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Digital Dailies Highlights (03/20/23) (3)

Digital Dailies Highlights (03/20/23) (3)

Jonathan, The Most Important Game Piece

On Monday’s Digital Daily, it seemed as if Jonathan and Rob may have had an issue. However, that isn’t the case. Jonathan is someone very solidly on Rob’s side. He is upset that Rob is on the Block. He also started to campaign on his behalf, starting with Ty who isn’t likely to change his mind about Rob’s eviction.

Jonathan warns Ty not to trust Zach because he sees how he’s lying and manipulating things to try to turn people against Rob. That’s not the type of game Jonathan wants to play. Jonathan even says that Rob has his vote no matter what, even if that means he goes next week.

Rob and Jonathan then talk and Rob vents to him about this situation. Jonathan gets his frustration and wants him to stay because he likes Rob but also doesn’t like how Zach plays the game. Jonathan thinks he can get Vanessa, Daniel, and possibly Hope to vote to keep Rob.

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Digital Dailies Highlights (03/20/23) (1)

Digital Dailies Highlights (03/20/23) (2)

What do you most want to see moving forward this week in Big Brother Canada 11?

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