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Recaps Digital Dailies Monday (04/24/23)

Recaps Digital Dailies Monday (04/24/23)

Today's Drop.. One thing we know for certain if Kuzie hit's that block she's leaving - however Renee thinks Kuzie going to Jury will be bad for her game so if anything saves Kuzie this week it will be that, TY based on conversation with Claudia appears to be trying to help Kuzie

Daniel Say's his Trio Is Done and it's now end game time, Renee say's she's not putting Daniel on the block

Renee say's who ever she put's up next to Anika is the Target! (based on houseguest's left its Kuzie).

Daniel say's based on Jury votes Kuzie will get the most votes to win - Renee say's she's scared if she don't have the votes to get out Kuzie, Daniel say's he would not go against the vote

Shanaya say's if Kuzie never stopped to win the $1000 she would have won pov, Shanaya has been warning Renee if Kuzie make's final 2 Jury will give her the win

Kuzie tell's Claudia going for the $1000 was a mistake, Kuzie wanted the money for her family back in zimbabwe

Kuzie tells Claudia I'm not a threat we are all now on the same lvl, Kuzie say's she would be valuable to her game

TY appears to be helping Kuzie

TY say's he would throw Anika under the bus

Claudia/ Ty in HOH. Ty asks Claudia what she thinks Renee will do (for replacement nom). Claudia: "There's only two options - that's Kuzie and Dan C..." They talk about puppies and family members. (During Veto comp.) Kuzie screamed.

Shanaya talks about Renee, Renee had said she is worried if Kuzie goes to Jury now she's gonna be petty about Renne and it will mess up her Jury Management

Anika goes on a mission looking in plant pots for a hidden veto, Claudia talks about family being there on the pov

Anika/ Kuzie/ Dan C in Toucan BR. Dan C talking about meeting his Mom during Veto comp. Dan C campaigns for a secret POV - he wants a Canada's vote this week. Dan C: "Figure out which one of us is going up.

HGs go to Courtyard. Dan C wonders if Bosley (basil plant) is alive. Dan C, passing thru Courtyard: "This is so emotional because this is exactly where my Mom was." (During Veto comp.) Anika/ Dan C go outside. They look for Bosley.

Daniel asks Big Brother and Canada for a Special Power to help himself, Anika and Kuzie

Claudia and Shanaya chat about Renee leaning towards Kuzie..

Shanaya - It would be so bad if she doesn't

Claudia talks about Ty comments

Claudia and Shanaya talk voting Kuzie out and the best to break it to her(Jury management), their gameplans going forward.. and scenarios. Renee coming in .. What are you guys plotting?

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Recaps Digital Dailies Monday (04/24/23)

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