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Who Will Win Big Brother Canada 11?

Who Will Win Big Brother Canada 11?

It’s the final week of Big Brother Canada 11. Before we find out who won the season on Thursday’s 2-hour episode, I want to try to discuss various scenarios and who I believe will have the votes in the potential final two scenarios. I also want to discuss what could lead to them gaining or losing jury votes.

We now know that the final three houseguests are Ty, Claudia, and Daniel. Let’s look at all the combinations of the final two scenarios.

Claudia vs Ty In The Final Two

Claudia and Ty’s games are more evenly matched than people would like to believe. Ty had two Head of Household wins and five veto wins, which is a pretty impressive accomplishment. However, Claudia didn’t just sit around and do nothing. She won two head-of-household competitions and the final Veto of the season. If she manages to win the final HOH competition, then she has four wins to Ty’s seven (eight if you count his safety win during the Fatal Feast). That’s only a three-competition win difference.

The factor of competition victories is definitely what Ty has in his favor. It’s impressive to be the target for so many weeks and manage to get to the end. However, it may be just as impressive to not make yourself a target until towards the end of the game. Claudia had a lot of social capital at the start of the season. This meant that she was the Girlie Pop in charge but not the one that people wanted out of the game first.

Ty also has had terrible jury management. This will definitely come into play during the voting rounds. Let’s look at each individual vote and guess who they may vote for in this Claudia vs Ty final two.

Daniel C: As a superfan, I think he wouldn’t just go by Ty’s competition wins. He would also factor in who would be a better representation of the season. It would come down to whether he respects Claudia’s game or not. If he respects it, I think she may earn his vote. However, I think he may let all of Ty’s competition wins sway him towards giving him his vote.

I don’t think Daniel will be bitter at either for cutting him, so I don’t think that would factor into his decision.

Anika: Anika can be emotional, so she may go with who annoyed her the least during her final few days in the Big Brother Canada house. Additionally, If Kuzie and Anika talk, I can see Kuzie trying to push Anika to vote for Ty to win.

Renee: Despite Claudia not putting her neck out for her, I think Renee wants a Girlie Pop to win the season, and she wants a female winner. She also probably isn’t the biggest Ty supporter.

Shanaya: Shanaya may be still a little hurt that Claudia picked Renee over her, but she likely still blames Ty more for her eviction. I would be shocked if she votes for Ty over Claudia.

Kuzie: Kuzie is a stubborn and strong-headed player. I believe she wants Ty to win and won’t have her mind changed. She’s his one guaranteed vote.

Hope: Hope had some bad blood with Ty because of the letter scandal, but he didn’t really have much of a game or personal relationship with Claudia (at least from what we’ve seen). I don’t think he will give her his vote.

Santina: To be honest, Santina may be one of the critical jury votes of Big Brother Canada 11. She isn’t particularly fond of either Ty or Claudia. Nevertheless, I think she may respect Ty’s game a little more than she respects Claudia’s game.

Jonathan: Jonathan is also a player that once you burn him, he’s not about to give you another chance to light the fire. Jonathan also considers Claudia a little sister. He will give her his vote and he may work on swaying Hope and Santina in her favor as well.

Dan S: I think he also has more of a relationship with Ty than Claudia, but he’s now close friends with Santina, Jonathan, and Hope. If that group decided to all vote for Claudia, he may join as well. Also, his big crush on Shanaya may influence his decisions as well.

I think whether Ty or Claudia wins the final HOH also matters. I think if Claudia wins and doesn’t cut Ty, the jury may be a little disappointed that she didn’t add this huge resume move at the end. If Ty wins and takes Claudia, that may factor into his huge number of wins, and it may also seem as if he helped push Claudia to the end. Unfortunately, I believe Ty’s winning and taking Claudia to the final two works in his favor, but Claudia winning and taking Ty to the final two works against her.

I predict the votes may go as followed:

Daniel votes for Ty.

Anika votes for Ty.

Renee votes for Claudia.

Shanaya votes for Claudia.

Kuzie votes for Ty.

Hope votes for Ty.

Santina votes for Ty.

Jonathan votes for Claudia.

Dan S votes for Ty.

Ty wins 6 to 3. However, I am not convinced that Ty will get all these votes. Dan S, Santina, and Hope may be the swing votes either way.

Daniel vs Claudia In The Final Two

To be honest, I think Daniel has a really hard winning case against Claudia or Ty. However, I think he has more of a chance against Claudia. The only thing that would maybe gain him a lot of votes is if he wins the final Head of Household and cuts Ty. Then at least people can say he made the ultimate move this season.

Daniel has the dilemma of being a passive player in a very aggressive and active game. People will likely see him as someone who was carried to the end and not someone who got himself to the end with strategic maneuvers or a stellar social game. Daniel was liked by the house, and we didn’t learn how close most of the houseguests were because of no live feeds, but it didn’t seem like he was the house darling.

Therefore, I cannot see everyone loving Daniel so much that they will give him the win just because they adore him. What may work in Daniel’s favor is being part of the Crown. If Jonathan and Hope were true to their words, then they will automatically give Daniel their votes. He also has Anika as a locked vote. Prior to her eviction, Kuzie may have given him her vote but now she’s probably not giving it to him. I don’t know if Ty will respect Daniel for cutting him, and I am not sure that he will respect Claudia either for taking him out.

Therefore, he may vote bitterly. However, Ty wants to present himself as someone who isn’t an emotional player. If he’s true to his claims, he will vote for who he thinks played the better game. Santina and Dan S don’t seem to really have a relationship with either of them, so they will probably just go with who they believe played the better game. I see the votes going like this:

Ty votes for Claudia (I think he respects her game more).

Anika votes for Daniel.

Renee votes for Claudia.

Shanaya votes for Claudia.

Kuzie votes for Claudia (if Kuzie has let go of her animosity towards Daniel, then she may give him her vote)

Hope votes for Daniel.

Santina votes for Claudia (Claudia will definitely get her vote if she’s the one to vote out Ty)

Jonathan votes for Claudia (they had a close relationship but he may stay true to The Crown and give Daniel his vote).

Dan S votes for Claudia.

Claudia wins 7 to 2. If Daniel wants to sway some votes in his direction, he will need a killer final speech, good answers to the jury Q&A segment, and to be the one to evict Ty as the final HOH. There are also still a lot of unknown variables with this mashup. For example, if all the members of The Crown vote for him, then has a better chance to win. He would just need one more vote in his favor.

Daniel vs Ty In The Final Two

In this scenario, I really think it will all come down to how much the jury just doesn’t want Ty to represent them this season. If they can’t look past Ty’s divisive personality and social game, then I think Daniel just being more likable could really help him win the game. They could also see how great it would be for a superfan of the show to actually win the game. I think Daniel vs Ty would be the most interesting outcome because it would force the jury to examine what’s more valuable to them, a strong social game or competition domination. I think the votes may go as followed

Claudia votes for Ty (However, if Ty is the one to cut her, it will depend on if she respects that move and wants to reward it)

Anika votes for Daniel.

Renee votes for Ty (Despite Ty lying and getting her out of the game and probably not liking the guy, I think she may respect his game a little more than Daniel’s game)

Shanaya votes for Daniel (we didn’t really see this on the Digital Dailies or episodes, but according to Claudia, Daniel and Shanaya had a good relationship. If this is true, she may give him her vote over Ty, especially because of Ty’s influence in her eviction and how he treated her all season)

Kuzie votes for Ty.

Hope votes for Daniel (he could vote for Ty, but I think he will be true to his word about The Crown in this scenario — unless he’s really influenced to vote for Ty)

Santina votes for Ty (I don’t know her relationship with Daniel, but I know she would probably respect Ty’s game more, even if she didn’t enjoy it)

Jonathan votes for Daniel.

Dan S votes for Ty.

Ty wins 5 to 4. All these votes are contingent on jury members influencing each other and whether they really don’t want to see a Ty victory or they really don’t want to see a Daniel victory. Renee’s vote could be a huge factor here because she may leap at the chance to take the victory away from Ty.

I think many people believe that Ty will win Big Brother Canada 11, but I think it’s not a done deal yet. There are so many factors that we don’t know that could influence decisions. However, I think the odds of him winning are slightly higher than everyone else. If he doesn’t win, I believe Claudia has the second-best chance. Daniel isn’t looking great to win the game, but you never know. I’ve seen seasons where I thought someone had no chance of winning and won. Anything can happen.

Let us know in the comment section who you think will win Big Brother Canada 11.

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