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Who Will Win Big Brother Canada 10?

Who will win Big Brother Canada 10 is a much-debated topic. It’s an interesting season with no runaway winnerwell there may be one but a few factors could shift the game. The jury’s decision could be determined by a bunch of variables.

Those who claim to know who wins Big Brother Canada 10 are either psychics or completely lying to themselves and others. Usually, the Big Brother Canada winner seems obvious by this stage of the game. This year, we can see any of the final three players taking the crown. Yes, I do mean anyone can win this year. Though some may have more in their favor than others.

If you asked me to make a definitive answer on who will win BBCAN10, I would genuinely say “I don’t know,” but let’s discuss a few final two scenarios and what may be the jury’s decision.

Note: I know that juror interviews may indicate that a member of the jury may be leaning towards one way with his or her vote, but I don’t factor that into this discussion, because opinions can change when it’s time to vote.

Josh Nash versus Betty Yirsaw BBCAN10 Final Two

If Josh and Betty are sitting together in the final two chairs, then a few possible scenarios happened. Either Josh or Betty won the final Head of Household Competition and cut Kevin. This is the best move for both of their games.

If Josh wins the final Head of Household Competition and takes Betty, he likely wins a lot of credit with the jury. First, he took out the game monster that is Kevin. He also proved that he was not the snake that they all see. In the end, he was truly loyal to Betty.

This win also brings Josh’s competition wins to five, with three HOHs total. Competitions matter in modern Big Brother. Now Hermon Nizghi has already declared that Josh never gets his vote and Summer Sayles has said the same. Moose Bendago may follow in their footsteps and also not give Josh their votes.

This means that Josh not only needs to get Steven “Gino” Giannopoulos, Martin “Marty” Frenette, and Jacey-Lynne Graham’s votes but Canada’s votes as well. Based on everything we know about Haleena Gill and Kevin as players, they should respect Josh’s game to give him their votes–at least Kevin might.

If Josh gets Kevin, Haleena, Gino, Marty, and Jacey-Lynne’s votes, then he doesn’t need Canada’s vote to win.

If Betty wins the final HOH and takes Josh over Kevin, then she is the game snake slayer. She likely already has Summer, Moose, and Hermon’s votes. This move could give her Jacey-Lynne’s as well. I can see Jacey-Lynne seeing it as a powerful move and giving her the vote. Gino may follow suit as well.

She would have to give a pretty good speech to get Marty and Kevin’s votes, but it could happen.

I don’t think there is a clear winner between Josh and Betty, and who wins the final HOH and evicts Kevin could really sway the jury.

Betty Yirsaw versus Kevin Jacobs BBCAN10 Final Two

Things don’t look particularly good for Betty in this scenario but her chances of winning aren’t terrible. If Betty cuts Josh and takes Kevin, the entire jury and viewers will be shocked.

No one will expect it, including Josh and Kevin. This is also the scenario that is least likely to happen. Kevin is evil in this game according to Betty after all. This decision will have everyone scratching their heads, but people may respect it.

They could also see it as Kevin once again manipulating someone and being deserving of the winner title. I think Kevin would still get the majority of the votes, including Canada’s vote, but it may get closer to a tie if Josh, Summer, Moose, and Hermon all still vote for Betty.

Kevin taking Betty is more likely than him taking Josh. He can give Josh all the compliments he wants, but at the end of the day, Kevin is hungry for the win. He sees Betty as an easier win and would take her if he’s in that position during the finale.

I think this gives Kevin a lot more votes, but it really depends on if Summer, Hermon, and Moose have decided to vote together and rather give Betty a win than Kevin. Josh is a wild card vote in this scenario. Betty is his close game friend but he thinks highly of Kevin as well.

He would be torn, even with Kevin taking him out. He may end up being the deciding vote or maybe the one vote for Betty. It really depends on Hermon, Summer, and Moose’s jury votes and how they see Kevin’s game versus Betty’s game.

I think Canada is giving Kevin their vote over Betty, but who knows.

Josh Nash versus Kevin Jacobs BBCAN10 Final Two

Screengrab by bbscreenshots

This scenario is the hardest to see happening but also could provide the most entertainment. If Josh wins the final HOH and takes Kevin, then he likely loses four votes instantly.

Hermon, Moose, and Summer are proven right about him being a snake. Betty was pretty forgiving when she thought he would evict her in the final four, but Betty is not one to mess with. She can be petty. I can see her giving Kevin her vote.

Kevin then likely gets every other vote, because Canada seems slightly more behind a Kevin win than a Josh win, and Gino, Marty, and Jacey-Lynne will also probably see Kevin as the ultimate manipulator if he gets Josh to once again betray Betty.

If Kevin takes Josh, he also wins by likely getting every vote but one. Betty likely still gives Josh her vote, but I think all the other votes go to Kevin.

As stated, tonight’s finale could be interesting, so don’t count any player out just yet.

Who do you think will win Big Brother Canada 10? You can also vote below to let us know who you think should win Big Brother Canada 10.

Who Should Win Big Brother Canada 10?

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