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Recaps Digital Dailies Saturday MARCH 24, 2023!

Recaps Digital Dailies Saturday MARCH 24, 2023!

Renee talking to Jon about house cleaning for the day. Jon talking about post show he won't watch this season. Anika dishing up breakfast, Shanaya serving.

Breakfast courtesy of Chef Anika.

Noms haven't happened but Ty tells Santina that she's in the pool of ppl Kuzie might nom

Ty tells Santina that her,him,Zach,Vanessa are in Kuzie's pool of possible noms

Ty tells Zach about his convo with Kuzie-they agreed that both her & him were big targets later-Ty thinks the group going forward is him,Zack,Kuzie,Hope,Santina,Dan for Zach's sake,Claudia for Ty's sake-Ty wants to keep Santina so I guess he knows Vanessa is the 2nd nom

Ty confirms with Zach that Kuzie is putting up Santina/Vanessa

Ty tells Zach that he got Kuzie to not put up Dan initially-confirms Dan is the backup plan if POV is used

Zach tells Ty that putting up Dan as a rep nom is a mistake cos then the ruse is up. Dan would know Ty,Zach,Kuzie are working together

Ty suggests Renee could be the rep nom but Zach tells him that would piss Claudia off

Zach suggests Jon could be the rep nom but they keep Jon over either Santina or Vanessa

Zach tells Ty that the 3 known ppl who kept Rob Jon,Santina,Van are seen as an island & it's smart to keep as many of them in the house to keep the focus on them-they agree that Jon stays over either Santina or Vanessa.Ty tells him he can blow up CeCe's game if needed

Ty is starting to see that his showmance with Claudia could be detriment he tells Zach he'll tell CeCe that he's overplaying & wants to chill out going forward. Zach wants Santina & Vanessa to go back to back & that CeCe,Nay,Nay & Ray Ray aren't a worry right now

Ty & Zach agree to tell Santina they got her,that Vanessa's leaving-they think they can regain Santina & Jon's trust again by keeping San

Ty & Zach giving Santina a pep talk in the pantry

Zach tells Dan that he doesn't think Kuzie will put him up this week if POV is used

Zach going over points with Dan so Kuzie doesn't make him the rep nom if POV is used

Dan tells Zach he doesn't want a showmance with Nay Nay hahahaha

Santina tells Ty that Renee is the "captain" of the girls alliance. she says that's not a group she wants to work with-she'd rather work with the guys minus Rob & would prefer to only work with Ty lol

Ty wants Santina to talk to Jon to reunite the Bros & Co groupTy,Zach,Santina,Jon. Santina tells Ty she doesn't relate well with girls in real life. Ty tells her she needs to get Jon back on board-he knows Jon is pissed at him & Zach

Santina says she's on board to rekindle what they had-Ty tells her he will talk to Jon. Santina thinks it's hard for her & Jon to not think they can trust someone they were close to ZACH

Ty tells Santina that Kuzie will prob say in her speech she's putting up 2 ppl who openly admitted how they voted

Kuzie & Santina are talking in the HOH-small talk about the HOH comp.Kuzie asks Santina why she was crying after the HOH comp-Santina says she was emotional about Rob leaving,but ultimately she didn't want a showmance in the house-Santina friendzones Rob irl?

Kuzie tells Santina she's having a hard time deciding who to put up[I think she has decided]-she doesn't know if she wants to make a big move or an easy move but really wants to make a PEACEFUL move

Kuzie tells Santina she doesn't have anyone in her ear influencing her Ty? -she doesn't want to be messy & really doesn't want anyone to go or for the POV to be used-after Santina leaves HOH,Kuzie tells herself that she will have to send Santina home after being so nice

Ty tells Kuzie that putting up Dan as a rep nom wouldn't be a good move[that Dan has numbers]-Kuzie says Dan would only be the rep nom if Santina won POV-Ty tells Kuz they should target Vanessa & not Santina

Kuzie tells Ty that Jon is so hurt in his soul that he will <Never Never work with Ty & Zach again-Ty thinks keeping Santina would help in the effort to have Jon trust the group again

Ty didn't tell Kuzie who he thinks should be the rep nom instead of Dan we know that he & Zach don't want Jon or Dan to go up so I think Ty means..Renee. Santina just told him Renee is the girls alliance leader-he mentioned Dan having CeCe & Nay Nay but not Renee

so Kuzie prob put up Santina//Vanessa-depending on the POV, Kuzie might put up Dan but Ty is trying to get someone elseto be the rep nom-we won't know until Monday

Ty to Zach I told Claudia straight up... I'm not trying to get into a showmance with a floater because at some point we'll be a target. I'm not trying to be sitting beside a floater because I'm gone. So if you're gonna play this game with me, you need to do something

Ty She already knows I'm a target. I'm gonna go to her today and tell her she's right, I think I'm overplaying a bit and I'll chill out. I'm not gonna be on Kuzie... but really I'll still be involved telling Kuzie what the fuck to do but with Claudia I'll feed into it

Zach She's hyper fixated on how she looks on TV that right now what you're doing...

Ty Yeah she doesn't want to be associated with it

Zach: At the same time she likes you. We've gotta keep that until the numbers

Ty She's worried about looking stupid so I'll feed into that

Zach says to Ty that they're not going to be on the block for a couple of weeks.

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