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Recaps Digital Dailies Saturday (04/08/23)

Recaps Digital Dailies Saturday (04/08/23)

Today's Drop,

Toast Gate has continued into today's Digital Daily. Anika still appears to be annoyed and Hope is now telling Jonathan about what happened.

Anika says Santina said it tastes like flour and there's no taste to it. After Anika told her that was rude, she said she's entitled to a good waffle just like everyone else. Anika told her to make her own breakfast then Santina called her rude, a bitch, etc.

This is clearly what happens when the chef gets evicted and is proof why it should always happen. Dan was holding us back in so many ways.

Now. imagine if Santina won that damn safety too

Ty tells Jonathan that he's not on his radar and not going up. If he ever wants to put him, he'll ask him first because it'd be as a pawn.

I was feeling good about it... until he told him to kick his feet up

Ty/Santina chat in the HOH. She says she thinks she knows he's going to put her up because of everything that happened in the last week but hopes he won't.

She asks if there's anything she can do. Ty says she can tell him what's going on with her and Renee

Santina says it wasn't aimed towards him, she just thought Renee was the invisible HOH and hopes he gets that. Ty says he doesn't and that's where his issue is. He says she claimed he's her #1 guy but he's on the block and she's telling someone to shoot her shot.

The Ty/Santina chat goes on forever, covering pretty much their entire rocky relationship from the beginning until now - all the way from the JM move in week one to the Invisible HOH last week. Santina cries.

Santina now realizes how stupid she was for trying to keep Ty even after nominating him

Hope, who has been looking for Jonny, finally finds him in the Library and hugs him. Hope describes a fight when T called Anika a bitch. Jon had missed the fight.

End of Digital Daily. Safe to assume Santina's been nominated unless she won the safety vote, likely against Renee.

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Recaps Digital Dailies Saturday (04/08/23)

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