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Recaps Digital Dailies Monday(04/10/23)

Recaps Digital Dailies Monday (04/10/23)

Today's Drop, Hope and Renee go UP on the block, TY told Hope that Jonathan will be used as replacement if Renee comes down!

Ty nominated Renee and Hope for eviction. Unconfirmed if that means Santina won the safety but I'd say it's likely.

Shanaya tells Claudia that even though Ty doesn't want her to, she's taking Renee off the block.

Kuzie told Jonathan they need to persuade Shanaya not to use the Veto because she's pretty sure he'll be the replacement and that'll be Jonathan/Hope nominated together.

It seems like Ty's attitude over the past few days has really rubbed Claudia the wrong way... again.

Shanaya to Claudia: Worst case scenario, he puts you on the block. But if he does that, he's going to lose so much respect from people that it wouldn't be hard to keep you. Even Kuzie and Anika would be like WTF and people won't vibe with that.

Apparently Ty stormed out of the library twice yesterday when he was talking to Claudia.

I think Ty told Claudia that he's going to put Shanaya in a position where she has to pick between her and Renee. Claudia told him that's fucked and doesn't respect his threats.

Reminder: they're (apparently) in a literal SHOWMANCE

So I think Ty got HG Choice for the Veto and he picked Shanaya? That annoyed her because she says that means he thinks she won't use it and he can mould her however he wants.

I *really* want Ty to nominate Claudia. The man with literally zero allies putting up his wavering showmance, an all-time terrible move.

Renee says Hope offered himself onto the block again. Claudia says she doesn't think he completely offered - Ty asked him.

Claudia said Ty said to her that if she picks the other side, he really has to question her ability to think in this game.

Claudia said Ty said to her that if she picks the other side, he really has to question her ability to think in this game.

Claudia: He's so narcisstic. I'm not an idiot, no man is going to speak to me that way and make me question shit.

Shanaya: I hope he watches the show back and reflects on that because that's no an ok way to speak to someone, especially someone you care about. I know he comes from a good place but what the hell?

Claudia: I've told him so many times Kuzie's gonna turn around and put him on the block, no doubt about it

Claudia: I went through such phases. The week of Kuzie's HOH, I was very like I can't work with Ty. Then I feel like we got close again and I can maybe work with Ty, and now it's back to seeing the side where I know I can't work with this

Renee: And she'll do it without batting her eye! Yeah, she probably has the votes or whatever, but he's scared of Kuzie's game. She took out your right hand man

Claudia, Renee and Shanaya's current plan is to talk to Santina but not until later in the week so they don't rattle Ty.

If they win the next HOH, regular or double, their current nomination plans are:

Shanaya - Kuzie and Ty

Renee - Kuzie and Ty

Claudia - Probably Anika and Kuzie, Ty backdoor

And if it's a triple, they'll nominate Anika, Kuzie and Ty.

Hope tells Daniel that Ty just told him if Shanaya uses the Veto, he's going to put up Jonathan.

Hope: In the event I do end up staying, I can't put myself up on the block again

Daniel: No. You need to stop. How many times have I told you to stop doing that though?

Hope: Three times

Hope: Ty kept pulling me in to question and check I was sure I wanted to

Daniel: See, I'm really confused because I was under the impression he asked you to do this and wasn't you offering

Hope: I did. Because I thought if it wasn't me, it'd be one of you guys

Shanaya tells Ty that she's thinking of taking Renee off. If she's up there against Hope, Renee probably goes home and that puts her in bad spot.

He basically tells her it'd be a mistake because nobody in the house trusts Renee and she'd publicly be siding with her.

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