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Week 5 HOH Nominations and POV

Week 5 HOH Nominations and POV

Like the last Big Brother Canada 11 week, things could play out very simply. The current Head of Household could keep the peace by targeting a target that everyone agrees should go. Because most of the houseguests agree that Renee or Santina was the Invisible HOH, the current HOH has two huge targets with them. Most players also want Santina or Renee out next.

However, per usual, the Canada safety vote could disrupt these easy nominations. If Renee or Santina wins the vote, then the HOH may have to rethink his nominations and maybe even his target.

Ty is the current Head of Household and wants to get Santina out of the house because he’s sure that she was the person to nominate him last week. To him, they were once allies so this betrayal stings even more. Renee is just a victim of coming off too suspicious. The only way both of them remain in the house and game is if one wins Canada’s safety and the other wins the Veto (or someone willing to use it on them wins Veto).

Otherwise, one of them will probably be going out the Big Brother Canada 11 doors on Thursday.

BBCAN11 Week 4 HOH Nominations

Ty nominated Hope and Renee.

Ty really wanted to go after Santina, so this makes it seem like Santina must have won the Canada’s safety vote this week. Ty was trying to work with Hope, so it’s interesting that he nominated him for eviction. As of now, it’s looking like Hope may be out next.

Are you happy with Ty’s nominations? Let us know in the comment section.

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Week 5 HOH Nominations and POV

Week 5 HOH Nominations

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