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Digital Dailies Highlights (03/31/23

Digital Dailies Highlights (03/31/23

To make things even more difficult for Big Brother Canada 11 fans, it’s “whodunit” week. This means that everything will be done in secrecy this week. The Head of Household will be a secret and likely the Power of Veto holder will be a secret. The nominees, obviously, will not be a secret. Today’s Big Brother Canada 11 Digitial Dailies started the mystery.

Thursday in the Big Brother Canada 11 house, the Head of Household Competition took place. There is a new Head of Household, we just have no clue who may have won it. The nominations will take place on Friday, but that won’t give us much insight either. If Ty hasn’t won the Head of Household, he’s almost guaranteed to be one of the nominees, because he’s an easy target with his recent behavior. The second nominee will reveal more about the potential HOH.

No one but Ty has painted such an obvious target on their back. However, that may not be helpful either because there are a few safe second-nominee choices, like nominating Dan because he’s a big comp beast and was also tied to Zach or Santina for not really having close relationships with anyone in the house. Like us, most of the houseguests have been speculating about who could have won HOH.

Hope is convinced that it’s Jonathan who holds the power this week. Many of the other houseguests seem to agree but Jonathan has been denying it. Hope pointed out to Jon that the cameras keep following him. Any Big Brother Live Feed watcher will tell you that that definitely is a good indication of who won the HOH or a secret power/prize.

This makes me think that Jonathan is likely the secret HOH. Claudia and Renee also talked about who would be nominated and the possibility of Jonathan being HOH. Hope tried to influence Jonathan’s nomination by talking about Shanaya not really having to do anything but will likely make it far in the game by just playing passively. He wants to see her on the Block.

He wants to also go after the women instead of seeing the men pick each other off one by one. Daniel acted really upset about not winning HOH. He also talked about missing Zach. Though Daniel kept complaining about not winning HOH, it seemed like it may be an act. The same goes for Claudia. I wouldn’t be surprised if either of them actually won HOH but are playing it off.

Santina also acted slightly suspiciously. She kept talking about being dumb with Ty and saying that there wasn’t even a chance she won it. The houseguests also wondered if Renee won it but was being really discrete. She is also a person who claimed they submitted a low amount and had no shot at winning. We also know for sure Hope didn’t win it because he was ineligible to play in the HOH as was Kuzie as the outgoing HOH.

There was some buzz about maybe Dan winning the Head of Household again, but Dan, once again, was barely shown on these Digitial Dailies, so it is highly unlikely that it’s him or Shanaya.

Daniel also wondered how the Power of Veto Competition would play out this week. He bought up a good point about how the HOH will nominate if he or she doesn’t know who won the Veto. Daniel suggested that maybe the HOH has to submit multiple nominees and it’ll be selected based on the order of his or her choices, but even that could give the HOH information on the Veto winner.

Apparently, the Head of Household Competition involved the houseguests betting on how much they would be willing to lose of the prize fund. The average was around $50,000, so many people bet that much. I am assuming whoever won the HOH is the person who bet the most, or if multiple people bet the same amount, it went to the person who made the decision the fastest.

It wasn’t completely confirmed if this means $50,000 has been deducted from the $100,000 prize fund or not, but it seems that this is likely the result. Therefore, whoever wins Big Brother Canada 11 will only get $50,000 unless the houseguests are given an opportunity to win it back.

We don’t know who won the Big Brother Canada 11 Head of Household, but the likely candidates are Jonathan (who probably won it), Daniel, Santina, or Claudia. However, the Digital Dailies make things harder to read or understand, so we likely won’t know much until Tuesday’s episode.

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