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Welcome, everyone to my season summary of BBCAN 11.

Welcome, everyone to my season summary of BBCAN 11.

First of all a very big thank you to all our beloved members who stayed with us this special season. It has been a real hard season to work on for us in the team but we gave you a promise and we can proudly say we delivered as we promised and we have seen record numbers in this group all season and our chat and homepage is a big sucess. This has by far been the best season we ever have made. A big thank you to you all, you are by far the best BB fans out there on the planet and the reason we even thought of doing this season after the disasterous news. If you hade left us we had gone home too. Sitting here alone would have been to boring.

Before i start the summary i must also mention that i have full respect for everyone who only watch episodes during a season because watching the live feeds takes time and not everyone has it and that is why groups like our has excisted so everyone could follow what appened on the live feeds too without lurking 24/7 on them. The live feeds are also the only way to get a uncensored view of what happens in a BB house and the only way to really get to know the real houseguests in a uncensored way. The production team can not hide things and all houseguest have the same chance to be seen. The production team can simply not favor some houseguest more than other in the view of the fans as they can in episodes and dailies where THEY decide and cut together things THEY want us to see.

Also if you liked this season i am very happy for you and i fully respect that.

Now let's get on with the season summary:

Here is my season summary of BBCAN 11 and i never ever thought i would see this happen to the best BB edition in the world and especially when last season was the best one they ever made but season 9 already showed some small changes in a negative way when the have not room was removed and slop was a lesser part of the show. The casting did also see changes in season 8 already but by luck they manage to do the best season ever in season 10. Big Brother has became more like a hotell and not a hard challenge in the modern era.

This season looked promising when sneak peaks of the house came out and the theme and we got all hyped but oboy did they screw up the whole season when they adopted american hollywood politics in full. The thing that has destroyed so many movies and TV shows hit BBCAN like a bomb and they totally turned their back on us fans by removing the live feeds. They also went almost totally silent on social media this season even the biggest BB lover the host herself went silent this season.

Remember the BB slogan? "Big Brother is always watching you". Yeah right. Arisa promised us daily dailies with hours of material but that was a lie. What we got was dailies 6 days a week and a maximum time of 3H a day and we got 3 episodes a week.

The reason they removed the livefeeds is idiotic because now they probably may have lost up to 75% of their fanbase as most reporting and groups died and we can see what has happened to other BB editions in the world who have done the same. Their fanbase is almost down by 50-75% and once you loose your hardcore fanbase they almost never ever returns.

This is not Big Brother anymore, we don't even get to know the houseguests so how can we judge them in a fair way? Yes some did stupid things and stupid game moves but we have only been shown what the producers want us to see and they want to make drama and showmances. So how do we really know what happened in the house this season?

We may have missed bad things the good houseguests has said and done and good things the bad houseguests have done.

I feel i don't know the houseguests at all this season and i hardly feel excitment for the beautyfull house and theme, but they could have skipped the product placement and circle-k room. This season the house feels to mutch commercialized. Wendy's is okey because they are in the storage room and don't impact on the theme.

A small word on the houseguests, i will not judge or blame them for things this season because they did not cast themself to be in this mess of a season. Yes, some acted stupid but remember it's the casting team who casted them who has done a crappy job this season and the production team who has not acted when they have done bad things. They have actually allowed things in the house and showed it on the dailies, things that they said they canceled the live feeds for. So BBCAN has made it worse for the houseguests instead by making rumors able to fly the net without any way to validate the news.

I have not picked my favorite or worst houseguest this season because i don't feel i know them and i won't judge them because without livefeeds we don't have the whole picture and spreading false things about the houesguests is not my thing.

So, what is my verdict on season 11?

After 23 years of Big Brother viewing this hurts to see. Going from the best Big Brother in the world to the worst on the planet in one season is really bad. How could they do this to us? What happened in february, because our well trained Big Brother eyes know something has happened. We know how to read people after 23 years and arisa has not been herself the whole season. Usually pandering social media during the season and now almost total silence.

This is by far the worst BBCAN season ever, they turned their back against us fans and did not keep any promises about lots of hours everyday from the house. We did not even get the dailies the same day things happened in the house. That tells alot how important we fans are for them.

The fact this is the worst season ever is not the houseguests fault all he blame is to be laid on the excecutive producer and production team. Do big brother canada have a future in this day and age? Sadly, no. If this is the new modern Big Brother then the format is dead.

Big Brother canada has become a hotell and vacation spot for the houseguests not the hard competition we all love. The show i loved so mutch is dead and when they loose my trust once, i will never trust a word they say again.

Now it's up to BBUSA to deliver the best Big Brother out there, they still have live feeds and now has a epic chance to rise to the sky.

One thing i will always love with Big Brother canada though is YOU our beloved members, you have all been epic this season and i have really enjoyed reading your posts. We have never ever seen so good writing and comments in our group as this season.

Thank you, everyone for a excellent season in the group.

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