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Week 2 Power of Veto Ceremony Results

Week 2 Power of Veto Ceremony Results

The Big Brother Canada 11 Digital Dailies only give us enough to try to piece together the week’s puzzle. This can lead to major confusion. This happened this week when trying to figure out who the Head of Household nominated. Tuesday’s Digital Dailies gave us a lot more clarification with nominations and the Power of Veto Ceremony.

First, it appeared he nominated Rob and Renee because the house had already moved on to deciding who to evict Renee or Rob. However, it turns out that Dan initially nominated Hope and Renee. Rob was already picked as the backdoor target. Zach planned to use the Power of Veto to remove Hope and nominate Rob. It was set in stone with a whole day left before the Power of Veto Ceremony occurred.

Zach would use the Veto to save Hope. Then Dan would nominate Rob — who he promised safety days ago. This would lead to a Rob and Renee eviction showdown on Thursday.

BBCAN11 Week 2 Power of Veto Ceremony Results

Zach used the Veto to save Hope. Dan names Rob as his replacement.

Rob’s game may not be over yet. Zach trying to get out Rob this week may be his official game demise. Rob is now ready to do whatever it takes to stay in the Big Brother Canada 11 house and take down Zach. Rob’s buddy Jonathan is also ready to go to war to keep Rob and put a huge target on Zach. This has reenergized the BBCAN game and house.

Thursday’s upcoming eviction will be a big one because it has the potential to bring down the Zach empire and it has the potential to draw a big line in the house. If Rob stays, we’re in for a shift and a divided Big Brother Canada house.

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