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Previously, on Big Brother Canada, after Summer turned up the heat on HoH Gino, the fireman backdoored his buddy and the move meant sunny skies for Summer. Eviction vote looming, Kyle struggled to rebuild his burnt bridges.

Meanwhile, Jess used their campaign to strengthen bonds since they knew their standing in the house was on the ropes. But on eviction night, the season's first unanimous vote confirmed that Kyle was KO'd and Jess lived to fight another day.

Tonight, in a legendary battle for HoH power, who will get starstruck, and who will blow up the house next? The hits just keep on coming on Big Brother Canada! We pick up watching Kyle being evicted by a unanimous vote. It is Day 27 and Gino says it was the hardest thing to watch Kyle leave but it was the best move for his game. Now he has to build new relationships and move forward. Summer says she is feeling good and great because Kyle walked out the doors and she is going to take credit because she campaigned for two days to get that move to happen. She says you do not have to be HoH to get things done and she will work behind the scenes. Jess says it feels great to have survived the block, but she knows people were not voting to save her but to evict Kyle. She says she really needs to win this HoH to get some solid footing in the game. We pick up at the HoH competition! Arisa says the HGs will run through the house and discover which doors have been unlocked and they have to study what is behind the doors and remember it. They have four minutes to study and then return to their podium. Arisa gives the go and the HGs rush inside. Victoria is in there standing and Betty is excited. Sindy is there but Hermon says she is pretty but he has to read the bubbles. Jedson is there and Moose is excited and trying to memorize the pose. Godfrey is there and Jess says it is wild to see these beautiful players. Moose says Anthony is THICK! He starts to memorize things. Summer went back to door 13 four times just to see Jedson. There is one minute left. Josh tells Spicy V they love her. The HGs return to the backyard for the HoH competition questions. Hermon did not even go to look at the Spicy V door and he only went to four. Question 1-True or False: Anthony was surrounded by blue, green, white, and yellow balls. Everyone answers false except Summer. False is the correct answer. Question 2-True or False: Jedson was holding a duffel bag in his left hand. Everyone answers true except Betty and Summer. The answer is True. Question 3-True or False: Godfrey was behind door #7? Everyone answers true except Betty. The correct answer is true. Question 4-True or False: Victoria had her hands raised in the air. Everyone answers false except Hermon. The correct answer is false. Question 5-True or False: The background behind Sindy featured moons and planets. Everyone answers false except Kevin. The correct answer is false. Question 6-True or False: Jedson was behind a green door. Everyone answers true except Moose Betty and Haleena. The correct answer is true. Jess, Tynesha, Marty, Josh, and Jacey have not missed a question. Question 7-True or False: The word nominate was used in one of the speech bubbles surrounding Sindy. Josh, Jess, and Jacey are in a three-way tie after this question and go to a tiebreaker. Tiebreaker question: How many balloons were used in the Power Poppers 2.0 PoV competition? Jacey wants safety for herself and Gino and she wants to shake up the house. Jacey answers 200, Jess answers 1,111, and Josh answers 400. Jess wins HoH! The HGs head inside and want to see if the former HGs are still there. Jess says this was a pivotal win and it could change the game. This could be a very important week. Jess says being HoH grants them the opportunity to see people's true colors and it forces people to talk to them. Hermon says he got the Spicy V question wrong. Hermon says this is NOT good for his game. He absolutely blew it. Jess says Big Brother feels like high school. It feels like they are the nerd trying to find a lunch table to sit at. Now that they are HoH they have a shiny new table with a bunch of seats and hopefully people will want to bring their lunch trays over their way. Hermon says Jess winning HoH is terrible for his game and he is probably going on the block this week because he put them up the first week and has been saying their name a lot. Hermon tells Tynesha they cannot lock in a win because Jess and Marty are in the finals. Hermon says it is bonkers they cannot get a win. Summer comes in and Hermon asks why she is throwing competitions. Hermon loves working with Summer and Tynesha but he needs them to take winning as seriously as he does. Summer says you cannot bring sexy guys into the house and expect them to concentrate. Tynesha and Summer laugh about how sexy the guys were. Hermon says his game is in jeopardy and Summer is laughing because there are sexy guys behind the doors! Play the game!!! Who wants to see Jess's HoH room?!? Jess has pictures of their cat and their significant other John. Jess reads their letter and then models their new outfit. Kevin says he is Jess's number one but they are not his but he is going to make them think that. Jess and Kevin are talking about the HG. Kevin says Summer is throwing every single competition and is probably playing the best game. Jess wants to dissect the dynamics of the game and they can do that with Kevin. Jess thinks about putting up Gino and Hermon because they both put them up. Kevin says this is the perfect opportunity to bring in the showmance close and go after Jess's enemies. Jess is open to that and they are capable of winning the competition. Jess says they do not have to dive into an alliance, but maybe start wading in the waters with Jacey and Gino. Kevin says if at any point he feels like he is not supporting them to let him know because it is going to be a long week. Jess is talking to Jacey and she tells Jess they are badass. Jess says they are going to try and make sure Jacey sees value in a potential alliance with them. Jacey says Gino is worried but he is worried if he can repair a relationship. Jacey throws out Hermon and Tynesha. Jess says they heard that Moose and Hermon have thrown out their name. Jacey tells Jess one more time good job and says they have a big day ahead of them. Hermon says he and Jess have not had the best relationship but he is going to do his due diligence but he is NEVER going to beg. Jess says they offered an olive branch several times and he hasn't really accepted it. Hermon says he is like an onion and Jess says you are stinky? He says no, there are lots of layers to him and he says he thinks he is a strong player and he can benefit them down the road. Jess asks if Hermon sees value in working together and Hermon says yeah because he wants to align with strong players and he absolutely thinks Jess has proven they are that. Moose says it is no secret that he has said Jess's name so many times and Jess wants to give him a chance to convince them they would not have been on his hit list. Moose says Jess is seen as a big powerful player. Jess says if they do not put Moose up then other HGs might question why. Jess says they know people did not vote to keep them, but to get Kyle out and they think Moose has a big target on his back and that makes him valuable to them. Jess is HoH and they are trying to throw Moose a bone but he is not helping them and responding much so they can put things together and see if they can work with each other. Moose says the block is calling and says do not worry, he will be right there. Moose is talking to Hermon, Summer, and Tynesha and says it will be rocky waters this week. He says he has been throwing Jess's name out every week and they are all laughing. He says he has to laugh because he is definitely in hot water right now. Jess is taking Summer to Wendy's because she is connected socially and she wants uninterrupted time. Jess goes to get the food and their message is from Nick the winner of Season four and Phil the winner of Season 4. They are rooting for them. Jess asks Summer who she feels worried about and she says, Hermon. Summer says she is sort of working with Hermon but she does not really trust him so Jess can do whatever they want. Summer's goal is to take every man down and Jess can take the smoke. Jess says at this point they are pretty set on nominating Moose and Hermon but they want to give them a chance to change their mind or give them the respect of knowing they will be nominated. Jess goes to talk to Moose first and he says he did consistently mention as someone who was strong and Jess asks who they should put up. Moose says Kevin and Betty because they cannot fight for Jess in the long term and Moose says this leaves a sour taste in his mouth. Jess goes to talk to Hermon and Hermon says he expected it. Jess says people told them they would have been a target for Hermon if he had won and they ask if that is true and Hermon says no but he is not going to say anything else about his game. Jess says Hermon does not want to offer any information and it sounds like they were going to be on the block if Hermon had won. Hermon says he does not have to tell Jess anything about his game if he is going on the block. Jess leaves and Hermon is heated. Moose goes to tell Kevin that he threw his name out. He says he does not want to target Kevin and Betty but he would not have targeted them but he offered them up to Jess to get Jess out of his face. He thinks he is cool with Kevin and now he has to find Betty. Jess is talking to Betty and telling her about their conversation with Moose. Betty says it is messed up that Moose would say she is not doing anything. Betty does not want to call him out and create drama and she says that is so annoying. She hopes Moose goes home. Betty says she is going to make sure everyone in the house knows Moose is a snake and they do not need alpha males in the house. Jess says they are not down with what Moose said and does not want Betty to worry. Betty knows Jess told her to keep this information to herself and she cannot keep her mouth shut when she sees Moose in the kitchen and she calls him out. She says she tries her best every day and it makes her mad that Moose said she does not deserve to be there. Betty tells Moose not to pitch her name because it is rude and she will not stand for it. She does not want to talk to him either. Moose says he is sorry and he tries to talk but Betty keeps talking over him. Moose wants to know if she wants a conversation. Betty does not want to have a conversation with Moose because she does not want to hear any excuse he has. Moose says OK Betty. Marty tells Jess about the Betty and Moose conversation and Jess says Betty is too emotional and she should not have done that. Jess says they should not have had the conversation with Moose and Hermon and then they would not have had to have the conversation with Betty which lead to all that. Jess says they have to do a better job of keeping their mouth shut. Jess says they have been on the outs and the nominees have not made any effort. They are a Taurus and if you wave red flags in their face, they will stab you with the horns. It is time for nominations! Jess's first nominee is...Hermon. Their second nominee is...Moose. Jess nominated Hermon because they put their life on the line in week one and they offered an olive branch and he has done nothing but step all over it. Jess nominated Moose because they have great personal conversations but only dip their feet in game-wise. They wish them luck. Jess says they both made a mockery of the nomination ceremony and that is disrespectful. Hermon says of course he did not accept their olive branch because Jess has no value in his game so, of course, he trampled all over it. Moose says Jess did not do damage. He is going to repair his relationship with Betty, blow up Jess's game, and win the veto.

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