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Recaps Digital Dailies Friday (04/14/23)

Recaps Digital Dailies Friday (04/14/23)

Today's Drop, Another day and its another day of target change - Kuzie postpones her war with the girlypops to take out either TY or Santina but maybe in another 24hrs she will be back to the girls again so who know's - nothing else was really in the drop

Hope tell's Santina she's too bad arse for this show, Hope also say's dont tell people you are going after Kuzie!

Hope tell's Renne he's not sharing the block with her again, Renne wished Jonathan tried to fight more to stay

Santina tell's Kuzie she's worried she's going up on the block again

Hope wanted Renee to pay and want's to laugh in her face for what she did, Hope mentioned he asked Santina if she's planning to put kuzie up

Hope tell's Kuzie TY believes he's controlling everyone

Hope tell's Kuzie if you put up TY and Santina he will support her, Daniel C is worried about the girlypops next week

Kuzie tell's hope if TY win's HOH next week he will come after her, hope want's to take TY out in a back door - Hope says we should setup a truce with the girlypops, Kuzie wants Santina and TY on the block.

Kuzie say's shes target number 1 and the girlypops are just littlefish now, she say's Jonathan told her if this is the last move I make let it be a strong move

Hope try's to defend Santina, he tells Kuzie Santina is isolated right now, he went into her room and she was crying.

Kuzie say's TY's last HOH was a shambles if he's hoh again he will have to do something big, Hope tell's Kuzie hes not defending Santina.

Kuzie say's this could be last time she's HOH so this has to HIT one of them, they plan to search the house for a secret POV incase they find it

TY tell's Santina the crown is coming after them because they have a better chance of winning against each other

Santina tell's TY we are the number 1 targets, TY say's they will probably backdoor one of us

Kuzie's been talking with The Crown and she seems pretty torn about whether to attack the Claudia/Renee/Shanaya side or Ty/Santina because they both need dealing with

Kuzie: He's got an ego that he needs to appease in order to feel like he can win this game. He's not going after these two - he's going after the three that are still together

Does Kuzie realise they control the vote this week? It's six votes so Anika/Daniel/Hope are three and Kuzie can break a tie if needed.

Ty/Santina are discussing the house layout. Ty says it's 3 vs 3 vs 3, Santina says Hope's more with Kuzie and just them in the middle.

Ty says he's with us. We'd be the dominant trio in the house and they'd all rather target us because they can win against each other.

TY: I'm not saying we have to go after Kuzie

Santina: I'm not

TY: You just have to protect yourself because she will take you out. She'll take me out

Santina: I'm not, not right now

TY: I want those three girls gone before I look at Kuzie but I have to be aware that she'll go after me

Santina - Obviously I have to do what I have to do.. but me, I'm not gonna go and like sit in the Toucan Room after I don't ever go sit in there to kiss ass.. so fake

Santina - If she puts me up and somehow I leave or something, she's going to regret it, because I haven't been after her. She'll end up leaving if those girls win. Those girls are after her.

Ty - They would rather take me out first.. it'll turn into a girl show

Ty's whole thing is that he wants to get rid of weak players who haven't done anything and he'd rather to lose to a strong player at the end. He tells Santina that Kuzie's the opposite and that's why she'll be coming for us instead of the girls

Santina's a tricky one because I still don't think she truly trusts anyone but if I had to pick, I think she's siding more with Kuzie's side right now. So is Kuzie just strengthening the girls side by nominating her and Ty and she'll gun for Kuzie too now instead?

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Recaps Digital Dailies Friday (04/14/23)

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