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Digital Dailies Highlights Monday (04/10/23) (1)

Digital Dailies Highlights Monday (04/10/23) (1)

Ty has never been in a great position in the Big Brother Canada 11 house, except maybe the first week, but once everyone saw Zach and his game, he became public enemy number one. He worsened his position when Zach and he threatened to leave the game. After Zach left, Ty had a chance for a restart. For a few days, it seemed like Ty started to decrease his target in the Big Brother Canada 11 house.

Claudia and he started to discuss the possibility of working together and with that came the possibility of forming a new alliance with them as the center of it. Then Kuzie, Daniel, and Anika didn’t exactly want to work with him, but they weren’t rushing to get him out. Daniel even saved him with the Veto. Santina and Renee had made themselves bigger targets. Then this week’s Head of Household happened.

Ty became the Head of Household and his game stock plummeted. The issues that players had with Ty previously began to resurface. He’s been quickly becoming enemy number one again and he has only continued to dig his own grave. Now someone who could and should have been his number one, Claudia, is also now plotting his demise.

It all started when Ty selected Shanaya to play in the Veto Competition. He apparently told her that he picked her as a sort of test of her loyalty. He wanted to see where she stood in the game. Shanaya didn’t like this and Claudia didn’t as well. Instead of this week being a happy showmancing week, it’s apparently caused a lot of angst among Ty and Claudia.

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Digital Dailies Highlights Monday (04/10/23) (3)

Digital Dailies Highlights Monday (04/10/23) (2)

Digital Dailies Highlights Monday (04/10/23) (1)

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