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Recaps Digital Dailies Thursday (04/27/23)

Recaps Digital Dailies Thursday (04/27/23)

Today's Drop.. Daniel and Anika discuss the Girlypops coming after them next, They want to use TY to help fight the Girlypops but don't trust TY

Daniel assures Anika that he's not changing his mind to vote out Kuzie tonight

Renee talks about Kuzie's team have counted her out already

Anika respect's Kuzie for fighting to stay, Anika is upset that Kuzie's pitch tried to make her out to be the villain.

You can FEEL the tension in the bedroom between Kuzie and Anika, Kuzie is packing in dead silence

Daniel is concerned that Kuzie is sitting by herself, goes to comfort her.

Daniel tells the Girlypops that Kuzie has accepted she's leaving and prefers not to speak to him

Renne asks Daniel did you discuss with Anikia wanting to vote Kuzie out last week?

Daniel say's as a Big Brother fan he would be cheering for Kuzie and now it's not gonna be good

Kuzie goes over her leaving speech with TY.

Daniel say's he know he wont be getting Kuzie's Jury vote

Kuzie tells Renne she does not hate her.

Anika/ Renee/ Dan C in Toucan BR. Anika talking about being on the block against Kuzie. Anika says the (Kuzie) pitch makes it look like she (Anika) is the villain. Kuzie enters and the convo stops.

Renne and Kuzie burst out crying, Renne say's she just want's say she's sorry

Anika/ Renee/ Kuzie in Toucan BR. Kuzie packing. No talking.

Ty/ Claudia in Library. Ty playing pool - Claudia watching. Claudia leaves to check the cake.

Shanaya/ Renee/ Claudia in HOH. Shanaya + Claudia giving a pep talk to Renee who is feeling bad for sending Kuzie home.

Daniel is thinking REALLY hard about something, is he thinking of saving Kuzie especially after Anika quizzed him?

Shanaya/ Claudia/ Renee in Kitchen. Renee suggests a pool tournament. Claudia + Renee head to Library. Claudia says they'll play pool and check on the cake (in oven)

Anika/ Dan C in Toucan BR. Dan C says Ty told him it makes more sense to keep Kuzie rather than Anika because of comps

Renee/ Claudia in Library playing pool. Talking about game going forward. Shanaya joins. Talking about Kuzie. Shanaya called to DR.

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