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We pick up after the nomination ceremony on Day 28 and Jess has nominated Moose and Hermon and they think the theatrics were unnecessary. It has been 28 days of disrespect for them. They have two targets and either can go. Moose says he knew he was going up and it was the right decision for Jess's game and it was a smart game move. But he does not like that Jess ran to Betty and told her what he said and inflated his words. That was not cool. Moose, Betty, and Josh are in the beach room and Moose changes his mind and says he would like to talk to them after dinner and leaves. Betty asks Josh if she is in the wrong for confronting him and Josh says he does not think so. Hermon says Jess said he stomped on the olive branch they offered and Moose got a "good luck winning the veto." But he is not going to let Jess get to him. Tynesha comes in and says is that it's clear who the target is? Hermon says I guess and Jess will never lessen his shine. Jess asks Josh if anyone will hang out with them and they go into the beach room and talk to Betty. Jess says they wish they had not told Moose and Hermon they were going to be nominated. Josh says it is not easy. Haleena joins them and Jess does not want to be nice. Betty says Jess does not have to be nice and they can move on. Josh says his place in the house is complicated. He is working with everyone. He has a Final Two deal with Jess, Marty, Hermon, and Betty. He says he makes people feel good and that is why people trust him. Hermon is talking to Josh and Hermon asks if Jess is upset and Josh says yeah, they felt like their theatrics were disrespectful. Hermon says it is his moment because he was nominated and that was his walk. He is excited to play and he has prepared for this. Summer is working with quite a few people, but since Jess is HoH the alliance that is most important to her game is the Siblings and it includes Betty, Jess, Haleena, and Tynesha. Summer and Betty are talking about the alliance being real. Summer says the Siblings are not a strong, strong alliance but she is clinging to it for her life because Jess is HoH and she has to do what she has to do. Jess comes in and Summer says she wanted to have a siblings talk and they want to make sure communication is open. Summer and Jess talk about how they see value in each other and make it as far as they can as a collecting. Jess says it is silly how enamored everyone in the house is when someone gets a little power and Kevin has shown them they are his number one. Jess and Kevin are talking about who has the votes. Jess says Moose's unpredictability is predictable. He wears his emotions on his sleeve. Kevin thinks it is awesome that Jess is HoH because he has a massive amount of influence on the game. Kevin says Hermon has great relationships with everyone in the house except him and Jess and he wants Hermon gone. Jess says it is to their advantage that Hermon goes. Kevin would rather send Hermon home. Moose is talking to Betty and he asks if Summer was a good bedmate and she says don't talk to her. She gets up and grabs some stuff and leaves. Moose says Betty is pretty upset. He says Betty do not be sad, let's just be friends again. Gino is talking to Moose and he asks if Moose is ready to play. Hermon comes in and Moose wants to know what he is thinking about choices. Hermon says he has some ideas but no one has promised to use it. Both Moose and Hermon are thinking of Gino and he says he is down to play and they ask him to leave. Hermon does not think picking Gino is the best move and Hermon asks about Josh. Moose is OK with that. Hermon says Josh winning would be best for his game. It is time to pick players for the PoV competition! Hermon spins for Jacey-Lynne. Moose spins HGs choice and picks Josh. Josh is surprised because he would never use the veto on him. Jess spins and it lands on Marty. Jess and Josh are talking in the HoH and Jess says Moose is up to his tricks picking him for the veto. Josh says he is in a tricky spot because he is working with both Hermon and Jess. Josh thinks the house would be OK with him keeping nominations the same. Josh says the best way for him to keep relationships good is to win veto and not use it. It keeps him in good with Jess and even though he would not save Hermon, he thinks he could save him from being evicted. Hermon is in the storage room and Jess goes to get something and they tell him they wish him the best of luck and they tell him how they felt about his theatrics. Hermon makes a face and brushes it off and says get out of here. Should not have come in here. Hermon says Jess does not need to talk to him. They got him excited and pissed and they have not seen beast mode Hermon yet. He gets up and takes a few jabs in the air and hypes himself up. The backyard has a winner's showmance and the competition is called Thrill of the Fight. They will have to search all the racks for all three of their designer items and then get dressed. Then they have to find the 9 items that match their price tags and put it on the display. The first HGs to complete all these tasks will win a $5000 gift card to Winners and the PoV! Moose says he needs to win this and he wants to pull himself off the block again. Josh says he knows winning will put him in a tricky spot but he needs to win. Hermon says this PoV is massive and he knows he is the target. He wants to take himself off the block, but this PoV lineup is stacked. If he wants to be the best, he needs to beat the best. Jacey says it is so difficult because you have to go through racks of clothing. Hermon is the first to start getting dressed. He has to find the items that match the prices on his stands and he finds the first item. He has a second item. Hermon has a third item and then the rest of his items. Josh is still looking for his clothes. Hermon is using his pole to balance everything on the pedestal and he says it is way harder than it looks. Moose has his clothes and he is getting dressed and he says Hermon has a huge lead and he needs to kick it up another gear. Hermon is still in first place. He has his first of nine items placed. Everyone is dressed and getting items. Moose has his first item placed. Josh has all nine of his items with Marty not far behind. Hermon places his second of 9 items. Marty now has two items placed. Moose gets his second item placed. Jacey is still looking for her clothing items and she finally finds it and gets dressed. She is now looking for her items. She is not even looking at price tags, but grabbing what everyone else has. She is back in the game. All 9 items have to be balancing on the pedestals with the matching price tags. Marty is in the lead, but then one of his falls. He has three items placed. Jacey almost had her first placed but it falls. Moose says the last part is difficult because the pole is so long. Hermon has four items, then five. Josh has five items. Josh places his sixth item with Hermon right behind. Josh places his seventh item and Hermon knocks one off. Moose has two items placed. Jess really needs Josh to pull this off. Josh places his eighth item. Josh is working on his final item and it falls. Hermon is placing his sixth item and he has three to go. Hermon places seven quickly and Josh drops his last item again. Hermon places his eighth item and him and Josh are on the last item and it is the same one. Josh is close and so is Hermon. Hermon has his last item and he has won the PoV! Hermon says thank you for letting me play the PoV Jess and he wins 5k too? The HGs head back inside and Jess says that looked really hard. They say Hermon winning is not ideal because they wanted him to go and now they have to figure out what to do. They need to figure out who will go up that will ruffle the least amount of feathers. Kevin says he knows he is safe but he knows Jess's entire game and he is concerned about his number one, Haleena hitting the block. He says way back in week 1 they formed a Final Two alliance. They call themselves "The Ghosts" because no one sees them. Kevin and Haleena are talking in the storage room about a replacement nomination and Betty comes in and asks what they are scheming about and they play it off. Kevin says they need to talk later. Tynesha asks Jess where their head is at for the next phase of the game and Jess says they need Moose to go. Summer is there and they are trying to figure out how to make it work sibling-wise. Summer says she respects whatever Jess wants to do. Jess says they are talking through scenarios and Tynesha says they need to consider what the blowback might be. Tynesha suggests Kevin or Haleena as a replacement nominee Summer throws out Jacey and Tynesha does not think Haleena would hold it against Jess. Haleena says because of Kevin she knows she could be a replacement nominee so she has to put in the work to make sure she is safe. Jess tells her they need Moose to go home and Haleena promises to vote out Moose but if she goes up it could be a gamble. Haleena suggests Betty, Tynesha, and Summer, and Haleena tells Jess she thinks they have a thing and she says she is part of something with them but feels like she is at the bottom. Haleena thinks Tynesha is the best option because they could repair that relationship. Tynesha says even though she is in the Sibling alliance with Jess she has a feeling she could hit the block. So she has to put in the work to keep herself off the block. She talks to Jess and Jess says Tynesha is beloved and it might be a good choice against Moose. Tynesha suggests putting Haleena up because they only lose Haleena. If she goes up then Jess loses the siblings, and if she puts up Jacey then they lose Gino and Marty. Jess says if Haleena went she would feel bad but the house would not seem to care. Jess and Kevin are talking and Jess says if they put Tynesha up the house could flip. Jess says maybe Haleena should be a nominee. Kevin says he knows that is best for Jess's game, but it is not best for his game and that cannot happen. Kevin says Haleena is someone who respects Jess and it feels like Jess is forgetting who wanted to work with them before they were HoH. Jess says they are feeling like they are being pulled in different directions and they have no idea what they are going to do. It is time for the veto ceremony! Hermon has decided to use the PoV on...himself. Jess must name a replacement nominee. Jess says this game is not easy and they need this to be successful and they nominate...Tynesha. Tynesha says Jess did not want to be on an island and then they did this? Enjoy that island. Moose says he is sad at sitting next to Tynesha but he can use his words. Kevin says now he just needs to decide who will go home this week.

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