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Week 2 Power of Veto Competition Results!

Week 2 Power of Veto Competition Results!

Big Brother Canada’s second Power of Veto competition played out today. We finally know who holds a very important piece of the ‘who will be evicted’ this week puzzle.

This week, Jay and Jacey-Lynne are the Big Brother Canada 10 players with their game most on the line. Head of Household Marty wants to take out Jay, but the target could easily shift if the Power of Veto competition changes nominations. There has been some talk in the Big Brother Canada house about possibly taking out Stephanie.

Marty made a deal to not nominate her during the Head of Household competition. He seemed determined to stick to being a man of his word, but he slowly seems to be changing his mind. Originally, he planned to nominate Kevin as the replacement if any of the nominees came off the block, but the target would still be either Jay or Jacey-Lynne.

The Veto players for this week are nominees Jacey-Lynne and Jay, and selected players Betty, Haleena, Josh, and Summer.

BBCAN10 Week 2 Power of Veto Competition Results

Jacey-Lynne won the Power of Veto.

This means that the nominations will definitely change. We’ll have to see who Marty ends up nominating in her place. He seemed pretty set on evicting Jay yesterday, but the changing nominations could change the target.

Are you happy that Jacey-Lynne won the POV?

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