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Digital Dailies Highlights Saturday (04/15/23) (1)

Digital Dailies Highlights Saturday (04/15/23) (1)

The Big Brother Canada 11 audience learned on Thursday that there would be a Fatal Feast that resulted in an eviction. We then didn’t learn anything else besides it airing on the next episode of BBCAN11. Now it appears that the Big Brother Canada 11 houseguests have found out about it as well…but they have no clue how fatal it will become.

The Digital Daily from Friday started with Shanaya, Claudia, and Renee alone looking sad and mad in silence. They then started to talk about being left out of the library because everyone else was in the room looking for a power. The longer the others stayed in the library, the more angry the three women became.

Claudia then decided to try to find a power in other rooms. She found nothing. It was a while before the door was opened. Kuzie tried to tell Shanaya, Renee, and Claudia that there was something for everyone in the library.

At first, Shanaya ignored Kuzie. Then the women explained to everyone how it felt for them to be left out while everyone else was together. They felt like they were purposely being isolated, especially with everyone being mad about Shanaya using the Veto to save Renee last week. Claudia even mentioned to Hope that Jonathan would not be happy with his behavior today.

The way the majority explained it, Daniel and Anika started looking for clues and then Hope walked in after them. They told Hope to block the door. He blocked it, but Ty pushed his way inside the room. Santina then kept asking to be let in and Hope gave in and let her in as well. Next, Claudia discovered that something was going on and told Kuzie.

They let Kuzie in but kept Shanaya, Renee, and Claudia out. The three women continuously made attempts to also join, but were shut out. Inside the room it was one group trying to solve the puzzles and another, no collaboration of the entire six. However, they had all agreed to give Daniel the power because he was the first to start looking for it.

Renee argued that they shouldn’t have been left out from this because it was an experience probably meant for everyone. She also mentioned it kind of feeling like they were being targeted and not in a larger alliance. It felt sort-of like bullying. Anika and everyone tried to argue that it was never specifically against them. It just became chaos and ended up with them being left out.

In the end, allegedly, the puzzle only said something like “the harder you party the bigger the fall.” They also learned they’ll be having a party sometime soon. They figured out that temptations will probably be offered at this gathering. It appears that the party aka the eviction would happen on Friday night.

Kuzie apparently also learned that she wouldn’t be making nominations on Friday. They wondered if the party had something to do with it. Renee and Claudia also worked on Kuzie to try to get back on the same track.

They all claimed that they wanted to join forces as a powerful six and target Hope, Santina, and Ty so that they could become the final six.

Most likely, the Fatal Feast happens sometime over the weekend and the eviction won’t air live on Tuesday’s episode. The houseguests will probably go in thinking it’s just a regular party only for them to learn someone will be leaving the game.

Because the Fatal Feast is happening soon (or already happened), we may not see anymore Digital Dailies until Wednesday morning. However, it seems like Kuzie’s week won’t play out like normal with nominations and Power of Veto. It’ll just likely be an instant eviction and then a new HOH crowned later.

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Digital Dailies Highlights Saturday (04/15/23) (1)

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