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Big Brother Canada 11 Episode 21 Recap

Big Brother Canada 11 Episode 21 Recap

The Big Brother Canada 11 houseguests really underestimated the Girlie Pops. For the last several weeks, they have been winning competitions to allow them to make moves that keep them all in the game. For the last two weeks, the Girlie Pops have been Head of Households. First, Claudia was Head of Household and took out Hope. Now Renee has a chance to prove that the houseguests shouldn’t have treated her like someone unable to win competitions.

It’s no secret that everyone wants Ty out of the game. He’s just becoming a competition beast and that means he has to go if the other houseguests want a chance to make moves and potentially win the game. Renee will likely follow in Claudia’s footsteps by making a move against Ty. However, the six houseguests of Anika, Kuzie, Daniel, Shanaya, Claudia, and Renee agreed to work together, but if Ty ends up safe, Renee will have to take a shot at the other trio.

We’ll see which one of the other trio Renee wants to strike at first. Tonight’s Big Brother Canada 11 episode will have the nominations and maybe some fun content because the Head of Household competition concluded on Thursday’s episode.

BBCAN11 Week 8 HOH Fall-Out

No one expected Renee to win this Head of Household. Therefore, more than a few people have to be annoyed by her win. Daniel isn’t happy that Renee won because she was the only person he didn’t know how to read in this game. He’s worried about her nominating him.

Kuzie said that she goes into panic mode because she knows either her, Daniel, or Anika will go up with Ty this week. Kuzie decided to have a conversation with Renee asap to try to go strong with her campaigning to not go on the Block. Daniel and Anika aren’t happy to see Kuzie start campaigning so early for her game.

They thought she could at least wait until the next day to do it. Renee reassures her that she won’t be going on the Block and that she isn’t on her radar at the moment. She assured Kuzie that Ty is one of her nominations. Claudia told Daniel and Anika that as long as Ty doesn’t win Veto, then they will all be safe.

Renee told Claudia and Shanaya that she was considering nominating Daniel or Anika. She sees Anika and Daniel as a duo so it would be better for her game to break that up or use them to create friction with the once-strong Shadiest Bunch trio. Kuzie decided to pitch for them to not nominate her, and she does it in front of Daniel.

Daniel wanted to use this week to try to build something with Anika, Shanaya, and Claudia to work together going forward. Renee decided to build on this fractured group by taking Anika to Wendy’s. Renee told Anika that she plans to nominate Daniel or her this week, because she doesn’t want to put Kuzie up right off because she just came off the Block.

Anika told Renee that Kuzie will likely come after the three of them when she gains power again. Anika believed that Kuzie threw them under to get them to be on the Block over her. Anika then broke down to Kuzie about the suspect betrayal, but lies and says she’s just stressed about them constantly being in danger.

Anika and Daniel continued to sulk over Kuzie “throwing them under the bus.” They even tell Shanaya, but she said that all that matters is that Ty doesn’t win the Veto. If he does, she promised to make sure Kuzie goes to the jury.

Anika, Daniel, Claudia, and Shanaya realize that Renee and Kuzie have better game resumes than them, so decide they want to work together to become the final four. Shanaya and Claudia must then decided if they should actually take out Renee if they win power, but they think they’ll just play the middle. They will keep their options open for now.

Week 8 Nominations

Who will Renee nominate this week (besides Ty of course)?

Renee nominated Ty and Anika for eviction.

Other Stuff

What else went down in the Big Brother Canada 11 house this week?

Jedson from Big Brother Canada 9 gives Renee her Wendy’s meal.

Renee must complete three dares to win everyone 5000 Wendy’s points. She fails the mission, but they decide to still give everyone the points.

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Big Brother Canada 11 Episode 21 Recap

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