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Power of Veto Ceremony Results!

Power of Veto Ceremony Results!

The Big Brother Canada 11 Digital Dailies this week have been heavily filled with filler content, but the editors and producers have been kinder than we expected with information. They have placed clips in the Digitial Dailies that showed us who won the Head of Household Competition and who won the Power of Veto Competition. This means we have some of the key information from this week’s Big Brother Canada 11 week.

We are still, however, a bit hazy on the overall picture of the week. Luckily, we have three full episodes this week to clear things up a lot more. Here is what we currently know about the week prior to this week’s Big Brother Canada 11 Power of Veto Ceremony.

We know that Santina wants Dan out, but she kept things simple by just nominating Dan and Ty. Despite Ty being in a lot of the drama for last week, the general belief is that he’s not as big of a threat as Dan. Santina wants Dan out, and Kuzie seems to agree. She also plans to use this week to ensure his exit. We know most of the Power of Veto Competition players. They were Hope, Daniel, Dan, Ty, and then two other players who we aren’t sure of just yet.

Most of the houseguests believe that Dan won the Power of Veto, but nope it was Daniel. Kuzie apparently convinced Daniel to use the Veto on Ty. This is likely so they can use this information later to have Ty as a potential ally in the future, at least one for Kuzie. Ty being removed from the Block will also likely make people believe that Ty won the Veto, or if Claudia played in the Veto, that she won it.

We haven’t heard Santina discuss who she would put up as Ty’s replacement, but we know that Jonathan seems to be the only one that knows for sure that Santina won it. Kuzie suspects that Santina won it but the majority of the house is a little bit suspicious of Renee or Jonathan having the HOH. Santina may keep Renee off the Block just to continue the suspicion of Renee winning the Veto.

This leaves Santina with limited nomination options, but Kuzie suspected that either Anika or her might see the Block this week as a replacement nominee. However, she knows that they have the vote to get out Dan, especially because now Anika, Daniel, Hope, Jonathan, and Kuzie are secretly aligned. Santina still seems on her own, except she is close to Jonathan. She will not nominate him and she may keep Hope off the Block to open the door to possibly working with him too. It’s going to be difficult for Santina to nominate someone without exposing herself as the secret HOH and creating as much confusion as possible, because nominating someone like say Shanaya or Claudia makes it very apparent that Renee is not the HOH.

This is why nominating Kuzie or Anika may be her best move to keep the suspicion on Renee. So what exactly happened during this week’s Power of Veto Ceremony? Read below to find out.

BBCAN11 Week 4 Power of Veto Ceremony Results

Daniel used the Veto to save Ty. Santina names Claudia as his replacement.

Claudia going up in Ty’s place makes sense because if Dan doesn’t go, it eliminates one of the Ty and Claudia duo. Claudia is also likely to stay over Dan. However, Claudia being on the Block makes it obvious that Renee is not the Head of Household.

Did Daniel and Santina make the right decisions?

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Power of Veto Ceremony Results!

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