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Recaps Digital Dailies Saturday (04/15/23)

Recaps Digital Dailies Saturday (04/15/23)

Today's Drop, Part of a secret power was revealed that's been hidden for next week's show - Kuzie appears to making deals with Girlypops to make sure she gets a direct HIT on next eviction, When the Door was barricaded Claudia made some references about Jonathan to Hope

So it seems like the Fatal Feast happened on Friday night which makes me wonder if we'll be getting any Dailies on Monday or Tuesday. No idea what's happening with Kuzie's nominations - there was no announcement of them being that day as of the morning.

Starts with the entire house (Apart from the girlypops) ripping the Library apart looking for a hidden veto

TY lifted the fireplace up and he's found a hidden power

Unsure about this hidden power because Big Brother has told them not to talk about

Santina and Renee CLASH - apparently the door was barricaded to stop the Girlypops from getting in - Shanaya leaves the room crying

Renee is pissed about what happened with them not being allowed into the room

Trying to work out the power but behind the fire was puzzles pieces, Hope had apparently barricaded the room stopping the girlypops from entering. Apparently they are having a Party / Feast and if they eat the food will have an effect on there game.

I don't think we will find out about this Hidden Power until the episodes next week - they went to keep that part secret.

Daniel C had go into the room first so they agreed a deal to allow him to win it

Santina and Daniel talk about clues - All the clues are apparently leading to the feast?

Claudia tell's Hope this is so fucked up? Things got VERY personal

Hope tell's Claudia I don't even know which side I'm on?

Claudia tell's Kuzie she would like to see TY leave this week but if it's better for your game that Santina goes she will back it

Just to make it clear, it's not confirmed TY won anything, he just opened up the fireplace and found parts of a hidden power - puzzle pieces - There's no mention of target changes either, Kuzie never mention's she's targeting the Girlypops

Anika say's when the door was locked they did not want to give anything to TY, Daniel C said he gave TY a blank page

Renne tell's Kuzie she don't trust Santina, Kuzie is planning something and she needs Support to carry it out

Kuzie tell's Renee she does not want to put up the Girlypops, Kuzie want's to make a deal going into the triple

I'm thinking this way too - I think we will have a 3rd houseguest going on the block this week, based on the food that's eaten that will auto put them up

Kuzie making deals to make sure one of these HIT ... BUT if a 3rd houseguest joins the block it could blow the game wide open

all of this is pure speculation though we still have very little to go on with this Tuesday's eviction, but I think it would be unfair if they ate poison food and was auto ejected - I would personally move Kuzie's block eviction to Tuesday

Daniel: We had to try to fight for the power, it wasn't that I was trying to lock you guys out

Claudia: It's fucked up. And if it was Hope closing the door, I'm like, I hope you think Jonathan's fucking proud of you for doing that because that's fucked up

Shanaya to Kuzie and Daniel: I have no fucking interest being in that room with everyone. Like, that's a joke. I'm sorry but anyone in there who's saying they're playing a genuine game, that's a dirty way to play

Kuzie: There's something in there for all of us

There's no 'Nominations Today' sign on the screen

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