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Recaps Digital Dailies Saturday (04/01/23)

Recaps Digital Dailies Saturday (04/01/23)

Ty doesn't like that the HOH comp didn't involve having to have any skill to win it. I'm not surprised.

Anika saying that she doesn't know how much Dan can use his brain I love this woman so much.

Anika and Ty chat and are at a stalemate in terms of who the HOH is.

She says she knows it's not Jonathan and it's Dan because he's a terrible actor. He says he knows it's not Dan and it's Jonathan because he's a terrible actor.

They briefly spoke about last week too and things are amicable between them. Ty says he said this to Kuzie too but his problem was more with the letter than the move because he understands that was a good game move for them.

Renee says to Claudia that she thinks their end goal should be to make it to F4 with Daniel. I assume Shanaya's the fourth. They need to see what he's like in comps though because she thinks he could be a dark horse.

Claudia choosing to be more showmance-y than ever with Ty after everything that went down is an absolute choice to me. I just can't understand it.

Santina nominating Ty and Dan will be so peaceful for me and all I ask for is a twist-free week so they stay as the final nominations.

All we need is four votes for Santina to break the tie - Kuzie, Anika, Jonathan, Hope. Simple.

Ty's certain that Jonathan is the HOH and is telling Shanaya. She obviously believes anything and everything.

He's worried about him and Dan going up because they'll be screwed and is this what he was trying to warn them about last week and why they should keep Zach.

Kuzie's adamant that Dan's the HOH. She's been telling Jonathan, Hope and basically anyone that listens.

She says Dan and Ty fed to the girls that it's Jonathan and now the whole house thinks it. Kuzie thinks her and Hope will be nominated, and Jonathan the replacement.

Jonathan hasn't told Kuzie or Hope that Santina told him she won it - at least not at this point anyway.

Jonathan to Kuzie: I really don't think you're a target. I'm not 100% sure so I don't wanna say too much but I think the person that's HOH has the same mindset as us. Trust me. I can't say for sure because I don't really know but people trust me, bring stuff to me.

Santina: I’m glad Zach’s gone. Very glad Zach’s gone, not gonna lie

Hope: I feel like if I didn’t do what I did, you would’ve been gone

Santina tells Jonathan that Ty told her if he hears his name anywhere about being putting up, he’s just going to walk out the door. She also confirms that she can still play for HOH next week despite being the Secret HOH now.

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Recaps Digital Dailies Saturday (04/01/23)

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