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Recaps Digital Dailies Wednesday (05/04/23)

Recaps Digital Dailies Wednesday (05/04/23)

Today's Drop, We learned that Dan wanted to turn against TY and it's likely unanimous vote to get dan out, Daniel C is pitching to not trust hope also same info TY is saying (Coincidence), Kuzie is really focused on Santina - both Dan and Claudia pitching Hard to stay

Hope, Kuzie Jonathan, Santina, Anika and claudia planning to divide and conquer

Jonathan plan's to save Santina on next hoh and would target TY over Santina

Dan wanted to make a deal with Hope and Jonathan, Hope say's fuck that no deal he's going

Jon Ty gotta go.. he's ignorant.. He's even ignorant to CC. 'What are you doing over there whispering?" He was dead serious.Jon I don't want to see Santina leave. If we get the power. Ty would go up before Santina. Hope and Jon talk the numbers they have, connecting with other players, keeping their hands clean. Hope on working with Dan. Fuck no.. it's day 32!

Hope tells Jon that Santina told him she was the invisible HOH

Jon and Hope confirm being each other's #1

Claudia pitches to Hope to save her, he tell's her you don't need to worry everyone know's were my votes going

Daniel and Anika talk about being careful of Kuzie in the second half of the game and why.. 👀

Daniel The whole Veto thing.. almost 100% certain she told Ty I was the Veto h Jonathan we gotta keep that HOH out of TY's Hands and they looking for unanimous vote to get Dan outolder.

Apparently DAN wanted to make a deal and TURN against TY

Jon goes outside. Hope greets him. Audio finally switches. Jon I'll tell you one thing. Ty Ty gotta go. He's ignorant man.Jon I don't want to see Santina leave.Hope How stupid that would be if we kept him .

Claudia pitches to Santina. They talk about their game and personal relationships to Ty. Santina states why she is hesitant with Claudia

Claudia I'm an independent woman.

TY apparently told Kuzie they can't trust hope, Jonathan tell's Kuzie TY called Hope a bunch of names.

TY had told Dan It's mission impossible but do what you gotta do to save yourself.

Santina Whoever thought about this, is thinking about it right.. He's working with Dan

Claudia It's a loss to his game(Ty)

Daniel C really working hard trying to turn Hope against the houseguests, telling them to not trust him.

Santina and CC talk about the recent Ty and Santina argument and that Ty was upset with CC talking with Santina

CC Don't tell me who I can and cannot talk to

Santina It would be a proud, crazy moment if you were the one to take him out. Sorry to plant that seed

Santina You should really keep your friends close and your enemies closer because those are the people you might end up really working with ,you just never know

Santina Whenever you wanna make that big move girl I'm on! I'm on board! Sitting ready for it!

Claudia I hope Canada is on board

Santina They're screaming right now! Waitin for it! I know! Yoooooo!

Santina Separate yourself. Santina He got the brains he don't got

Claudia Or the attitude sometimes. Santina and Claudia end their convo

Claudia pitching to Hope They also talk about Hope's and Jon's relationship

Hope I haven't seen nothing from CC yet.. dating show LOL. Hope We're(Jon) like opposites LOL

Dead at Hope laughing at Claudia saying this. Hope to Claudia This is the most I seen you do 🤣

Jon and Hope talk about Ty. Jon He's just a piece of work not a fan of the guy.. tried to see the better side.. sooky baby got to keep that HOH out of Ty's hands.. he's going after 1 person(Santina) We gotta protect her He thinks Kuzie.. are working with him.

The Crown have a meeting Ty talk Santina also

Kuzie talks about her convo with Ty Talk about spending less time

Interesting to see the game within The Crown

Kuzie talks about her convo with Ty

Talk about spending less time

Interesting to see the game within The Crown what moves are good for who. Ty told Kuzie that Hope is gullible

Santina tells Jon and Hope about her convo with Claudia

Santina She said something interesting to me, she wants to make big moves how crazy would it be, Hope She wouldn't.. break my heart

Santina Craziest move in BBCAN11. Hope She'd be famous LOL

The Dan campaign shading continues

Hope Dan really going around telling everyone the same pitch.. copy and paste. Santina - I'm gonna how many more people did you say that to LOL

Anika and Kuzie start their convo with a little Dan campaign shading LOL and talk turns to Ty

Kuzie I don't want to look like angry or person on the show he was like yeah you did look like that. What a surprise.. seems like alcohol sparked arguments and game chat 🤣 Anika loves the spilling of tea

Anika Maybe Ty was drunk

Kuzie asks Claudia about her talk with Santina

Kuzie has been doing Santina canceling out work

CC talks a bit about the Ty/Santina argument.Kuzie She doesn't have a vote. Anika - It's not fair that she'll get to play again.. annoying

Kuzie CC did I seem like a crazy person? LOL. CC Kick ass moment.. we all want that moment.. I probably don't have the balls.

Kuzie She(Santina) just.. CC - Made mistakes and rubbed us all the wrong way A - She will try to be the nicest person.. she better not have the power next week .. holy shit CC - Next on my list K - We better think quick.. double.. Who will be sitting next to her?

Kuzie Put up somebody that's a number for her(Santina). CC - Rene and Santina .. common targets right now Anika - I don't get along with her at all.. I did apologize to Rene. I didn't yell but I guess yeah.

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