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Recaps Digital Dailies friday MARCH 31, 2023!

Recaps Digital Dailies friday MARCH 31, 2023!

Ty/Claudia in the nook.She was surprised how sad she was that Ty was going to leave. Ty says wow if you don’t like me say you don’t like me. She says no she was joking. They hug.Ty says it was hard for him & he was thinking of her/Dan

Claudia says she doesn’t cry that often. Ty says he doesn’t cry & he cried. They hug each other. Ty says he’s not trying to cry, he’s not gonna cry anymore about it. Claudia thinks they’re gonna get a lot of screen time in tonight’s episode

Claudia says when Ty was in ⭕️K, she was raising her voice to Zach a lil bit about how was she supposed to make a decision?Ty says Zach told him she was snapping,not snapping but you were a lil bit— She says she didn’t snap&then after her sassy moment Shay started crying

Ty knows it was stressful for them. Claudia agrees it was. Ty says it felt like he was giving you an ultimatum. Claudia says that’s what it was,it was a stressful couple days. Ty says ok so now that we’re here,talk to the girls & see who you’re comfortable with

Claudia says I feel like Renee’s concern is Claud has Ty,Shay has Dan. Ty says ya but she took out Zach who could’ve been that person for her.Claud feels that Daniel could be open to be that group. Which would mean us against Daniel/Anika/Kuz/Hope/Jonathan

Claudia says she would never want to be the one who takes out Jon. Ty says same with me but the position I’m in right now I know that if Jon has it(secret HOH)I’m definitely a candidate cause he’s not looking at Renee/Shay for sure. It’s gonna be me/Dan left

Claudia doesn’t know if Jon wouldn’t put Renee up as much as she cares about Jon she would put Hope up. Ty says that’s you tho, Jon is a very emotional guy while you can think game. Cams switch to Hope/Jon on the yellow sofa. Jon says when he knows Hope will know

Jon says it’s not the enemy(Ty/Dan I’m guessing) Hope wonders how Jon knows? Jon says he just knows trust me. Hope shows him his wrap & he says he had to use 2 wraps to fit it. Jon tells Hope not to say anything to anybody,nobody,zero. Hope says he doesn’t talk to nobody

Jon says you’re good,just trust me& let me work. Hope dabs him &says all you bro.Jon tells Hope he’s got him bro,take it easy, you’re good I promise. Hope laughs swear to God bro,if you got this I’m so proud of you let’s go! Jon shushes him.He compliments Hope’s bracelet

Cams switch back to Ty/Claudia.He says he’s gonna talk to Santina right now. Claudia agrees he should&he goes down to the kitchen.Daniel/Kuz/Anika are in the living room.Dan/Shay/Santina/Renee are in the kitchen making poutine/lasagna/salad.Ty asks if they need any help?

Dan says no we’re good thanks tho. Ty says no worries. Ty fills his water bottle & tells Santina she looks rosy after red wine? She says after any drink she gets rosy. Ty hovering around. They talk about the HOH comp & how poorly Renee did again

Santina says she didn’t know how to read the numbers & that’s why she was screaming are you kidding me right now? Daniel comes by & asks if BB is gonna let them in HOH to get the pizza & water bottles? Shay says the pantry is locked & wants to start the lasagna

Apparently they were all out there for a while. Daniel was freezing. He gets called to DR again& Anika makes a joke about him winning secret HOH. Kuz/Santina making jokes about how classy Santina is &Daniel comes back out for battery change.Kuz says she was also freezing

Cams switch to Hope/Jon playing pool. Hope asks Jon what makes him say that?I know you say it’s a feeling. Jon asks Hope to just trust him he has a feeling he can’t say. Hope says he’s doesn’t know because Ty/Claudia we’re getting cozy in the nook you know?

Jon really doesn’t think Ty won he’s not sure.He tells Hope to let him poke around&see.Jon is positive it’s not Dan.Hope says Dan is moving super cocky too,when Dan doesn’t talk to Hope that’s how he knows Dan is doing super good.Everytime he’s doing bad he talks to Hope

Jon knows. Hope says damn that’s crazy man. Jon says it’s cool tho right?Pretty cool. He asks Hope how it was being out there the whole time?(I’m guessing outside/HT area)He tells Hope he has food in his beard. Hope says he had to wait for every single person to come by

Jon says that sucks. Hope likes his fit today. Jon says it looks sharp as soon as he’s seen Hope, his hair blew him away. Hope says it was annoying waiting for every single person & some people took forever. Jon found some people were quicker with the math as well

Jon never thought so many people would bet 50. Hope knows Jon bet 50. Jon says he did bet 50 he’ll tell him right now. Hope knows Jon would when they heard the rules. Jon says he didn’t give a poop. Hope says when Jon saw the 50 check he probably thought he won

Jon did think he won bro then he heard the average was close to 49.Cams switch to Ty/Santina in the bathroom. Ty says the bet was between 1-50k, what do you think most people bet? He says you didn’t have to do math,no math needed. Santina couldn’t write out the number

Ty tells Santina she was overthinking it, if everyone can only bet up to 50k the number is between 1-50k, the average number. You’re not adding up the total number that’s a sum. Average is what everyone did divided by 9. Santina couldn’t read or write it out. Ty laughs

Santina wrote 1000500 ok? She says she’s not smart when it comes to math. Ty asks her who she thinks got it? Santina thinks it’s Ty. Ty swears on his life/moms life it isn’t him. He wishes it was him. He thinks he knows who has it,it’s Jon. Santina doesn’t know

Santina calls herself stupid. Ty asks how her relationship is with Jon? San says personal they’re good but other than that.Ty thinks if it is Jon he would try to put Ty up cause of Hope so if I go up you know who it is.San feels they’ll have to see where the house is at

Santina doesn’t think Jon would put Ty up. Ty says Jon’s options are kinda limited because he’s working with Hope/Kuz/Anika & he has a decent relationship with you which leaves Renee/Shay/Claud/Dan/me &he’s not gonna put up Claud or Shay who’s close to Claud

Ty thinks probably won’t do Renee which leaves him/Dan so deductive reasoning. Santina says your girl can’t even divide 9 by 9, Renee told me it’s 1. Ty says it’s 1,omg you’re something else. San laughs at least I’m pretty right? Ty laughs oh man& they leave the bathroom

Cams switch Jon/Hope in the library. Hope says he’s not afraid he just wants to know bro. Jon says just like everyone else, they all wanna know. Hope says the difference between him & others is he’s not afraid of going OTB, others are. Jon says he’s not afraid either bro

Hope just wants to know. Jon says put him up&he’ll play in the POV & if he doesn’t win that,he’ll fight for his game. If it doesn’t work,he’ll go home that’s the game& he’ll go home.He’s not afraid to lose but it’s not gonna keep him from playing

Jon says he’s not gonna destroy games just cause I’m afraid of going home. Hope agrees. Jon says it’s not gonna happen &that’s why I’m always calm&cool Jon reassures Hope they’re good there & they just don’t know who got it. Jon doesn’t think it’s the girls who got it

Jon says it’s not Claudia/Shay & he’s not sure about Renee. Hope says Renee isn’t saying shit to him bro. After the chat they had Renee told him to always check in with each other but they never do that. Jon tells Hope Renee is probably lil worried too right?

Hope says that’s true. Jon tells Hope to be careful. Hope says ok he’s gonna trust Jon this week,your show. Jon says yessir, told ya. Cams switch to Daniel/Anika/Kuz/San talking about they’ll know who won POV but they won’t know who puts someone OTB

Santina/Daniel thought the POV is secret too. Anika/Kuz say no it’s just the HOHs identity. San says the paper said every comp this week will be invisible. Anika says interesting she didn’t read that part. Daniel asks the kitchen people if POV is invisible too?

Claudia/Dan/Shay in the kitchen say yes POV is invisible too. Kuz says let’s say I put up someone OTB & San wins POV&takes someone off, she won’t know that San took them off? Daniel says but then what if you try to put San OTB then you would know cause she can’t go up

Kuz says ya she guesses so. Santina says please don’t put me up guys, she doesn’t wanna go home! Daniel laughs but San won the POV in that situation so you can’t.San asks so HOH still gets to play POV?Daniel wonders how that makes sense?If HOH tries to put up the winner?

Dan thinks maybe BB will say try again if the POV winner is tried to be replaced or no? But that’ll give it away. They’re all speculating how the secret POV will used. Daniel says it’s a lot of power & everyone can compete in HOH, they’ll have to wait & see

Kuz want to fry chicken for dinner. Dan tells her sorry & check the fridge for more. Anika asked BB for a hoodie & they gave her a zip up so she’s bringing it back to the DR. Santina pokes into the library where Hope/Jon are playing pool still. Hope asks how she is?

Santina says her cheeks are red. Hope can see that. Jon thought it was makeup. She leaves. Hope says he doesn’t know who the HOH is for real,he doesn’t know if he’s going OTB or not for real. Jon almost sunk the 8ball for real! They laugh. They in the house for real!

Hope jokes he thinks Jon won the comp for real, that cams been following him for real. Jon says he didn’t win he swears! He didn’t win it he promises him& he wanted it but he didn’t get it. When they said 49 was the average he was like f$*k!

Hope sings he doesn’t know who the HOH is for real but if he gets put OTB he’s gonna pull himself off for real. Jon says that’s kinda how he’s looking at it worst case scenario. Hope says he ain’t scared for real cause he knows he’s worth 50k for real eeehhh!

Jon says he never looked at it like that! Hope says eh I ain’t scared for real,if he gets sent home for 50k for real, man wanted a bounty hit on him & he doesn’t care cause he’s him for real. He’s gonna get that 50k for real! Jon says Mr POV for real!

Hope says Mr POV,it don’t matter because he’s from AFRICA! Jon says ehhh you’ve got that African vibe! Hope says that was so bad bro! They start another pool game. Hope refuses to believe Jon didn’t win HOH. Jon keeps saying it’s not him bro, he promises #BBCAN11

Hope sings he’s that creative genius for real. He ain’t gonna backstab his guy for real. If he goes down, he’s going down for real. Jon says absolutely dogs for the rest of the game man. Hope says dogs for life! Hope barks & Jon says he did want it tho man

Hope says it’s all good I know you did man. Jon says when she said 49, he bet 25999 & he figured everyone was gonna bet 50 so he tried to cut the middle & average for the 25. He thinks everyone bet 50 & the average was 49 so everyone beg 50. Hope agrees must’ve been

Jon says he looked at it as money he didn’t have & money he didn’t know he would get coming in so put up 50k. Hope says they knew not to put me in that comp I would’ve bet 50k. Jon knows Hope would’ve his guess is everyone would, guess we’ll see. He knows who it’s not

Jon says it makes him happy knowing who’s not it even tho he doesn’t know who it is. Jon starts singing you got a friend in me & Hope says facts. Jon says Zach self evicted yesterday but was supposed to get evicted today so it’s JM&Rob are the real evictees

Jon says Zach self evicted so we can’t give him the credit that he got evicted. Jon doesn’t know why Zach would do that. He thinks it’s kinda cool to get evicted & you get to go out & talk to Arisa sit down. Hope says Zach really felt like he was cheated tho

Hope says that’s what he’s heard from people, you know? Jon says that’s bologna. Man cheated & he was being malicious the whole time. Bro he’s gonna watch it when he goes home & know the difference he is too. He just didn’t wanna leave cause he’s go out there & see it(?)

Jon tells Hope it’s bologna it’s the game bud,if you can’t handle the game you shouldn’t play it you know what I’m saying? You’re gonna go into a game & lose it’s just the way it is. Can’t win it all. Not every game you play, it’s just not gonna happen

Jon says Zach came in this game &played way too hard way too fast. He tried to control every single move that happened that was his problem. He tried to control everybody & every thing, every decision & it wasn’t gonna work so it’s as simple as that

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Recaps Digital Dailies friday MARCH 31, 2023!


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