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Digital Dailies Highlights (03/23/23) (1)

Digital Dailies Highlights (03/23/23) (1)

Big Brother Canada 11 gave us another Digital Dailies that didn’t give us much information. However, it did enlighten us on some really important things, including who won this week’s Head of Household Competition. It’s a surprise win that may not try to ruffle any feathers. This makes sense because this person is in a good spot in the Big Brother Canada 11 game, so why would they do a flashy move?

The only thing that could be interesting this week is if the person tries the third backdoor of the season and if Canada’s safety vote protects someone who could have been this HOH’s target. Based on the way Twitter has been buzzing, it is likely that winner of this week’s safety could have been in danger of nomination and/or eviction.

The Unknown Votes

Hope and Vanessa didn’t go with the group by voting out Renee instead of Rob. Santina and Jonathan also voted for Rob to stay, but they made it clear all week that that was their plan. Everyone knows that Santina and Jonathan were two of the votes, but no one knows for sure about the other two. Ty wants to pin down these votes. He interrogates Vanessa about whether she voted against Renee and tried to flip the votes to save Rob.

Of course, she denies any of this but Ty doesn’t buy it and won’t let it go. He says that he would respect her more if she just confesses to it. Vanessa denies and denies. Ty obviously now has a vendetta against Vanessa and wants her out. He pitches this to the current Head of Household Kuzie, but she doesn’t seem to bite but may nominate Vanessa just to appease him.

Ty also suspects that Hope may have been the other unaccounted-for Rob vote. He thinks Hope may have done it because he appeared guilty after the eviction. Kuzie has a theory that one of the votes was made by either Zach to create some chaos or by someone who did it to give Rob a sympathy vote. She believes that Zach could have done it, but thinks it’s likely Hope as well.

Kuzie also believes that the people who did the votes will never confess to it. Zach also brought it up that it doesn’t really matter anyway. However, Ty seems a little bit obsessed with figuring out who gave Rob the votes. He will judge them for it because they also lied about it.

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Digital Dailies Highlights (03/23/23) (1)

Digital Dailies Highlights (03/23/23) (2)

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