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Why Kevin Jacobs Deserves To Win Big Brother!

Can you believe that we have made it here? It’s finale day, and we’re talking about the final member of the Big Brother Canada 10 final three. I’d be completely lying if I thought Kevin Jacobs would be the final member of the final three, especially when everything fell in place for Josh Nash and Betty Yirsaw to have a smoother road to the final two chairs.

Perception in the game of Big Brother is everything. To Betty and Josh, they may have thought that they had a better chance of winning the final competitions against Kevin than they did against Haleena, but both of them may have made a $100,000 mistake. It really depends on if Kevin can finally start winning some competitions.

He needs to win at least two more to guarantee his spot in the final two chairs. If he gets there, then Kevin could become the second person named Kevin to win Big Brother Canada.

Like BBCAN Kyles are cursed, BBCAN Kevins may be blessed. It’ll all depend on how tonight’s finale plays out.


Kevin seemed like a less threatening character in the first week, but by the second week, he was starting to build relationships and plant seeds that would carry him all the way to the final three.

Kevin was able to manipulate his way through the game for several reasons. He had an intense ability to charm, give off the impression that he was trustworthy as an outsider, and he knew how to shift the blame to others.

Kevin would be one of the first players in the Head of Household’s ears telling them why an eviction or nomination was best for their games. Though most often, these decisions helped Kevin’s game most of all. He had a hand in evicting almost the entire house, especially the jurors.

He either got them on the block or was one of the votes that sent them out. Whereas players like Hermon Nizghi, Moose Bendago, and Summer Sayles are a bit bitter towards Josh for their eviction, they likely respect Kevin for it.

They had no true alliance with him, and they underestimated him as a player. During Wednesday’s episode, Hermon even said that he would not vote for Haleena Gill or Josh in the end. This by default means that if Betty or Kevin make it to the end next to Josh, if Hermon is a man of his word, they’re getting his vote over Josh.

Where Kevin may hurt with the jury is that he played just as snakey of a game as Josh, but he never pretended to be anything other than that. Martin “Marty” Frenette, Steven “Gino” Giannopoulos, and Jacey-Lynne Graham have been the players most directly hurt by Kevin’s game. However, Jacey-Lynne seemed way more bitter towards Haleena than Kevin. Gino and Marty also seem to be approaching their votes less emotionally and more strategically. They’ll Likely give whoever they think played the best game their votes.

Another flaw in Kevin’s game versus Josh’s game is that Kevin played a much less flashy game. He barely saw the block and only won one competition( so far).

Betty and Josh both have a more front and center game. They both escaped the block numerous times and won a few more competitions than Kevin. If Kevin pulls off the final two competition wins, this basically gives him more competition wins than Betty and almost ties Josh and his wins.

It’ll really depend on if the jury finds a more manipulative and maneuvering chess pieces game more worthy of a win than a game where the player had to fight every week for their game life.

Kevin nearly had a flawless mastermind game, but in the final few weeks, he kind of let Josh and Betty outplay him. Josh’s ability to convince him to keep him looks good on Josh’s resume and bad on Kevin’s game board.

If Josh or Betty use this fact in their final pleas or questions, it could make the jury wonder if Kevin was really the mastermind that they’ve been told he was.

A very important part of Kevin’s game was his relationship with Haleena. She helped him maneuver things and execute plans. In the end, he also did a fairly good job of making her seem like a bigger threat than himself. This ultimately helped him, because, as we know, Haleena got evicted at the final four over him.

Because of Kevin’s loyalty to Haleena, he can also say that he had a true ally that he helped at every turn. Loyalty matters in the BB game. A few jurors are mad at Josh for being disloyal, so they may look at Kevin and say “yes this man did everything in his power to get me out, but I was never his partner. He did everything to help his partners, including Josh.”

Big Brother Canada 10 has been one of the show’s most unpredictable seasons yet. However, if Kevin makes it to the end, I would be completely shocked if he doesn’t get the votes to win the game. His game has been dominating and like a puppet master in a way that is unlike most previous seasons, especially because he did it without a big alliance backing him up.

What do you think of Kevin’s game?

Stay tuned for a bonus feature about Haleena’s game. She’s gone but not forgotten.

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