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Recaps Digital Dailies Thursday MARCH 23, 2023

Recaps Digital Dailies Thursday MARCH 23, 2023

Today's Drop, Rob is scrambling hard and made a lot of valid points,The girls know Santina has been playing them and are planning to make sure Santina goes on the block next , Zach try's to repair his social game one thing for certain Rob's speech is going to be wild

Rob tell's Hope how he's campaign is going.

Renee say's Kuzie and Anika would put Santina on the block

Renee say's Santina has been campaigning against her for a while, Rob is planning to kick off with Zach in his speech.

Rob campaigns HARD with Shanaya, He's planning to call Zach out on his speech planning to drop the mic on him

Shanaya tell's Rob she agree's with what he's saying

Rob tells Shanaya she needs to watch herself going forward, he said he was backstabbed/blindsided.

Rob asks Shanaya were her votes gonna go, Shanaya tell's him she's voting to save Renee

Vanessa is on the Hunt for hidden clues and Kuzie talks love/dating.

Rob know's his time is coming, he say's he's been dealt a shit storm.

Based on today's drop so far, I just don't think Rob has the numbers now very likely he will be the next houseguest booted out of that house

Hope tells Renee if she survives eviction he will tell her everything, Renee is scared if Santina wins again she will go up

Renee says her intentions are to go far with Hope, she asks who else he trusts - Hope says he trusts Zach and TY

Anika’s telling Zach that she’s not gonna keep Rob because she trusts Zach more than Rob but she doesn’t know about Kuzie/Daniel C votes uh oh or is she just telling him what he wants to hear?

Ty’s telling Kuzie she’s playing the perfect game & she says no I’m not. So are you! He says him/her stand up in F2 he has no chance against her he promises her. Kuz doesn’t believe it. Santina comes in to Circle K to tell them to play a game in the living room

Zach wonders if he can try & make things good with Santina or is she gonna hate him? Anika says he can try but knowing her she’s very emotional & will hold things against certain people. He’s worried she’ll target him & its not good for either of their games

Well it's official Anika is working with Zach, she give's him info about the girls

Will Rob Go? Will Rob Stay? Whatever happens the house is going to war

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