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Recaps Digital Dailies Monday (05/01/23)

Today's went pretty much how we all thought it was going with Claudia and Renee going on the block, TY Wins POV - TY has told Daniel he's 90% sure he won't be hitting the block and want's to keep nominations the same, but TY is a wildcard anything can happen

Ty Say's now that I have the power people want to start playing with me because they know what it means for there game

Claudia and Renee are on the block, and TY Wins VETO

Daniel campaigns with TY to not use the veto

TY tells Daniel he's going to keep him

TY tells Anika why did you not play the social game with me when I tried to play it with you

TY tells Anika he's never had an alliance

TY say's no one give's me information until there safety is on the line, and this entire time I was trying to work with people

TY says out of the 5 people in the crown Hope was the most disposable person. Anika get's emotional

Ty say's to Anika were was this passion when I never had the power and on the block

Ty tells Anika I know your capable of lying to me

Ty say's on the outside I'm either loved or hated

Daniel asks Anika as it stands he's not taking me, Anika say's TY never gave a firm yes

Daniel Say that TY told him he's 90% sure he will be keeping him this week

Renee said she told TY when you come to your decision tell me so I don't have to wait all week

Daniel is not happy with the Drama that Anika has caused

Ty told Daniel that he'll be using the Veto on Claudia but he's not going to evict him.

Claudia laughing to herself at Ty calling out for Renee to join him in his chat with Anika is hilarious.

I just still can't believe Anika didn't nominate Ty to start with... or even that Daniel didn't tell her that's what she had to do.

It doesn't matter that he won Veto because she still could've controlled the vote at least and not had her ally evicted on her own HOH

Claudia/ Dan C at dining table. Ty passes thru and tells Claudia that Renee wants to talk to her. Claudia to Library. Renee explains her game moves. Renee talking fast. Claudia mostly listening. Renee wants a Final 3

Anika/ Ty in HOH. Anika / Ty going back and forth. Anika gets emotional. Ty asks Renee to join them. Claudia joins.

Dan C/ Anika in HOH. Anika tells Dan C about her convo with Ty. Anika tears up. Anika says she is an emotional wreck. Anika does most of the talking. Dan C leaves without saying goodbye.

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Recaps Digital Dailies Monday (05/01/23)

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