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Recaps Digital Dailies friday MARCH 24, 2023!

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Recaps Digital Dailies friday MARCH 24, 2023!

Ty already talking down right in the beginning of the DD

Ty questioning why Vanessa was ‘entertaining’ other options if Dan told her he wanted Rob out & she said she would vote how Dan wanted her. She tells him she’s a lone wolf & isn’t on any teams serious what’s wrong with Ty? She’s a grown woman

Ty has that smirk on his face again & basically throwing it in Vanessa’s face that Kuzie’s in power so she should work on building that relationship

Ty telling Santina he talks to Vanessa everyday & gives her a hug everyday. He tells Santina that Vanessa can stay on that side & they’re not cool no more

Vanessa comes back & says she’s super desensitized to the game. Ty says it’s part of the game to talk about conflict.Vanessa doesn’t want to & she would’ve loved Rob to stay. Ty says then you should’ve voted for him to stay smugly

Vanessa telling Ty not to interrogate her & he says he isn’t, he just asked her a question he seriously doesn’t understand it’s about the tone & he has a very interrogation approach

Now Vanessa saying everyone is on Team Zach so why would she do that? Ty doesn’t think that’s the case.Santina asks if Vanessa thinks Zach was the swing vote? Vanessa says maybe I dunno. Ty says that a hefty risk to take

Ty is on a mission find out who voted for Rob & tells her not to get mad for trying to find out & asking questions, it’s part of the game. Vanessa is just frustrated because it’s accusatory & Ty says it’s not your tone is interrogating but sure Ty

Ty wants to know if Vanessa approached Santina to vote to keep Rob? Vanessa says they approached each other about it. Ty says so the answer is yes you did & Santina also did the same thing that’s fine & he doesn’t know why that was so complicated

Vanessa doesn’t know why Ty is asking sucha weird question. He asks Santina if that was a weird question? Santina says no it’s not. Vanessa asks why he’s asking that then? Ty says Santina told me that you did approach her & I’m trying to see who’s lying

Vanessa says but we’re not lying. Ty says great so it’s very simple you just had to say you did approach Santina. Vanessa says she was open at the beginning of the week that this was a plan on the table. Ty says he didn’t know that plan. Vanessa says Dan did he’s HOH

Ty says but he didn’t know until they spoke in the nook. Vanessa asks who approached who? Did you talk game to be last week? Ty raising his voice & pointing now Vanessa saying she approached him but he brought up game talk to her. She’s teasing him but he’s heated

Ty is frustrated saying she didn’t tell him anything about a plan other than she was voting the way Dan wanted her to vote. Vanessa says Ty wasn’t HOH. Ty asks was Santina HOH? Vanessa doesn’t respond & he says OH! & starts laughing

Vanessa asks if Ty was going to vote Rob to stay? Ty says the same thing I told Santina & everyone else that I’m going to vote Rob to go home. Vanessa asks then why would I approach you to keep Rob? He sighs because Santina told me she was keeping Rob & I respect that

Ty says just like Jon told me he was voting Rob to stay & I respect that. I didn’t try to swag them. But good try, good try. The effort is A+ I love it! (guys I can’t really listen to his condescending tone)

Vanessa says she took it up with Dan & Dan knew because it was his HOH. Ty says ok I’m telling you right now, that’s nice, amazing, amazing. It wasn’t Santina or Anika or Daniels HOH. Vanessa says Rob approached all of us at the table

Ty asks Vanessa to make up her mind if Rob approached individuals or in a group? Vanessa says we had group talks with Rob, not all 4 of us. Ty is literally cackling in her face. Vanessa doesn’t know why Ty has to have all the details of how Rob was trying to stay

Ty apparently doesn’t care what Rob was doing he just wants the truth (what entitles him to that info exactly?) He expected Rob to try & get people on board but he’s asking Vanessa if she was trying to get people on board? Vanessa says out of the 4 numbers we all talked

Ty asks so individually? You never answer my question that’s the problem Vanessa. She says OMG. He says yes OMG I know that’s how I feel talking to you, OMG. It’s ok Vanessa someone swung it against you right now, 2 people other people that framed you right now

Ty tells Vanessa to go find those people. Santina would like to know as well TBH. Vanessa says me too. Santina thought Vanessa/Hope we’re gonna vote to keep Rob. She says Hope got Rob’s bracelet & they were close. But Hope said he didn’ t

Ty told Santina he respected her voting to keep Rob but there maybe repercussions but not from him. He would never hold it against her/Jon. Vanessa gave Rob a necklace in the library & he told her to vote with the house. Ty says sounds good, I’m blessed laughing

Santina tells Vanessa she should find out who those 2 votes were tho. Ty tells Vanessa to tell him when she finds out. Santina doesn’t think it was Zach, that’s crazy (Ty needs to be humbled quick. His tone is unbelievably conceited)

Cams switch to Kuzie/Jon in HOH. Kuzie tells Jon today she couldn’t even look Zach in the eyes TBH. Jon says Zach is gonna be your best friend. Kuzie says trust me I’m not letting that happen because I hated that & I said I would never let it happen

Jon says Rob was 1 of his buddies & he didn’t like the way it was done. He started seeing the true colours of you know who & he started feeling muscled into things. Even now he wants to bring Jon back in. Kuz asks who? Jon says you know who

Jon is afraid of saying anything now because his words get twisted up, not by Kuz he trusts her.He feels she’s a genuine person & she says she is. He says he’s strong & he truly believes in being himself &he’ll see how far that gets him. He’s having trouble finding trust

Kuz understands it’s hard. Jon says there’s no one he can go to & be a rock with. He’s gotta try to figure that out. He loves Hope & Hope is truly his guy. He doesn’t know where to go from here & Rob he knows he’ll see him again. He’s gone for now not forever

Jon is just trying to figure out his game & what’s the best move for him & go from there. He thinks there’s an underlying power that’s trying to grow. Kuz says for me just because Rob is gone doesn’t mean that the fight stops because she hates that. Jon says me too

Kuz doesn’t like this person walks around thinking he’s got everything on lock. The problem doesn’t go away & still exists if Rob is here or not. She’s not here playing funny games & doesn’t want Jon to think that of her. He says he would never think that of her

Jon doesn’t know Kuzie but he feels like he gets her & he knows she’s a strong woman who won’t be manipulated. He’s comfortable knowing she’s gonna do what’s best for her not for someone else. He admires that & appreciates that

Jon knew that as soon as he met Kuzie that she’s a classy,strong woman. Kuz says he’s always said that so she believes him. Jon says it’s not smoke. Kuz felt she has to clarify with him & he appreciates that she did. He feels the same way but he’s a lil shook now

Jon explains this past week was hard on him & he got caught up in a lil bit of a mess. It is what it is. Kuz says she’s sorry. Jon says there will come a time where he’s gonna have to make decisions on where he stands & he can’t stand with that guy. He won’t

Jon’s gonna have to just figure it out. Kuz says ya slowly just watch carefully & what people say& how they act.Jon says he’s not rushing into anything.He says it’s hard because you get comfortable with someone & you don’t even say anything bad but it gets used against u

Jon says he says something to someone he thought he was close with & it isn’t true. He finds it very draining when someone tells you something that you know to be wrong & it takes the energy out of him & he’s over it

Jon will figure it out day by day. He was so happy that Kuz got HOH because Kuz is Kuz & she’s not gonna let someone else work for her. Dan’s HOH was farce & Jon didn’t like that. Neither did Kuz & Dan didn’t need to say that & it’s not coming from himself

Jon reminds Kuz that if she needs him for anything just let him know. She says she knows. Jon says he’s a man of his word. Kuz apologizes this week was so hard on him. He says he just needs to recharge his batteries but he went to war for Rob because he believed in him

Kuz knows he did. Jon thinks that showed people he’s loyal. Kuz knows he is. He hopes to use that to his advantage as hard as it is, laying low. He asks how she’s doing? She says she’s fine but she’s stressed. Jon feels bad. Kuz says because she talks to everybody

Kuz doesn’t want to feel mean. She says it must be Dan but she want to feel she hurt somebody because essentially it’s ending somebody’s dream. Jon says but it’s a game, they would end yours in a heartbeat you know what I’m saying? Kuzie knows

Jon says someone’s gonna come for his when it gets down to the nitty gritty. When it’s comes the time & he’s OTB & it’s respectful he will shake their hand & respect that they need to get him out. If Jon can help it, he’ll stop it but he won’t get nasty about it

Jon says only if it’s done disrespectful to him as a person. He tells Kuz not to feel bad & he knows it’s gonna be hard. Kuz says especially because she actually talks to everybody & she feels she’s in an ok position.Jon agrees that’s the hard part & he felt that way too

Jon felt if he won HOH he would have to make hard decisions which he was kinda prepared for going in but you’re never really prepared. He reassures Kuz she’s got strong people in her corner me included, he’s in her corner. Please don’t put me up? They laugh & she won’t

Replying to

Kuz just wants Jon to have a good week. Jon says that’s what he’s gonna do.Hope said the same thing, they’re just gonna play pool. Kuz knows it was so stressful last week & tells him to relax. Jon was taken by surprise & betrayed, it was a hard pill to swallow as a man

Jon says whatever you chose I’m behind it & if you need me I’m there, I mean it Kuzie you let me know. I believe in you & I feel like you believe in me. When things go down I’ll be in your corner. That’s my pitch. Kuz says he doesn’t have to make a pitch to her

Jon says he’s just so emotionally drained. She apologizes again & says she knows it was overwhelming so just wants him to chill & be ok. Jon says he’ll just say hello hi to everybody give fake high 5s. You see that too right? That drains him. Kuz does see it

Kuz hopes this week doesn’t drain her, she doesn’t want to seem like she’s milking this opportunity. She wants to be very humble about it & thinks that’s very important. Jon thinks she has a strong character so she can’t be anything but that so he thinks she’ll be fine

Jon mentions her HOH letter& how her friend clearly knew who she was that’s why he was smiling & he thought ya that’s Kuz.He knows strong character when he sees it & when he 1st saw her he told her him/wife would have a crush on her. She says thank you & bows, they laugh

Jon says Kuz is a strong female lead & he’s excited to see her HOH. She’s not excited & she knows her fam/friends are gonna be so proud of her. He says they are! Kuz can’t believe she won. Jon says right? You won so fast! I was like what?! Kuz was shocked too

Jon hopes it’s 1 of many wins for Kuz. She hopes so too but if not she has to make sure she harness the opportunity & make good use for it. Jon says like you said think about your game,nobody else’s. Kuz talks about how the game will have to come to an end slowly

Jon says 7 weeks with a couple doubles in there too. He’s kinda excited about those. Kuz is too even if she falls victim to it. Jon agrees he would be happy to go on a double than wait all week to be evicted TBH. Jon says nothing in here is personal unless people make

Jon says it’s gonna be fun & he’ll leave her to it. She’s gonna go downstairs too. They get up & Jon says again if she needs anything. He’ll always be the quiet guy in the background. She knows. Hope/Vanessa sitting on the yellow sofas & Kuz joins asking how Van is?

Vanessa says she’s doing ok she just got grilled by Ty. Kuz asks for what? Vanessa says Ty thinks I voted to keep Rob but I actually didn’t. Kuz says at this point it doesn’t matter, what’s done is done. Hope shakes Kuz’s hand & says thank you

Kuz says it’s gotta change now. Vanessa says you know what honestly I’m not even upset about it. Im doing good, we’re at a new level in the game & she’s slightly desensitized to the game part of it & because she can’t be that emotional about it. Hope says exactly

Vanessa tells Kuz she’s excited for her HOH. Kuzie is nervous. Hope agrees he’s very interested. Vanessa hopes this house dances. Cams switch to Jon/Ty in the bathroom. Jon telling him he likes to be around Hope & people like that

Ty asks Jon if there’s anyone he thinks Ty should look out for? Jon repeats the question surprised. Ty says ya. Jon says you know what man? I’ve never heard anyone mention your name. That’s a good thing TBH with ya.Jon says the way Jon is, he likes to protect his friends

Jon was trying to keep Rob obviously. Ty says that’s respected. Jon says at the end of the day I didn’t even talk about my own game I just put my guy 1st. It didn’t work out but I was ready for that too. Now he’s gonna sit back & see what’s best for Jonathan

Ty says that’s what Jon should be doing. Jon says in regards to you, he doesn’t think anyone would say anything to him anyways because they know he’s cool with Ty & Claudia is his east coast connect. He doesn’t know who Ty should look out for

Jon thinks Ty is a pretty keen dude anyways so if something came up you’d notice it. If something did happen he wouldn’t tell Ty directly but he would warn him. Ty appreciates that. Jon always has Ty’s best interests at heart, Cece too

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