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Recaps Sunday MARCH 26, 2023 (2)

Recaps Sunday MARCH 26, 2023 (2)

Ty then started questioning Santina about her relationship with Jonathan. He also asked her if she thought she could work with Zach again. She said she was open to it, but Zach and she have a communication problem. She doesn’t like the way he speaks to people and it makes it hard to communicate with him.

Santina basically said she was on board to get the gang back together but wanted to talk to Kuzie herself to try to stay off the Block. She then talked to Kuzie, who reassured her that if she went on the Block it was because she saw her as a threat and not because of her vote or anything that happened last week. Once Santina left, Kuzie confirmed (to the cameras) that Santina is indeed her target.

Ty came in after and tried to pitch the idea of a new alliance with Kuzie, Ty, Zach, Santina, Hope, and Jonathan. Kuzie said that she just doesn’t think Jonathan will ever agree to work with them. He’s too upset about what happened to Rob, and he would never trust Zach. She also brings up that the last time this group was formed Kuzie wasn’t included, so why would she agree to this alliance?

We didn’t get to hear the rest of the conversation but it very much seems like Kuzie wasn’t buying what Ty was selling. She will definitely go after Santina first (if she doesn’t have safety) and Dan next. This small fraction in Ty and Zach’s alliance could open the door for someone to finally pull Ty away from Zach.

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Recaps Sunday MARCH 26, 2023 (1)

Recaps Sunday MARCH 26, 2023 (2)

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