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Digital Dailies Highlights (04/04/23

Digital Dailies Highlights (04/04/23

The content in today's drop was exactly 3 minutes 50 seconds of Claudia and Dan talking the rest was Eating, Singing, washing up and Hair Styling

Chef Dan S preparing dinner. Dan C prepares pizza. Salmon + rice are also on the menu. Dan C I love pizza. Dancing by Dan C, Kuzie, Anika while singing Oh Canada

Meal time in the Big Brother House. Some HGs eating at dining table, some HGs eating in Kitchen

Jon - Hope - Santina in Flamingo studying Days. Hope is questioning Jon. Santina answers some questions and Hope tells her she is not on the stand now. Jon finally passes Day 1 to 13. They move on to Day 14 to 20. Hope and Santina go to eat.

Back to meal time at the dining table with a larger crew. HGs talking about BB wakeup calls and various other subjects. Renee says she thought BB was going to be a vacation - so much fun. Renee is expecting a double or trip

Kuzie calls Anika to join the HGs at the dining table. Kuzie explains a game called Oats, which the HGs then attempt to play. Ty returns from DR and joins in on the fun

Claudia and Dan have a chat about being on the block next to each other and campaigning

Dan - Whoever stays has to avenge the other one figure out who it was

Claudia - I know who I'm going for.. so hard to tell who is lying telling the truth I hate these people..

Claudia - Did you hear Nay Nay's comment? There's real fucking actors in there?

Talk about this week being a Double or Triple Eviction And Jury Starting...

Rene - You can be the first(Juror)

Dan - Meeee?! WDF Rene?! Are you already outting me?! WDF was that? Rene - I'm so sorry

Claudia - It's going to be a twist.. no one is going home

BBCAN11 Week 4 HOH Nominations

Week 4 Power of Veto Competition Results

Power of Veto Competition Results

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