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Recaps Digital Dailies Tuesday(04/03/23)

Recaps Digital Dailies Monday (04/03/23)

This morning’s Big Brother Canada 11 Digital Dailies drop has already come and gone, and there is one thing we’ve learned the result of the Veto Ceremony.

We’re going to get to that in a moment, but we need to start off this piece by wondering this: Are we really not getting anything more than just a few minutes of game-talk per Digital Daily now? Is this all that is going on in the house? That’s a hard thing to believe, though we recognize that there may be less with an “anonymous” HoH since it is harder to channel anger towards any one person. The problem is that with these carefully-curated drops now from the house, we’re stuck having to take the show’s word for it and that’s very-much irritating.

Anyway, here is some of what we can say at the moment: Daniel (who won the Veto over the weekend) did what we expected and used it on Ty who did benefit from not quitting when he first went up on the block. (That sounds silly, but it is also what he first claimed he was going to do once upon a time.)

Daniel’s decision may seem strange, but remember that he’s been close to Ty for a little while also, this does preserve him as a shield in the game for a little bit. Because anonymous HoH Santina has wanted Dan gone for most of the week anyway, this isn’t something that dramatically alters what she wanted to do. It just cements further that Dan is going to be going.

After all, remember that he is now on the block alongside Claudia, who isn’t really any threat in the game right now beyond her being close to Ty. No matter what happens this week, Santina weakens that side of the house and she gets what she’s been wanting.

Now, let’s just hope there is more legitimate gametalk as we lead up to the next eviction…

What do you think about the latest Big Brother Canada 11 Veto Ceremony results?

Be sure to let us know right now in the comments! Once you do just that, be sure to come back for some other updates.

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Recaps Digital Dailies Tuesday (04/03/23)

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