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Who Should Win Canada’s Favourite Houseguest?

Who Should Win Canada’s Favourite Houseguest?

Canada’s favourite houseguest vote is officially open. This means that for the next few days, you can vote for the houseguest you enjoyed the best and want to see rewarded with a cash prize. This happens every year in Big Brother Canada, but Big Brother Canada 11 should be an interesting vote.

Normally, the viewers have plenty of Live Feeds content to form opinions about the houseguests. However, due to the Digitial Dailies, we only had very limited access to them. This means that we really only had what was shown on the episodes and what little information we got from the Big Brother Canada 11 Digital Dailies.

However, it may have been enough for you to pick a favourite. Canada had the power to vote a couple of times this season to save players. They chose to save Claudia, Jonathan, and Santina from eviction. Santina was the only one who actually needed safety the week she won it. Jonathan and Claudia just won because they were well-liked by the viewers that week.

If I had to guess based on that, I would say that Jonathan is the odds favourite to win Canada’s favourite houseguest. He is well-liked by many viewers and showed himself to be a loyal, sensitive, and caring houseguest.

Claudia was well-liked at the beginning of the game, but I am unsure if her relationship with Ty has made fans not support her as much. Santina is also a hard person to determine if she’s loved or hated by the public. They voted to save her, but that could have been because they like her and wanted to see her continue in the game or it could have been just so Ty didn’t get his wish of evicting her that week.

Another player that viewers have a strong response to is Kuzie. She’s very liked by a certain group of fans and not so well-liked by another group. Then we have players like Hope who may place high just for being a nice and energetic player. I think Jonathan definitely has the best chance to win it but I wouldn’t be shocked if Hope also gets a lot of votes. Viewers may also respect and like Renee‘s fighting spirit and loyalty to the Girlie Pops, so she could get a lot of votes.

Anyone could really win the Canada’s favourite houseguest vote this season.

You can vote for Canada’s Favourite Houseguest on Big Brother Canada’s official site

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