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Week 4 HOH Nominations!

The Big Brother Canada 2022 gods were sort of on their side last night because Gino won Head of Household. This means that everyone who had just left him out to dry should have been very nervous. Gino also found himself in an interesting position. He could take the revenge path and nominate all those who he felt betrayed him, or he could use his position of power to try to repair relationships. He could also remain neutral and put up two targets that didn’t really rattle any feathers. He decided to take kind of an all the above route.

BBCAN10 Week 4 HOH Nominations

Gino nominated Jess and Marty for eviction.

Obviously, Gino doesn’t know who to trust now, except for maybe Jacey-Lynne and Kyle. Jess is a player that many people aren’t sure where they lie in the game. Marty was one of Gino’s closest allies, but now he doesn’t know if he can trust him. Gino has told some people that he wants Marty out, but he’s told his true allies that he doesn’t care who goes this week between the two. Nominees have been winning the Veto for the past three weeks, so we’ll have to see if Marty or Jess can take the Veto victory. If not, Gino has a lot of options now as he has a reason to justify almost all of his potential nominees.

Join us tomorrow to see whether Jess, Marty, or another player takes home the Power of Veto Competition win.

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