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Previously, on Big Brother Canada, Josh as HoH kept Haleena and Kevin safe and put up his number one ally Betty. This put Betty into a frenzy, but she survived the block another time and Marty and Summer joined Gino in the jury. The night was set for an iconic HoH competition.

With her game on the line Betty shredded her past and came through with a clutch HoH win, and Josh was in for a rocky ride with Petty Betty at the wheel. Then, Kevin went to work to ensure the ghosts would not touch the block. Tonight, which two HGs will Petty Betty blast onto the block?

In a blind battle for survival, who will see the light and win the PoV? The end is so close you can taste it on Big Brother Canada! Betty says ever since the triple the house has been quiet and eerie and there are not many conversations she wants to be a part of. But she needs to talk to her "best friend" in the house, and he backstabbed her. She says this season has been an uphill battle for her. Josh is in the kitchen and Betty goes to grab something and she does not say a word. She says when she is mad she does not talk to the person until she feels better. She says Josh has not spoken to her since he put her up in the triple. Betty does not think it is her responsibility to talk to Josh when he is the one who betrayed her and he has some explaining to do. Haleena says she has been doing a lot of work in the background, but that might not be clear to everyone. Haleena is genuinely happy for Betty but now she hopes they can reap the rewards of what they have been doing. The main focus has been to make sure Betty does not trust Jacey. Haleena goes to talk to Betty and she tells her she has never not had her back. Haleena says she is happy Betty won HoH and Betty thanks her. Betty tells Haleena that she is going to put up Jacey and Josh. Haleena says Jacey wanted to keep Summer but she changed her mind when she realized the numbers were not there. Josh heads into the HoH room and he knows she has been angry with him so he has been giving her space. Now he has to explain why he put her on the block and he never wanted her to go home, but now he wants his best friend back. Josh says Kevin used the PoV on him and Haleena had his back when she had PoV and he felt like he owed them. He says they promised to keep Betty so that is why he did that. Betty says she is mad because she did not know and she has been blindly loyal. Betty says she is also mad that it has taken Josh this long to talk to her and she has been playing for him and not her. She says she is going to move forward and play her game and since he put her on the block, she is going to put him on the block. Jacey says she feels like she is an obvious choice for nominations. She says Haleena and Kevin have lied to her face and Josh put her on the block in the triple eviction, so Betty is literally the only person she can go to for an ally. Jacey talks to Betty and she tells her she would never target Betty. She says Kevin and Haleena are working together and they used Marty to get them through the game and they are snakey and shady. Betty wants to make sure Jacey is being honest with her. Betty asks Jacey about the secret PoV thing and she says she did have it. She says Gino truly felt that if Marty had left, then he would have been the next to go. Betty says Jacey is not giving her any more reasons to trust her. Betty says she wanted to play with people she could trust and who wanted to play with her and she realized this week that the only person she can trust is herself. She is willing to do whatever it takes to get as far as she can in this game. It is time for nominations! Betty's first nominee is...Josh. Her second nominee is...Jacey. She has decided to nominate Josh because he helped her realize she was playing with her heart and not her head. She nominated Jacey because she is strong. Josh says he is not surprised. He says Betty feels he was withholding information and she is playing the game and she is playing well and he is for it. Jacey says the fact that Kevin and Haleena are not on the block yet again? Are you kidding me? Jacey says she could have won PoV and worked with Betty and still sent Josh home. She says everyone is so annoying. Betty says Jacey is on the block because she does not trust her. She tells Kevin that Josh is not really her target. Kevin says he really appreciates Betty and they had similar experiences in the game. Betty says she has moments where she is so happy and grateful to be here. She says she is so happy and Kevin encourages her. Betty says we need to win these competitions. Kevin says he and Haleena are in a good position. He says if they can win the veto, then they will have all the power this week and they will get to decide who stays and who goes. He says it is because of all the work they have done with Betty. Kevin and Haleena are talking and she says she cannot believe she survived the triple and still has not hit the block. Kevin says that speaks to how good at the game you are. They talk about how they helped each other and had each other's backs. It is Day 57 and Betty says her game was completely shattered when she was betrayed by Josh. She felt like she had no other friends in the house except for Josh and they had a strong personal connection. She says she is not willing to throw that in the trash. Betty asks Josh if he wants to have a cup of coffee together. She says she hates how uncomfortable the house is. She says she just wanted it to be fun because they made the final five. She says she felt expendable to him, and she is not mad. Josh says Betty is not expendable and he says if he comes off the block he is not coming to put her on the block. Betty says he is her best friend and he agrees. Betty says he means the world to him and she sees him standing next to her when she gets married. Kevin, Haleena, and Josh are in the bedroom and Kevin says if Jacey wins the PoV, one of us will be going home. Josh says she is ready and Kevin says she is a machine. Haleena says let's do it. We can do this. Betty says yesterday was hectic, but something was bugging her all night. She thinks Kevin is a much bigger problem than she thought. She says he is always in her ear at the right time and Jacey says Haleena and Kevin have a final two. Betty is talking to Josh and talking about Kevin and she says that he is sitting pretty in this game. Betty tells Josh that Kevin said he was ready to cut his ties with Josh and she tells him that Kevin has been protecting Haleena all along. Josh says that is why Kevin wants to win PoV so bad. Betty says yeah so he can protect himself and Haleena. Josh says Kevin wants to win PoV to get rid of him. He asks if Betty put that together last night and she says yes. Josh says he was anxious at first, but now he is mad. He needs to win this PoV, take himself off the block and Kevin can go up next to Jacey and then go to the jury. Betty tells him he can do this and they can get Kevin out. Jacey is called to the Expedia member's lounge. We see the HGs talking about where they would want to travel to and Jacey says she is watching them very closely. It is time for the PoV! The HGs will have to make their way through five vacation rooms and decide which HGs goes with which room. But they will do it blindfolded and could have an audio cue. Then they have to find puzzle pieces in each room. Jacey says she wants to win this so badly because she is alone in the house because she can trust no one. She is in the first room which is a beach room. She says it is Haleena's room and she goes for her name sign and she struggles to get back to the room. She finally places the name sign and moves on to the next room and it is a city set up with traffic cones and she says this is Betty's vacation and she gets that name sign. Jacey is in the third room and she feels snow and says this is Josh's. Next room she feels rocks and trees and she says it is hers. She grabs Kevin's sign so she can place it in the final room and she has all five correct. Jacey now has to search for the pieces of the puzzle. She quickly grabs several but misses one in the city room. She begins working on her puzzle. She has been on the block three times and she has saved herself all of them and she wants to do it again. Jacey realizes she has missed a piece and she goes back to the city room but cannot see it on top of a building. She starts searching the other rooms and then goes back to the city room and finally sees and she rushes back to finish her puzzle and hit her buzzer. Josh is up next and he says he has come in second in so many competitions and he cannot do that this late in the game. He needs to win so he can get himself off the block and get Kevin out. He is in the first room and he feels sand and thinks it is Kevin's trip. Josh has the second room figured out as Betty and he places the other name signs. He asks for a check and he knows he has messed up somewhere. He realizes he has Kevin and Haleena in the wrong rooms and switches them and is correct. Josh is quickly collecting his pieces and he is missing one and he begins looking in each room frantically. He has missed the one in the newspaper box in the city. He needs to help Betty out right now but this win could guarantee him top four. Kevin is up next and he would love to win this veto because his game has not been very visible. After all, it has been behind the scenes. He thinks he has the first three right so he just guesses on the last two and he is wrong and he switches them and he is wrong. Kevin starts trying to re-check things and he is struggling. Next, we have Betty up and she is moving very slowly and says it is hard to do this and she is all over the place. Betty says she is extremely confused in the dark and she is moving very slowly. Kevin finally finished the first part of the competition and now has to do the puzzle. Betty is also working on hers and she says that was brutal and she is laughing. Haleena is the last to go and she wants to win so The Ghosts have the final say in who goes home. Haleena seems to be moving fairly quickly and doing pretty well. She knocks down Betty's name sign on the way to put up Josh and she goes back and fixes it. She is correct and she has to find the puzzle pieces and she misses the same piece as Jacey. Haleena starts working on her puzzle and she wants to get it done ASAP. She realizes she needs one more piece and she goes back to the city room and starts looking through the others. She spots the piece and grabs it and races to finish her puzzle and hits her buzzer. It is time for the results! In fifth place with a time of 47:59 is Betty. In fourth place with a time of 33:49 is Kevin. It all comes down to Haleena, Jacey, and Josh. The winner with a time of 10:25 is Haleena! Josh has 16 minutes and Jacey had 24 minutes. The HGs all head back inside and Jacey says she needed this win but Haleena did it in ten minutes and she needs to see if there is any chance she would use the veto on her and if not maybe Bety is still targeting Josh. Kevin is celebrating and he says The Ghosts have the power and he is going to the final four! Josh says Haleena did it and they jump and hug and high-five each other. Josh says it is unlikely Haleena will use veto so she has to fully embrace their alliance. Haleena is called to the DR and she heads in and there is an envelope. She reads that she not only won PoV, but a special reward. There is a secret room behind door #11. Haleena goes upstairs to the room and there is a screen with Season 5 winner Kevin and she has won a 5-minute strategy session with him. He advises her to do whatever she has to in order to get to the final two and get the votes. Haleena says she knows what she needs to do but what she wants to do is different. Kevin asks her about the jury and Haleena says they may not know my game because it is behind the scenes. Kevin tells her to start focusing on who is being evicted in knowing her game. He leaves her with three tips: Stay calm in the competitions. Prepare for the competitions and go through everything. Visualize her success and trust herself. Haleena says she has to think about what is best for her game and she could win this and she says Kevin Martin said her name! Jacey says the odds of Haleena using the PoV are slim but she is still going to try. Jacey says after the whole Gino thing went down she was upset but she wants Haleena to think about what is best for her game. She says they did talk about being Final Two and she has a little power right now. Haleena says Kevin is a question mark. Jacey says if Haleena did use the veto on her, then Kevin would go out and they have the votes to send Josh home. Jacey says that would give her the chance to mess with Betty's nominations and they could take over from here. Haleena says it is something to think about. It is time for the PoV ceremony! Josh says it was unreal for her to do that in ten minutes but he hopes she would save him. Jacey says she would love to see her use the veto, but she should have done it 14 minutes faster herself. Haleena has decided not to use the PoV! She says they are both incredibly strong individuals and she wishes them nothing but the best. Josh says he does not feel great but he hopes they have his back and he will fight. Jacey says it sucks Haleena did not use PoV and she will not go down without a fight. If Kevin and Haleena do not take Josh out this week, then she thinks he could win the entire game.

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