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Recaps Digital Dailies Monday (04/03/23)

Recaps Digital Dailies Monday (04/03/23)

DD starts with Jonathan/Claudia outside talking about how the only reason Ty won POV against Dan was cause his slop was denser so it was easier to throw than Dan’s even tho Dan finished the 1st part before Ty. Jonathan says Ty’s an athlete

Jon says Dan kept missing& his slop wouldn’t stay together to throw so he’s def a comp beast. Claudia says he’s smart too,his strategy in POV yesterday made her feel like an idiot. Jon agrees Dan figured it out quick,should’ve kept John_michael & sent Dan home

Jon says from a comp standpoint. He does love Dan & he’s a great guy. But JM probably would’ve been beast too, you don’t know right? Claudia agrees JM was smart too. Jon says the sun feels so nice.Claudia says she knows. Jon says POV ceremony must be tomorrow?

Claudia says ya we’ve got another day to just spiral,they’re the worst. Jon laughs& says the nom/POV days. Eviction days are too bad just kinda sad cause you know someone’s going home. Claudia says ya but you usually know you’re good

Jon says every single POV nom day has been a backdoor,it’s crazy. Claudia says every single 1. Jon wonders if that’s ever happened before? 1st 3 evictions? Claudia says it’s been 3 big competitors to leave, she feels you never see that in past seasons. Jon agrees

Jon says it’s been a big beginning of a season for sure. Claudia says ya she’s so curious to see what fans are saying about them. Jon says me too. Claudia feels like they’re giving entertainment. Jon says oh ya,we might be struggling in here

Jon says but he’s got the feeling that they must be entertaining out there. Claudia agrees& asks if he’s gonna get in the HT today? Jon says def he’s gonna try& give it a go Day30 & it’s gonna be my 1st day in the tub. Claudia went in once on Day4&that was it

Claudia can’t believe it’s been 30 days in there. Jon says me&you hit it off at the get go & me&Ty started becoming friends in here.Ty comes up when they were talking about people&he didn’t know if he could trust Claudia. Jon told Ty man you can trust her with everything

Jon says he knew Claudia was a genuine person. Ty said ok if you say so I’ll believe you. Then that evening he saw Ty/Claudia hanging out&Jon was like ahh ok ya. Claudia laughs. She feels Ty/her struggled to trust each other &it’s hard in this game

Claudia says you just never wanna feel too comfortable.Jon says his advice in his head is don’t in the back of your head unless you genuinely know for sure,your body will tell you that cause it’s a game. He trusts too easy sometimes&thats who he is

Claudia feels like she’s like that in the real world.She trusts people until they give her a reason not to. Jon says exactly he’s the same way. Claudia says in ways she’s can be super open but in here you can’t be. Jon says ya trust me on that one

Claudia says in here you’ve gotta keep your cars close to you. Jon says yup.Cams switch to Anika/Shay/Daniel/Hope/Renee working out in the background with Dan watching them before he goes outside

Hope is training Renee while Anika trains Shay/Daniel. He mentioned he had to carry a lot of stuff yesterday during POV & his lower back is hurting. He’s complaining about doing RDLs/rows & his bandana is

Cams switch to Dan/Claudia/Renee outside discussing POV. Dan mentions all the bags were different weights & his strategy to move 490 pounds but he didn’t get it. Claudia was shocked someone actually got 490 not 492/487 with all the bags being a different weight

Dan agrees it was crazy. Claudia asks Renee how her workout was? Renee says it was really good but she’s realizing she’s eating so poorly& a lot these days. They’re laying out tanning in the sun. Dan asks Renee what would she be doing on a fine Sunday like this?

Renee says she would probably be going for some brunch,doing a walk by the water,finding a random activity to do&cleaning/organizing for the week. How about you guys?Claudia says if it was sunny like this get outside for a walk,laundry,resetting for the week

Dan would be going for a run,meal prep,laundry& hard chilling. Claudia says imagine all the music that we’re missing? She can’t wait to get out to hear all the new music & missing from our fav artists. Dan says ya new bops! Renee thinks about that all the time


Dan asks if they have the green streaming app?(Spotify)Claudia says ya. Dan says it’s kinda nice with the new release radar so you don’t miss anything. Claudia talks about ‘for you playlists’ she says her legs in her leggings are burning from the sun

Renee likes to clean her car in good weather.Cams switch back to Daniel/Shay/Anika working out. Hope is training Kuz now it sounds like

While most of the house is outside enjoying fruits/chips Kuz’s alone speaking to cams.She says if it’s her/Daniel OTB,people will save her.If it’s her/Jon OTB people will save her. So she wants to make sure she’s good with everybody&tighten those relationships

game(Hope/Jon/Daniel/Anika/her)&when its 5,she wants to make sure people will take her above anybody else. So she’s gonna start working on that this week&make sure she has crazy social game

Kuz says she feels like she’s in a good positon,she thinks people can see she’s a good person at large. She’s nice,sweet&somebody that doesn’t take nonsense.Nonsense is not allowed near her. She will always protect her friends&lookout for them

Kuz says however she does like to spin truths. So she’s gonna make sure that Ty is going to probably come off the block & she wants to make sure he knows she had a hand in that so he can trust her. Ty should feel it was her hand that pushed it so that he can be safe

Kuz says that way she’s owed him back what she took from him.She has given him his life&existence in this game where last week she shook it a lil bit.She says Ty when you see this I love you bro&I did lookout for you tho. You I will not do dirty but all the other people?

Kuz says she will do them dirty. She says now is time to socialize. You see the most essential part of the game is the socializing so I can’t be alone all the time. Gotta make sure I’m where the crowd is& her presence is felt so that if they think of putting me OTB

Kuz continues they will know this house will be empty without me. This house will not be what it is without me so here I go I’m gonna eat my breakfast & go out there & socialize the hell out. A working babe,a working Queen. So that’s my lil update&plan for the week

Kuz feels Santina is the secret HOH so she’s gonna make sure she butters her up so good. Right now she’s making me breakfast&salads. I’m like OMG Santina you’re the best thing. Kuz says she really is,she’s really nice to me however she’s gonna have to be cut

Kuz says I’m sorry Santina’s fam/friends but I will have to cut your girl cause she’s just that good & she respects her. Kuz keeps knocking it down when others say Santina’s so smart cause she can’t have them think she’s smart & wants to go to them instead of me

Kuz wants to make sure she keeps her own numbers& play Santina off as not as smart as she’s portraying to be. So she def feels she’s so super smart but she wants to steal that away from her. Her mission here is to steal people’s accolades&that’s the game

Kuz says let me tell you something,I’m also smart btw. Keep that. Alright let’s go. The people are coming so I gotta get outta this room. She dances& praises God. Thank you Jesus I made it another week! She leaves the room. She goes to eat breakfast

Daniel/Hope/Anika. She just got out of the shower & is getting ready to go outside. Daniel helps Hope make his bed. Daniel mentions it’ll be very sad to lose a Toucan. Anika says she knows but we gotta do what we gotta do. Hope says if they wanna go to they have to

Hope says they have to man. Daniel/Hope bickering about tucking in the sheets. Anika says don’t fight boys! Hope says yes mama. Anika laughs/leaves. Daniel wants to do his laundry. Hope says a lotta a lot? Daniel says a lot! He goes to check if laundry is open

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