then return for some questions. Who is ready to play Legend of the Doors. Arisa tells us there are five Big Brother Canada Legends behind the BB doors. We will find out Monday who won HoH and veto will be played on Wednesday. Arisa starts their four minutes and the HGs open a door and they are excited.

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